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Posted by MindChamber

lol Brads got jungle fever now

Posted by jos1ah

What the fuck?! Is Brad nailin all the Big N's ladies?? He may suck at games, but that ol dog has a way with the dames.
Posted by Longevitous

I thought she was with 38 Studios. Rich Gallup did a podcast and she was there at the office.

Posted by sickVisionz
@TekZero: Haha, don't look at it like that. 
Nice interview.  And damn, this is June 2009, not June 2010.
Edited by Max_Hydrogen

Oh Brad! I'm so jealous. It's that Southern charm... Why does he keep getting the hot 任天堂 MILFs? Damn, I should become a game reviewer.
(I've chosen the wrong path in life...)