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Posted by Chris2KLee
@Terrents said:
" @Chris2KLee: no im not talking about those dumb S link things that do absoultely nothing. but i guess i really cant talk about the item without giving to much away to vinny and jeff "
Yeah, they're pretty close to topping off the Chie S.Link so I'd rather the work out on their own. The S.Link stuff is really one of my fav things about the game, hate to ruin it for em :)
Posted by Terrents

I beat the game myself and honestly all those crazy fusing becomes obsolete at some point in the game. I think its best to have a bunch of diffrent personas to be able to get anyones weakness. oh and also try and get a persona that repels phs. cause that comes in handy for half the enemys. cause if charlie just repels damage he cant die right? therefore if you really dont care enough everyone can die and charlie just chills and eats a sammich as the enemy attempts to hurt him.
Posted by Terrents

agreed. and i hate people that say this is a dating sim. cause honestly you can be a total asshole and people still love you in this game. aslong as you go for the girl when they give you that chance your golden

once again kinda funny how you can be a complete ass to a girl and she will still love you. kinda like real life XD
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Posted by trav3ler

Tip: Always keep a physical-centric persona (like Ares, although he's too low level to be useful) for these kind of fights.  Black Frost and Gorgon are great for covering the magical bases, but as you saw, poor Charlie was taking tons of damage from the phys-heavy babies, and it's always useful to have a phys-strong (or even better, phys-null) Persona that you can whip out in these cases.  You totally have the right idea about the other characters - dont give a crap about them, their death is secondary to Charlie's.

Also, although it's been said before, mortal-blow-takeage only works when the character taking the mortal blow is not recieving damage - so thats why you have to be especially careful around enemies without AoE skills.  And you should go grind the 7th floor instead of the 8th - there's a miniboss there (why Atlus didn't make it mandatory to defeat him before going on is beyond me, and IMO really poor level design), and there are no stupid babies, so you should be able to get a level or 2 out of there, and in Persona, a level or 2 makes a huge difference.

Finally, please ignore all the idiots and hate-spouters out there who seem to take personal offense at you having an off day.  It happens, just keep doing the ER.
Posted by guilherme

wow, I'm surprised by you 'strategy'.

Like people said, never leave Charlie with low health. (that applies to Yukiko to some extent, since she is the healer)

It's no use trying to save items for later. Use them if necessary.

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ahahahaha lol they died again lol!!/.....they died twice!!!

Posted by Winternet

There was already too much said in past comments, so I will only say this: INVESTIGATION TEAM GO!!!

Posted by ashogo

Did they seriously just fuse, die in battle, re-fuse, then NOT save? ...then die again? Well, It was pretty funny in retrospect.

@monkie89 said:
" This video shows the importance of getting the player advantage as often as possible. Just wait a few seconds for the shadow to turn around so you can sneak up behind and get 4 free turns.I never grinded a single time in my playthrough, all you really need is player advantages on regular enemies and they are cake. "
please, listen to this guy. Get player advantage, stop letting the shadows see you! You guys would have a lot easier time of things.

Also, go back to floor 7.
Posted by lordofultima


Seriously guys, go back to level 7 and fight that boss you're making me restless.

Posted by EmperorSeth

Boy, attacks that confuse the entire enemy side sure are effective, aren't they?  If ONLY you had a power that had that exact same effect on your enemies.  If only.

Posted by LordAndrew
@TehBonerer said:
" woah yatagarasu is from yugioh, and that card was freakin rape back in the day "
Like Yu-Gi-Oh, the MegaTen series features many mythological creatures.
Posted by DualFayte

Haha, funny episode dudes.

Don't forget that over the course of dungeon running, you acquire items that can be used to cast elemental damage upon foes. The cool thing is, any character can use them. Example: "Firecrackers" inflict 50 fire damage to 1 enemy. So in your first dungeon attempt, Yosuke and Chie could have used them to knock all 3 babies down, assuming that you had that many to spare. And since Charlie wasn't dizzy, the entire party could of rushed the downed foes.

Posted by King9999
@JP_Russell said:
@King9999 said:
@JP_Russell said:
@Dethfish77 said:
"Well at least in this episode I learned that Garu is Japanese for Wind Spell. lolI think they recorded this episode either Thursday or Friday last week because the page and screen shot has been up since then. Don't get to upset that they didn't follow your advice from the last episode. "
Ah, that makes sense.  Okay, hopefully they go back to level 7 when they play today. "
Wait, what?"
Dethfish was explaining that this episode was probably recorded on Thursday or Friday last week, which means they wouldn't have been able to see the comments on episode 85 (because it hadn't been posted yet / had just been posted) saying they needed to finish floor 7.  Therefore, the next episode they post will have been played and recorded today, Monday, and they'll hopefully take said comments on episode 85 into account in their play session today. "
Ah, OK...I thought for a moment there was going to be another ER today, heh.
Posted by deathswhisper
@raikoh05 said:
" jeff: knowing nothing about this game has gone awesome for us!maybe its time to learn some things about the game? "
This show is made for entertainment.  Who cares if they die as long as they crack jokes doing it. 
Posted by bigall94

I laughed at the Pokemon reference. I think you should save next time after fusing. also, I guess everybody is saying go back a floor so why not?

Posted by deathswhisper

Ok some people need to take a deep breath hold it hold it hold it release......there now. We as a whole do not need to take this soooo seriously its alright. it is going to be ok. the world is not going to end. 

Posted by deathswhisper
@Terrents said:
" @Chris2KLee: agreed. and i hate people that say this is a dating sim. cause honestly you can be a total asshole and people still love you in this game. aslong as you go for the girl when they give you that chance your goldenonce again kinda funny how you can be a complete ass to a girl and she will still love you. kinda like real life XD "
so...maybe it is a dating sim.....?
Posted by Chris2KLee
@deathswhisper said:
@Terrents said:
" @Chris2KLee: agreed. and i hate people that say this is a dating sim. cause honestly you can be a total asshole and people still love you in this game. aslong as you go for the girl when they give you that chance your goldenonce again kinda funny how you can be a complete ass to a girl and she will still love you. kinda like real life XD "
so...maybe it is a dating sim.....? "
We'll, the S.Linking is maybe dating sim lite, I mean there's no way you can fail. In Persona 3 you could piss someone off and have to apologize, but P4 doesn't even have that restriction, which is good. The social interactions are fun in the context of the RPG structure, but on it's own they'd probably be pretty flat (if a little quirky). I'm hopping that P5 has more RPG bonuses for S.linking, like combo moves or something.
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@deathswhisper: to quote chie "ooh oooh me!" I don't think watching them die twice in 20 minutes was very entertaining...

i know its made for entertainment, im not suggesting they study a walkthrough from now on, but they are struggling right now.

also I think they do care, enough that jeff keeps suggesting a gameshark...
Posted by stone321

1. Remember to guard.

2. Remember to use Vanish Ball.

3. Attack items can save your ass.

Killer boy here we come! Oh remember you need the key.

Posted by Gamer_152

Phil the crow? I like it.

Posted by DawnShinto

yata garasu is a yugioh card....lol

Posted by xDot

This is why you should carry persona with all 4 elements not just lightning, and then letting Yosuke sort 'em out etc.

Posted by Onomarchus

I'm not the first to say it: Tentarafoo with Yosuke should sort it out.

Posted by shintsurugi

Ah, you guys. Always know how to start of the week strong!

Keep at it. And I'm probably too late to say no dead baby jokes. *shudder*

Posted by Mezmero

Great run as always duders.  Maybe getting beat by the "It's Alive!" babies is an indication to either bail and S-link or to swap in B-team and start from the bottom again or to get revenge on the hama birds.  Also I'm curious to know if you saw that the Soul Food item restores all SP, but whatever.  Your call as always, its good to see the run stay alive.

Posted by RedSox8933

AHH!!! You guys NEED to go back to level 7 and beat the mini boss, seriously.

Posted by Metroid545

You missed the miniboss! You WILL regret it dudes you need to go back!

Posted by theacclaimed

honestly it'd probably be funnier to see them get to the 10th floor and find out they need a key.  so stop yelling at them :P

Posted by snakefry

Vinny, When are you going to give jeff the controller?

Posted by outerabiz

this is the second episode i watch, and you guys kinda suck... are they always this bad?
Anyway this was a fun episode nonetheless, beating burned babies is tough living but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Posted by Majinken

Don't feel bad. I had to put the controller down the first time I fought those fucking things. An hour of my life, gone.

Posted by Nasar7

ugh you guys can have no sense of strategy sometimes. And stop using light attack spells! If you had used maragion instead of maragi, you would've done enough damage to kill them if you had attacked with yosuke before and after. Those fights are so easy. Magaru>Maragion>Rush/Magaru = Dead Babies

Posted by RabidSquirrel89

If you guys want to know where the personas' names are from, just look at the compendium.

Posted by nanikore

Aww gross, that bird has 3 legs!

Posted by Venatio

I will say what hundred people before me has said, FIGHT THE MINI-BOSSS ON LEVEL 7

Also, please use the stronger attacks you have

Posted by Spiritof

(should have numbered this episode -1 of the ER)

Posted by bagleyjw

ugh, thats the part of rpgs that piss me off. almost like you are supposed to die over and over

Posted by Terrents

lol then its the only dating sim where the makers understand the female mind
Posted by cityofdis0

Rofl. Awesome episode!

How all those nerd rage retards. Quit bitching. Your starting to sound like GameSpot users. Go watch one of the reviews on that site and read the comment. It should be like looking in a mirror.   Keep rolling on GB!

Posted by VanTesla

 Please use your items and characters powers ....  You guys had items that could have saved you and Yosuke had Tentrafoo which makes the foes confused and could have saved you from dieng both times.... Please dont stop the game if you die to much as well. I love the show and you guys rock but after being on so long and so far you should have picked up on this a bit ...?

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

hahaa oh man. awesome.

Posted by JauntyHat

This is why Kanji, Teddy, Yukiko is the best teeeaaaam

Posted by BrockSampson

It is astounding how serious people take this endurance. A lot of laughs to be had. Keep playing exactly how you have been. If things were done how some people want them here it would be no fun. But of the fun is watching them fumble around like most of us do with these types of games. People need to relax.

Posted by Media_Master

those babies are tough

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Actually you shouldn't need to be a psychic or have any kind of prior knowledge before fights. I never had to randomly (and out-of-character) equip items to counter stuff that was going to happen. And I never had to know what weakness a monster had before fighting it for the first time. Maybe that was all luck, but, I honestly felt the game was very good about giving you that initial breathing space so you could figure that stuff out during the battles. And at least from my experience, I didn't feel P4 was a trial & error type RPG at all... If you actually clear the floor before going up to the next I don't think you should have a problem. And if you do, perhaps try and get that player initiative or something. Or maybe guard, use debuffs and buffs? As mentioned, those things are actually pretty handy, believe it or not. And if you still can't do it, there's no shame in running. It's right in the menu if you think you can survive until you can escape. There's a spell to instantly escape. And if you're out of SP or on a character that can't cast that spell, there's also an item. Like, it will not leave you completely crippled and underleveled if you skip a fight, as long as you're not skipping everything. And if you take what you learn from your first encounter with that monster, you can always go and make a new persona to counter it. Uhm, but from the comments though, it seems people actually had quite a rough time against these babies. Guess I was lucky? :> *shrug* *yip* 

Posted by IceTrey87

Maybe you should've, I dunno, saved before you went back in.

Posted by bretthancock

gar....which is japanese for wind spell.

Posted by Zereta

Amazing ER this time. You guys down there are fools. :D