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Posted by Curufinwe

63:31 fuck yeah.

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Posted by JJWeatherman


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Guys, you can put the model on display in Charlie's room.

ER is back!

Posted by SmasheControllers

Greatest Ending!

Posted by MiserableGerm

Know what, they haven't even started Naoki's S Link yet...they should do so soon.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Oh!  Wow guys, that sucks.  A whole hour too.  If it's any consolation, your hama/mudo spells will work much more often with upcoming personas that you earn or create.  Then you can insta-kill fools too.

As for your question early on, yes, it is possible to max every social link.  To do so you will need to pick the best responses and have matching personas throughout the whole game and you probably need a guide too.  There's no way you guys would be able to do so at this point, so just focus on the ones you want to do.

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Lot of stuff already:

1.  The current fox quest person is on the school roof.

2. You can get every S.Link to 10 on the first-time thru, but it's pretty hard.  It's easier on a second playthru because your stats are all maxed.

3.  I think glancing thru a book means you read it in two sittings, instead of 4 if you read it thoroughly.  SInce you have plenty of books and other things to do at night, glancing is probably the way to go.

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Yay, Endurance Run!

Man, this was a really long day waiting for the ER!

Posted by Curufinwe


4.  It's a good idea to save right before going in the TV.

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Posted by AndrewB

Jeeze... there is no *way* I can watch an hour long + episode of this tonight. Gives me something to look forward to tomorrow.

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Woot, its midnight on the eastcoast and its the return of the Endurance Run! Screw exams!

Posted by DerekDanahy

Start it up, hell yeah

Posted by DragonofFate

Mark up three deaths for the Endurance Run.

Posted by Trnck

It's been a week!

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Haha, that ending was hilarious!  It was gonna happen sooner or later, so don't say I didn't warn you. :P  Now, get some Personae with instant-KO spells and instant-KO resistance.

Posted by pwr905

King Frost and the voices they do remind me of Fat Albert ... Hey hey hey, bombs away ...

Posted by VisariLoyalist

Praised be Adonai!!!!

Posted by Stang

I laughed my ass off for at least 5 minutes at the ending. Welcome to the wonderful world of SMT!

Posted by mech4399

glorious return

Posted by Jeffsekai

Gonna have to watch this later tonight, BUT YES!

Posted by Milkman

I literally sat there with my mouth wide open for about 5 minutes at the end.....WHAT?!

Posted by Metroid545

glance through the books, it uses them up faster but you get the stats faster as well

Posted by sdauz

its back.....e3 is over for reals

Posted by Sikboy1029

where's the rest of it?

Posted by Nasar7

It's too late to watch this now but at least I'll get back-to-back ER tomorrow. I'll be back!

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awww they were doing so great

but you got too careless

Posted by 1_879_116_9420

Video ends at about 40 minutes cut off.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Jeff's advice to fight everything would make sense if there were a limited amount of enemies. There aren't. You could spend 30 minutes fighting in the strip club or 10 minutes fighting in the Void Quest dungeon and get the same result. I haven't finished the video yet, but if they complain about grinding again, I may slap someone.

Posted by Stang
@1_879_116_9420 said:
" Video ends at about 40 minutes cut off. "
Dunno what you are talking about, I saw it all the way through the sad yet hilarious end.
Posted by Mainardi

wow, how unlucky is that?

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YES finally (re: the ending)

you can always click the triangle button to speed through dialogue if you need to

Posted by crunchmonkey

Best/Worst episode ever.

Posted by Curufinwe

You hold the triangle button to go thru as fast as possible.

Posted by cav86

funniest ending ever

Posted by JohnDudebro

*slow clap*

Posted by Jimbo7676

Wow... just wow...

Posted by SM2099

OMG Your passed by Chie and didn't even notice (minute 15).

Posted by NintenDood

Holy CRAP, that was the craziest ending ever! O_O

Posted by Curufinwe
@SM2099 said:
" OMG Your passed by Chie and didn't even notice (minute 15). "
They did see her, but they also saw she didn't have a ! which means she wasn't available to S.Link with.
Posted by hakunin
@Mainardi: Not really. As have been pointed out several times during the ED in the SMT games Insta-kill spells are very effective. Playing SMT games you you soon learn the hard way that any enemy with Hama/Mudo skills should not be taken lightly.
Posted by myghart

One of my favorite features returns... keep at it guys.

Posted by pwr905

You bastard, you killed Charlie-Tuna!

Posted by Enns

Stand by..   HAMA 

Guys seriously, if you decide to grind, grind the current dungeon. Just save frequently. In fact later on in the tough dungeons you should save every floor.

Posted by KnifeySpoony

That was absolutely hilarious. I was somewhat worried when you guys first encountered that enemy and it casted hama because I knew there was that small chance. Man, that has got to be super frustrating. Good luck tomorrow, maybe save before going in.

Great to have the feature back, in the time you've been gone I've had an endurance run of P4 with a friend, so now I'm on the other end where I know what will happen next.

The last day to go through the current dungeon is the 12th, keep that in mind. Don't bother with those tiny shadows, fight the bigger ones like on floor 8.

Posted by MoTheHawk

I can't believe that happened!  The odds of that were slim to none.

- None of your party members had high enough S-Links to take that fatal blow.
- The birds were SKIPPING TURNS just to rub it in.
- You got hit by an insta-death attack with a very low chance of connecting.
- The bird picked Charlie.

So uh... same time tomorrow?  lol

Posted by EmperorSeth

See, that's why you SAVE every few floors!  This happened to me a few times.  It helps if you get lucky with the rare prizes in chests and the stickers, as they can get you homonculus objects that block these things.  Other than that, well, take advantage of Teddy's power and Gohoms.

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@MoTheHawk said:
.- You got hit by an insta-death attack with a very low chance of connecting "
You haven't played many SMT games before have you? Being careless and getting hama'd/mudo'd is very common. If you don't believe me, check out Nocturne.
Posted by Sheldon

People don't take mortal blows for you when you are in rush mode.