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Posted by xDot

What's with everyone getting all defensive for Vinny and Jeff, I don't think anyone giving advice is actually angry that they're playing bad we're just trying to help. I found it hilarious that they died twice to the same enemy, but if the same thing happened again and again the next episode it would be really boring, so people are trying to help them.

Posted by FLStyle
Posted by Madeley

 If you want some advice, dont fuse that persona, leave them seperate!!
 Awesome show

Posted by AdventChild


You get awesome perks from it like seeing all the treasure chests and enemies on the map.

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I said it once and I'll say it again. Fuck these guys who are saying bring in Teddie. Teddie is just some no talent pile a shit. He ain't never gonna help you and he can't even be your girl friend. Teddie is the enemy he's always trying to bone and he'll bone you if you let him get close enough. So keep being the Boner and not the Boned.

Posted by Kowbrainz
@FLStyle said:
" Shout out to all the internet policemen who fell for my anger trap hook, line and sinker. "
oh no, looks like i made an ass of myself on the internet. How about I call sarcasm to make everyone else look bad instead.
Posted by nima

I havn't even seen this episode yet but I can tell from the comments what has happened. People who are frustrated or angry or anything of the sort, sort your fucking life out. This is free to everybody and its their right to play this game however they want. They are free to choose which path to take and do whatever they want and what our job is to watch and enjoy.

Advice is cool. Like they should go to floor 7 as there is a miniboss they need to defeat so that the boss door opens. That sort of stuff is ok as long as theyr not insulting Jeff and Vinny.

However, how dare people try and insult the way they play whilst we sit and watch for free. I for one am very glad that theyr doing things differently than what I did. It makes things far more interesting.

Dont let these comments bring you down guys! You'v made it so far!

Posted by Dark_Psych0

Just to say it one more time. You guys need to go back and fight the mini boss on the 7th floor. Also great episode even though you died twice.

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Why are some people angry about us giving advice.  Vinny just asked for comments on what to do next.  I just said to go for the player advantage and that's it.  That is what worked for me when I played the game and that is the advice I'm offering.  Whether or not they use the advice is up to them in the end.

I guess what I'm really saying I'd hate to see an episode of them just grinding levels; it's not very fun to watch.

Note: I was wrong about the levels and who goes first sorry about that.  Haven't had my coffee this morning yet.

Posted by Demonstride

LOL. Best endruance run ever.

Posted by Alwaysrun

You see a second card. It's the Epic Monday Endurance run card. You look away.

Posted by FLStyle
@Kowbrainz: All I'm pointing out is that you're no better than the rage-posters by replying to them.
Posted by TwoLines

Awesome Conan O'Brien reference.

Posted by Kowbrainz
@FLStyle: Your comment was uninformed so I took the time to say what was going on. Even if this was all some "test" of yours, nobody's been raging back at you, they've just been convinced by your comment that you're an ass who doesn't know what's going on.
Posted by Origina1Penguin

Ouch, harsh day.  I didn't have to grind any on my play through, but maybe you guys could try going down one level to grind on some easier enemies for a little while.  I know it's boring but it may be necessary.

Once you're out of SP and leave the TV World, I recommend not spending any more days outside of the TV until you clear the dungeon just to be on the safe side.  However, it's up to you guys.

Posted by troyx

are we close to the end ?

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Internet White Knights sure are out in full force today, jeff and vinny are big boys now, they can handle critique they don't need you people jumping to their defences as they are probably laughing at you more than the people who disagrea with their playstyle.

Also, no one has insulted anyone.

if you think they have you need to go look up the definition of an insult.


Insult: Jeff is fat.
Critique: The way you handeld that battle was poor as you died, let me give you some advice etc etc

Posted by rentfn

Just keep playing the game guys. It is so much fun to watch.

Posted by Besetment

The comment section would be a lot more informative if it wasn't a full page or two of people who haven't even watched the video, followed by 5 pages of people arguing with each other and talking about themselves rather than the video. If I were Jeff or Vinny, I wouldn't read this crap either.

Anyway, 2 things they don't seem to get (or forgot?):
1 - The characters don't go 'all out' if Charlie is not in control of his actions.
2 - Allies taking a mortal blow for you doesn't work for an "attack all" spell like mind slice.

Is mind slice a physical attack? That's another reason to equip Neko Shogun, who's strong against physical (that, and the fact that the babies are doing phys attacks in the hundreds.)

Posted by PosableActionFigure

Wow. I'm late to the party this time.

Just to echo what others have said, Yosuke's Tentarafoo is useful. Use it, especially on large groups.

Some enemies are more susceptible to status ailments than others, usually strong physical attackers such as the knights or the babies in this case. Unfortunately as far as I'm aware there is nothing that tells you this, so you just have to try. 

However the important thing is to remember that status effects, especially confuse, are actually useful in this game. Yosuke usually gets first turn due to his agility, so cast Tentarafoo and you've effectively won the battle right there.

Posted by FLStyle
@Kowbrainz: Raging wasn't necassary, only the reply to moan themselves. If those people still misunderstand so be it.
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Posted by FLStyle
Posted by Terjay

Investigation Team... FAIL! :D

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Level up Yatagarasu.
Level up Yatagarasu.
Level up Yatagarasu.
Level up Yatagarasu.
Level up Yatagarasu.

He gets Cool Breeze, which is invaluable.
It recovers 8% of your max HP and SP after every battle.

P.S. Use. Tentarafoo. Unbelievably useful. Confusion is the best status ailment in the game.

Posted by Ventilator

So I am currently playing Persona 3. I ran into a boss fight and saw that it was casting lightning at me. I put in a persona that was nul to lightning and won the battle without any problems at all.
I found out later that I was severely super under-leveled for that fight.
The correct Persona won the battle for me.
So the moral to the story is, get a persona that´s nul or str to physical, and there ya go. Dead babies.
Posted by stallion74

When you run out of options try to see if you have an item that will help you...maybe a fire damage to all enemies would be handy in this situation although i am not sure what you already have in your stash...keep it up and you will overcome the obstacles...

Posted by gbrading

Aww, that's just tough. I was willing you to save before going back into the dungeon again. Well, stick with it. It just needs a bit more grinding I guess until those babies will be toast.

Posted by HatKing

I hate when I try to murder a group of babies and they manage to kill me instead.  I'm of course refering to real life not this game.

Posted by Metal_Mills
@troyx said:
" are we close to the end ? "
I think theres like 30 hours still. lol.
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put that land badge back on, 2% is a LOT! Charlie has ~400hp, so every turn, you get back 8hp. about 2-3 turns is about 25hp a fight for free!

also, learn how to debuff enemies!
Posted by igloochan

Next time you play a persona game, play on the easier mode.  It is actually more like normal mode in terms of difficulty.

Plus at the start of the game you get 10 items that will heal both HP and SP completely if the main character dies.  You will likely not die that many times on easy mode.

Posted by Vorbis

Thats some smooth menu navigating vinny!

Posted by brocool


Posted by FrozenPhoenix

It's Monday, something bad was bound to happen.


Posted by Goldenroad

omg died twice! what has happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by Plasma

wow, these endurance runs are grinding to a halt, no progress....

Posted by ChibiSoma

Gentlemen! Yatagarasu!


Posted by Dany

Oh god, that was terrible

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How's that for a drinking game:

  • Every mention of "Tentarafoo" in the comments = shot
  • Every mention of "grind" or "grinding" = shot

That's a pretty fast way to get sloshed.
Posted by sgjackson
@Crispy said:
" Level up Yatagarasu.
Level up Yatagarasu.
Level up Yatagarasu.
Level up Yatagarasu.
Level up Yatagarasu.

He gets Cool Breeze, which is invaluable.It recovers 8% of your max HP and SP after every battle.P.S. Use. Tentarafoo. Unbelievably useful. Confusion is the best status ailment in the game. "
Seconding this.
Posted by Beomoose

It's actually a really good thing you died, because you HAVE TO GO BACK TO 7 and fight the mini boss. Not optional, if you get to the top and haven't done it you'll just have to go further back, so do it now while you're right there.

Posted by Stang

Charge me mother fucker!

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@Beomoose said:
" It's actually a really good thing you died, because you HAVE TO GO BACK TO 7"
What he said.

I also need to mention Tentarafoo (and pulinpa). Use it on anything that seems an arkward fight (like lots of resistances or heavy attacks) it usually pays off.

Oh and since I'm here, I may as well rant about Chie curently not being used for her intended purpose at the moment, but I'm sure you'll address that soon enough.

Posted by lishi

You know, sice Black frost is strong vs physical attack and have strong fire attack Charlie could beat those babies by himself...

Posted by bybeach

some ppl.  too negative, but yeah, I`d  def. read some of the comments here. Positive ppl. or those who stick to advice then whatever I trust more. Quitting would be silly anyways..this is their job...heh! Excellent way to understand what they are reviewing, especially the RPG/JRPGS. Personae 4 has been a great combo of entertainment and skill. mabe a strategy game of some sort can fill that ticket, next. These are games I never play(till now), and I`m enjoying the exposure.

Posted by Inuzagi

DAMN! The endurance run team just can't get a break. Better luck next time guys.

p.s. Does Jeff and Vinny know that your dudes won't take a mortal blow for you if the enemy uses a hit all attack?
Posted by MrChlorophyll

Judging by how quickly and frequently they died in this episode, I'd say that they were actually secretly letting Brad play. Zing!

I joke because I care.
Posted by OmegaRadium

Neko Shogun actually means Cat WarLord.  

Posted by whatisdelicious

So awesome. Right after you say that throwing caution to the wind has gotten you this far, you die. Good stuff.