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Posted by Ramone

'Dis guy...does not like he wants to party'

Posted by teekomeeko

Why is it so funny to me when they wipe? And why is it twice as funny to see it happen twice in an episode... on the same enemy?
I'm a sick, sick man.

Posted by Blueblur1

 @Ham08 said:


Hilarious episode!  This show would not be as much fun to watch if Jeff and Vinny played flawlessly.  If they were perfect, there wouldn't be anything for us to talk or bitch about.  LOL

I vote for NOT grinding, but rather to play smarter.  Like other folks have said.  You'll get a great deal more experience points if you don't retreat to lower levels (although you still need to beat the mini-boss on level 7 so you can get the key to the last floor main boss).  Keep going!

  • Use fire attack items like firecracker against those burnt-babies.  
  • Use Yosuke's confuse spell, tenta .... forget what it is.  
  • Don't forget to re-equip Charlie with that anti-confuse ring.  I forget the name of it.  
  • Don't accept Pyro Jack from the shuffle, you already fused one that is way more powerful due to the SLink experience bonus.
  • When you fight tough enemies like the burnt-babies, you have to go all out and kick their ass immediately, don't screw around.  Don't worry about wasting SP or items.  
  • Heal Charlie first!  Always.
  • Remove ailments from charlie as soon as you can, unless you have the opportunity for an instant victory by killing all enemies in that round.
  • Remove status ailments from your main attacker, as soon as you can.  (Against the burnt-babies, your main attackers were Charlie with the right persona and Yukiko with her fire spells.)  If they can't attack, you're screwed.
  • Don't take the stairs until you have cleared the entire floor.  You need the experience.
  Good tips! I couldn't believe they died twice in the same episode! And against the same enemy. I don't remember those avarice babies giving me that much trouble! LOL
Regardless, this episode provided great entertainment for the end of my work day. :)
Posted by IrishCoffee

You would think that after the amount of wipes these guys have had they would remember to save at every little chance they get... 
God I love watching these guys fail

Posted by Talon64

WTF? I just finished a first playthrough on Hard and had no issues with the burnt babies.
I hope they learn not to be such SP pussies. HIT EM HARD!

Posted by danimal_furry

Beautiful episode. 3rd time and I enjoy the waste. :)
Posted by PerfidiousSinn

Man, I hate babies.

Posted by Gerhabio

I kept screaming at the screen: "Save, fools! SAVE!!" 

Posted by TruthTellah

aha!  Is this our chance?

Posted by csl316
ha i made it to the future hopefully they released persona 5.
Not yet.
Posted by super2j