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The sudden silence at 6:08 was awesome, also nice Clerks reference!
btw, if you like girls who stutter, who will totally fall for Chihiro in P3.

Also: 2 more days to clear the Void Quest or else game over!

Posted by Supermarius

actually there is a more romantic part involving chie later on. Accept her invite to hang out with you on christmas. You get to have her over at your place for some "hot cocoa".

Posted by Metal_Mills

I hope they read the comments and know they have 2 days left. I don't think they'll redo a whole week lol.

Posted by darkspirit138

OMG they just used my entire vocab whilst purchasing those frick-ass shoes.

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I would definitely advocate getting your fighter S-Links up before Rise.  You guys have Yosuke pretty high up and use him a lot, so him or Yukiko would be good choices.  Rise does get some S-Link bonuses, but they're nowhere near as good or as frequent.

The benefits are really good.  I don't think you guys noticed it at the end there when looking at Chie's new persona, but she had NO weakness and Ice turned to Null instead of Str.  When your other members can only get knocked down via crit or a random miss, it makes for better times.

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I think they're going to get to level 10 with Chie again when they get sent back a week by Igor.

With the limited time they have left, it was pretty sad to see all that SP go to waste.  Especially when they have quite a few 50 SP-restoring items.
Posted by Osmiles

8/12 is the last day for you to save the boy.

Posted by Azteck

That was an awesome episode, good job my lads!

Posted by AgentSmith

you guys should now work on getting Rise up all the way becasue she can then tell you all weaknesses right off the bat.

But its good to get all your A team up to rank 10 because you get ride of thier weaknesses
Posted by Robo_Zuul

Best episode ever.

Posted by drew327

S. Link with Yukiko next!

Posted by FrankCanada97

Wait until they get to Christmas.

Posted by Turambar
@Curufinwe: They do still have 3 days, so it's plenty.  They merely need to realize it's 3 days left, not 5 days.  Hearing them talk about how they think the 15th is the deadline is painful.
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@Supermarius: NO!! NO!!  Christmas event belongs to Fortune S.Link Girl!!  The watch reads Distance > 1 meter!!

Of course, at this rate, they're not even going to finish her S.Link...
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Chie is getting 'all up ons'.

@FrankCanada97 said:
" Wait until they get to Christmas. "
Bow Chicka Bow Wow.
Also, my father is Chief Inspector of the Suffolk police, thank you very much Jeff.
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@Turambar: I can't blame them for not knowing the deadline is so soon.  It's only 1.5 days of rain on the forecast instead of the usual 3 days.

The actual episode today was great, especially since the next four or five episodes will probably all be in the dungeon as they go back to the 7th floor then try to get to the top.
Posted by Milkman

Wow, that S. Link 10 rank up was so lame. Friendship bracelets? Really? I expected something better than that from this game.

Posted by artofwar420

That was unexpected. Great episode guys.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Hey guys, if you remove everyone from the party (leaving only Charlie on the list) and then ask for healing, how much does Fox ask for then? It has to be pretty low, right?

Posted by atomic_dumpling

Wow, that was some really schmaltzy music underlining the card thing …

Posted by Curufinwe
@Milkman: They had sexual intercourse, it just wasn't shown or explicitly stated.  Also, Chie's persona is much better now.
Posted by mrsmiley

omg the part with chie is the most i've laughed this entire series.



Posted by iAmJohn

FUCK YEAH!  I've been waiting for this Chie action for, like, 17 goddamn weeks!

Posted by Crixaliz

Hahahah "Yo bitch this got a little intense a little too fast"

Posted by Metroid545

don't worry christmas is the best scene,also yukikos rank 10 was better

Posted by df

the reborned persona eliminates chie's weakness, while upgrading her ice resistance from strong to nullify

Edited by TripMasterMunky

Man, in Persona 3 you got it on with every girl you maxed. What's up with this? No action? Lol.

Posted by IzzyGraze

I think Chie's Persona no longer has a weakness to fire.

Posted by iAmJohn
@TripMasterMunky: Dude, they totally got it on.  It was implied by the ellipses. :P
Posted by Origina1Penguin

I don't think you guys noticed, but Chie no longer has a weakness and ice is null now.

Posted by AleeN634

Hey Jeff and Vinny if you check your shelf you should be able to put your completed model on it.

Posted by Hashbrowns

So the in-game descriptions are basically lying.  One and a half days of rain is not "several days of rain".  Heck, it isn't even TWO days of rain, really.  You can't blame Jeff and Vinny for taking the game's own instructions at face value.

Posted by Carlos1408

Awesome episode guys made me LOL!!!

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Also, the video's preview image was a little bit of a spoiler.

Posted by SquireJames

This one's coming from someone who's played to the Normal Ending, maxing out ALL social links completed except one - I ran out of time with the Temperance/babysitting link at rank 9.  Man, I've got some talking to do to get the True Ending from that last save!  Some non-spoiler advice...

Your social link progress is pretty good - you're missing a couple links but they are the most boring ones (the Young Mother and Saki's Brother links are probably the worst in the game).

Your attribute progress (Courage, Expression, etc.) is also pretty good, but you will need to concentrate on maxing something out rather than taking the "scatter gun" approach.  In the short term, maxing Expression is most important, because the Nanako and Dojima links have a tighter time schedule than now seems to be the case (any further discussion of this is definitely spoiler territory).

Your fusions are also pretty good.  You don't need Dis - Black Frost and the bird you fused twice is actually a good combo for the next boss.  Level up Black Frost and get Agidyne ASAP.  The bird you fused had excellent buffs and de-buffs.  Lowering the boss defense + Raising the party's attack + Mind Charge + Agidyne = really good stuff vs. the next big boss (and pretty good vs. nearly ANY boss)!

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by PJ

The difference whit Chies persona is that it nulls ice now instead of being strong against it.

Posted by JackiJinx

My love for futunashi is like my kidney stone; it shall not pass.

Posted by AllanIceman

Alright! Game = Done!

Posted by Bouke

Hug that Chie!!!

Posted by CleverLoginName

"Were looking for someone who wants love, right?

You know it!"
Posted by Venatio

Guys please remember, the 12th is the last day to rescue the guy DO NOT FORGET!

Posted by Death_Burnout
@iAmJohn said:
" FUCK YEAH!  I've been waiting for this Chie action for, like, 17 goddamn weeks! "
Yeah its been a really long time surprisingly!
Posted by Chris2KLee

In Persona 3 you got key items that indicated a fusion unlock, the wristband is just a marker for the Futsunuhi fusion. The new Chie form Persona is mostly a resistance change. Now she has no weaknesses, and also is Null to Ice, a good choice for any fight now. Fun episode as always guys.

Posted by Demonstride

Best episode ever. This was the most hilarious of the endurance runs and the most awesome.

Posted by Venatio

Sorry for spamming but.... 2 DAYS LEFT!!! I dont want the ER to end

Posted by JarenFace

It's pretty hard to believe this year I pumped 101 hours (yup, that much) on my playthrough thanks to ER (which I've watched... 42 hours or so of?). That's a lot of Persona.

If Vinny or Jeff see this, I just wanted to drop two little notes.

1) You can put your model on your shelf.
2) Manuals increase Knowledge/Expression if you want to double up on them.

Keep on trucking guys :D
Posted by dagas
@TripMasterMunky said:
" Man, in Persona 3 you got it on with every girl you maxed. What's up with this? No action? Lol. "
Yeah my thoughts exactly. In P3 you slept with them at lvl 10, the relationships were more intense at lvl 7 in P3 than they are at lvl 10 in P4. Rise or Yukiko better put out! =P
Posted by Endogene

Looks like Chie's improved persona now nullifies ice damage instead of only being strong to it and now has no weakness at all compared to the weakness against fire it had before.

Posted by okuzy

HAHA @ 14:45 I felt like yelling "THREEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!".