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Posted by Prosmack

Done recording yet?

Posted by NoDeath

Please let it work! The ER is my blood!

Posted by baba2


There isn't even a video player there yet and I'm so amped for this.

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The Future!

This one will involve Teddie getting his fighting on! 
Posted by JackiJinx


Posted by baba2

So, what are your predictions on episode length guys?

I'm going for a solid hour, as always. :)

Posted by Prosmack

Hmm, I'm thinking a 3 hour special.

Posted by Timdj84

Been here since the start,but password retrieval finally works.So ready for some Persona 4

Posted by baba2
@Prosmack said:
" Hmm, I'm thinking a 3 hour special. "
I think that's a little optimistic. ;) It would be epic though.
Posted by Prosmack
@baba2: Never underestimate GiantBomb.
Posted by SirThirdFilms


Posted by Pkshields

Their probably recording for the week, so I'd say about 35-40 mins. Hope its up soon!

Posted by baba2
@Prosmack said:
" @baba2: Never underestimate GiantBomb. "
That's a good point actually.
Posted by NoDeath

Its probably only going to be about 40 min, however if they did a 3 hour back from E3 special........... mmmm..... huh? what!? I wasn't doing anything! really!

Posted by LangarN

I need this now! p-p-pplease

Posted by Leadcat

I loved E3, but it's so good to finally have the ER back!

Hopefully they won't be completely lost after having a week of break.

Posted by SpencerBoltz

Glad to see the Endurance Run back, like a handshake from an old friend.

Posted by DragonofFate

Waiting for the Endurance Run is a test of endurance within itself.

Posted by Taler

First! (page)

Posted by FrozenPhoenix

Judging by the little pic, I'm guessing Teddie runs into a bit of bad luck? Maybe?

The tension is KILLING ME!!!!!!

Posted by ChrisTaran

All I ask is up before I have to sleep in 2 hours!

Posted by Karmann

dam, I only just found this page and already 21 comments!, I wonder if it'll be up before midnight eastern time...?

Posted by Lustreplush


Posted by Mac

More like a handshake with a happy ending.
Posted by ToyDoll

aww man i missed this page coming up!:( always like getting the early comments. I'm suprised and thankful they gave us a video for today, especially after E3 so soon before.

True Dedication lads :)

Posted by SpencerBoltz
I don't really want a happy ending from Jeff or Vinny.
Posted by Mac

I was talking more about the experience of watching the vid itself, but you can think about whatever you want, man.

Posted by Prosmack
@SpencerBoltz said:
" @Mac: I don't really want a happy ending from Jeff or Vinny. "
Yes. Secretly you do. But you can't type it up here to share that with us all in fear of your e-penis.
Posted by Taler

I'm a little disappointed that E3 videos were up before ER!

Posted by SpencerBoltz

No, Jeff and Vinny just don't do it fore me, but Brad, that boyish face...... But no I'm just kidding. 

Posted by slinky6

It's gonna be a riveting episode.   I can feel it.

Posted by fresh816

Wait time...

Posted by Magnus_Bulla

I guess all the Electronic Three footage needs to go up first?

Posted by ToyDoll

YES! HOUR LONG ONE! life is sweet:)

Posted by NoDeath

Wooo! its up!

Posted by Kowbrainz

63 minutes! Woo!

Posted by meatstick

AAAAAHHHHH YEAH, my life is complete again

Posted by ljgpliskin92


Posted by NekuCTR

Way to beat the buzzer guys.

Posted by gamefreak9


Posted by Karmann

UP! Yay!

Posted by HatKing

HOLY CRAP!  THE FUCKING ENDURANCE RUN IS BACK!  This is going to be sureal.

Posted by Guerrilla_Mason

They didn't check the TV Sunday morning. Tsk tsk.

Posted by ponyslayer

Endurance run is on again!

Posted by Bubahula

:D its alive...ITS ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Scooper

Aaaand we are back.

Posted by shintsurugi

Noooooooo... Tanakaaaaaa... x.x

Posted by NinjaHunter


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My life has felt empty without the endurance run.

Glad it's finally up. And its a long one too! :D

Posted by pwr905

They're gonna eat some toast.