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Posted by 1_879_116_9420

DUDE FUCKING BEST ENDING TO EPISODE EVER! I've never laughed so hard in my life!

Posted by KingBroly

I haven't watched all episodes of the endurance run, but that ending definitely made my day.

Posted by Screble

GREATEST ENDING EVER LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ponyslayer

lmao, that was a great ending

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How did that happen? I thought at S. Link 1 your party members will take a mortal blow for you. I've had party members take a hama/mudo for me occasionally. Did the birds cast Mahama?

@ Twipsters - That's probably it. Good to know.

Jeff's strategy was pretty much on the money at the end. Once you find out your enemy has an instant death spell (from Rise's analysis), switch to a Persona that is Nul to that element and/or put them down quickly by exploiting their weakness. You don't have to run.

Oh, and when you're full of Persona you should jump out to fuse. It gives you a chance to save every few floors and clear out space for more Persona.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Least they had a sense of humor about it, that really could have easily discouraged them. The only time I got hit with an instant death spell was on the very last boss, love that "What the fuck just happened?" feeling.

Posted by Wraith1

Heh I wasn't expecting that ending, but it was hilarious. You guys should just ignore the lower floors and just head straight to the optional boss; skip any battles you encounter

Posted by Guerrilla_Mason

I went to 'math school.' :(

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Leave the dungeon constantly to save. Goho-M's are worth the money for peace of mind. I mean, this should have become common practice after you lost that episode in the bathhouse, but hey...

Sorry I'm a curmudgeon.

Posted by Slaneesh

Crasy MOFO Ending. All i could think was WHAAATTTTT!

Posted by Beomoose

Oh Em Gee, Hama actually worked. Lolz.

Posted by Six

damn.  you did say you were going to die though... you jinxed yourself

Posted by Dolphin_Butter

Best ending so far.

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I literally did a spit-take.

Posted by Jedted


So does that make it the what, 5th death they've had on the endurance run?

Posted by Eirikr

Don't despair guys, that was still a pretty entertaining ending.

Posted by lamiafusion

Stop....HAMA TIME!!!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Oh man....an hour wasted. It's not called an Endurance Run for nothin'.

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Haha, great ending. The game knew you were getting too cocky, it had to teach you a lesson. Never underestimate Persona 4. :P

You guys definitely need to just head straight to the top next time though, don't waste time with any battle that you don't have to. Or better yet, just skip it and head back to the Void Quest. You don't get anything that good in the strip club, and you'll get a lot more exp there.

Posted by GHT

grinding the bottom floors of your current dungeon does far more than grinding any floor in the last dungeon. it's kind of a waste of time. I know you already recorded the next few episodes, but I think you should know.

Posted by Trnck


Posted by Falcoski

Been waiting for this all day...I know I need a hobby :D Yay

Posted by BlueStriped

They got rocked in the end by a low chance one shot kill :D

Posted by Happy

Haha, hilarious. You guys were getting shitty experience in The Club anyway. Just kill the boss and go back to Void Quest.

Posted by Mistral

Oh god, I just HAD to check Giant Bomb one last time before I headed off to bed. On one hand, by the time I'll be done watching this it'll be 2:30 AM...on the other hand, I want to watch this now.

...eh, I don't have any reason to wake up before noon today anyway.

Posted by GioVANNI

God, these are either 15 minutes long, or 60 minutes. 

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WTF !!   Kyaah!!   Awesome episode.

Posted by Lotan

OUCH!  Man Persona games are brutal.

Posted by NathHaw

I have found a new avatar for this occasion.  The run is back!

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Ohhhhhhhh WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW.  This game is crazy.
Vinny, you should never have rushed those birds.

Posted by Dethfish

Endurance Run is OVER! I know if that happened to me I'd either take a long break from the game or just quit all together. Hopefully Vinny and Jeff can persevere through this.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove


Posted by Lustreplush
shock and ahahahahaha
Posted by Lazyaza

Man, sometimes this game just plain sucks. I really hope persona 5 has all the modern standards like most western games do, auto save and whatnot because what happened there was messed up.

Posted by Aaox

I guess Hama was pissed.

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PROTIP: No one will take a mortal blow for you if you are in "Rush Mode."

Just for the record, everyone in your party can take 1 mortal blow for you (Requirement: S-Link Lv. 1) per battle.

That aside... Hilarious ending hahaha... Sucks, but this ain't called the Endurance Run for nuthin'! :)
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Guys, at this rate, how many times do you think we're going to have to watch them redo Heaven?

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that is unlucky and cruel the game must have been pissed you took a week off or something wierd, in either case you know when you should give up on this game guys? ....NEVER

Posted by AgentSmith

so does neone know howi can download these to watch on the road?

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@Lazyaza said:
" Man, sometimes this game just plain sucks. I really hope persona 5 has all the modern standards like most western games do, auto save and whatnot because what happened there was messed up. "
I sure hope not. Auto-save would take most of the challenge out of the game. There has to be a punishment for poor decisions and planning. Just letting you get off scott free for letting yourself get killed and not making sure to save would ruin any incentive to plan ahead and do well in battle.

That could have been completely avoided if they had made sure to equip a Persona that nulled Light, or even just not setting it on rush. The game should punish you for that. Just be thankful it's not as punishing as most of the other games in the franchise.

Grow up.

Posted by AgentSmith
@RampageEndsHere: dude harsh. do u go home everyday and beat your dog too. fuck dude take a chill pill and relax
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J&V are way more patient than I would be. This would have been the episode that I said "fuck this shit" and never played it again.

Posted by Ignor
RampageEndsHere = A funny guy who likes trial & error games.
Posted by Aeterna


Didn't see that coming. :D
Posted by funkpanda

Vinny... your so cute. But your really stupid when playing this game. Like, REALLY stupid.

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oh and about the hama thing; its a good thing you saw this early on because the enemies begin to use this alot in the dungeons ahead and they don't miss that much. There are only 2 ways (that i know of) to block an instant death from light and dark. 1-have a persona that blocks light and dark or either one. 2-acquire a homonculous. These handy items sacrifice themself in your leaders place. You can get them in chests or through tanakaa by choosing the rare combo when shippin in your prize stickers. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME ENDURANCE TEAM

Posted by CashBailey

Yay!! So now I can fall even FURTHER behind!

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

*episode 81 spoiler*

This just highlights how plain stupid the main character KO game over is. Why isn't it a party wipe?  Hilarious anyways...

Posted by HassaniSabbah

That was hilarious.

Posted by steeeeeve

wha . . . how . . . why?