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Posted by Timdj84

Damn..Im drunk as a motherfucker

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As if that actually happened, that was incredible, what a come back from E3.
Their reactions were priceless, I expected them to pissed but they were less shocked that I thought they'd be.

What were they whispering about aswell?
I'd read a few comments then watched that and they whispered I thought maybe they were planning to die to end it, but no. It LIVES!

Still incredibly funny.

Posted by golguin

Holy SHIT!  I was watching the time was almost over and thought to myself, "okay, they are going to stop once they reach the save point at the boss" and then BAM, I saw Charlie go down.  I laughed and literally kept saying "WHAT!" for like several minutes.  But the endurance run is officially on now that it is known that Charlie can get hit by a one hitter quitter.

Posted by NinjaHunter

This is what happens when you make fun of the birds, Vinny!!! They get angry, you won't like them when they're angry.

Posted by gzl5000

That. Just. HAPPENED.

Kudos on the sense of humor...I would've FLIPPED.
Posted by Chris2KLee

Yeah, never play around with Hama/Mudo enemies, it's like Russian Roulette. Best thing is to hit'em with their weakness and finish them quick.

Posted by sdauz

it was boring.....at least the end was hilarious lol sooo good@@@!!!

Posted by strangeling
Go Vinny, Guh...
Posted by bagleyjw

haha great episode

you did miss the tanaka sale on sunday so atleast you got that
Posted by Baggykins

She should have said it like Monty Python... I AAM DEATH!

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@Chris2KLee said:
"Best thing is to hit'em with their weakness and finish them quick."

That also goes for shadows without Light/Darkness spell. Use spells, let the Fox refill the SP , that's what's the money they earn from the battle is for.  The main strategy is not about 'saving SP',  it's about balancing the SP you use with the SP you can buy from the Fox. Talk to the cohorts in front of the dungeon to separate them from the group, so the main character can refill the SP ALONE. Let the MC cast all the spells, the cohorts are only there to perform the All-Out-Attack.

Vinny was lacklustre from the very beginning, you can see it from how oft he just rushed the whole battle. He wasn't even listening when Jeff said the birds can cast Hama ocassionaly.

Vinny = Idiot. Play garbage like Grand Theft Auto IV or Call of Duty 4 instead where you don't have to think.
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You ever wonder what the bottom of charlies shoe looks like?

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Oh wow... Uh...

Lol wut.
Posted by Baggykins
@xdan0x said:
" You ever wonder what the bottom of charlies shoe looks like? "
Well BAM! there it is!
Posted by innacces14

Wow. What a blindside that was. XD

Posted by MartinG

Hell yeah, slacking in my sofa to the latest Endurance run!
Thank you guys!

Posted by KillaMaStA

BAM! an hour down the drain.

I think you should redo the hour off camera because grinding is not very interesting to watch

Posted by gamefreak9

lmao u guys got pwned!!! great comebak

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Posted by Jambones

Wow, I was not expecting an hours worth. Covering E3 and then going back to great content like this, I am not sure I can express my appriciation for GB's hard work!

Posted by WalterKovacs

The laughter at the end of this endurance run were not the laughs of normal people. They were the laughs of madmen. Something as traumatic as this is how super villains are formed.

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Yeah, Endurance Run is back!

That's why you don't fuck around with hama/mudo enemies :D

Person who wants to be better at speaking:
You're looking for a girl on the roof of the school, so you'll have to wait until school starts again (September 1st, I think). She's on the far right of the screen. Tell her you'll teach her and the next day, tell her you need courage ot apologize.

Is it possible to get every s.link to 10 on the first go?
I have not done it myself, but there is a guide on Gamefaqs on how to manage raising your stats enough and when to do which s.link in order to get to 10th base with everyone.

2 Parties:
I'm not a fan of maintaining 2 groups, unless you're obsessive about getting all characters to max level. In the interest of time, you should stick to 1 party, there are no repercussions for doing so. There are several advantages to this:
- Your experience only goes to characters who will actually fight the hard battles like bosses. Why raise levels of party members who won't be around for when it counts?
- You can concentrate your s.links on party members to get advantages in battle (you know, so they maybe take a mortal blow when someone tries to hama you)
- You are way more efficient, stronger characters waste less SP on weak enemies and the time you save and the money you get more than makes up for what Fox is charging for a refill at this point. You also save a lot of money on weapons alone. Before E3, you spent about 100k yen on equipment for your B-Team, money that could easily recover 2x the SP on your main dudes.

Posted by AdventChild

Hama Time.

Posted by shintsurugi

Aaaaahhh... The sweet, sweet irony. I love you guys. XD

Posted by Jambones

Haha, my jaw just dropped :-) Good episode.

Posted by DoktorFaustus

Damn guys

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@RampageEndsHere said:
Vinny = Idiot. Play garbage like Grand Theft Auto IV or Call of Duty 4 instead where you don't have to think. "
Are you by any chance in cahoots with Aion.
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The point in going through the low level dungeon is to level up to fight the boss, and you decide not to take your A-Team becasue you want to save them for the boss... right...

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Posted by Endogene

Hahaha sure was not expecting that to happen.

Posted by spaded

funniest ending everrrrrrr

not to spoil but is great
Posted by ChibiSoma


Oh that was tragic, guys... you've gotta watch those hama/mudo guys. The chances are low for you to get offed, but it's terrible when they do. Also, just to prevent this when you get to it - in the Shadow Mitsuo fight, if anyone (ESPECIALLY Charlie) gets feared? Get it OFF them that turn. Because he has an instant kill attack that will automatically drop anyone who's feared.

Godspeed, gentlemen...

Posted by Herreno

Dude... After all of that...



Posted by Scarbearer
@Stang said:
@MoTheHawk said:
.- You got hit by an insta-death attack with a very low chance of connecting "
You haven't played many SMT games before have you? Being careless and getting hama'd/mudo'd is very common. If you don't believe me, check out Nocturne. "
Oh yes... I remember that happening frequently when I played Nocturne. 

And just as a side note.  I can't believe how much I missed the Endurance Run.

Posted by dagas

This was bound to happen. Same thing has happened to me. Did you guys not learn about probability in school? Given enough time, even low chance things will happen. At least now you know not to mess with hama/mudo enemies.

Posted by TheClap

Yaaaaaay its back!

Posted by kenssi

Well, that sure wasn't the ending I was expecting...

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Oh my god. Ha ha ha ha awesome.
  Perhaps the best thing that actually could have happened, the episode needed some juice.

Posted by Zalasta

Now that you have Traesto (Charlie can also learn it from Sandman), it's always a good idea to save after 3-4 dungeon floors.  A 2 min. detour can save you from losing hour(s) of grinding.

Posted by ToyDoll

oh my gee. best ending EVER! so funny:D

Posted by MasturbatingBear

Aww hell yea


That was me.

Posted by stallion74

The solution is right in front of you...just keep the Neko Shogun as your main persona for the time being and you don't have to worry about anything...

Posted by Grillbar

awsome something to feed my ER addiction

Posted by Vorbis

Haha, just knew it would happen eventually.

Posted by guilherme

now I hope you learned to ALWAYS have a persona that is resistant do dark/light, or a bunch of homunculi ;)

Posted by SilenceUK

masterbatingbear fail it was 19:03 lol

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

Oh snap!