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Posted by Rongaryen

@insane_shadowblade85: It's implied the same way that in Romeo and Juliet it's implied after they were married.

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I'm surprised people assumed or hoped that Charlie went all the way with Chie. Implying that minors boned in a mainstream game wouldn't fly over here or in Japan. Hell, I remember reading people in Japan freaking the fuck out over an anime that was aired during the afternoon where the show implied that two 17 year olds boned.

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Really great Clerks reference.

Posted by vorpalparasite

Great Episode!

Posted by InfamousBIG

Awesome Clerks reference.

Posted by TruthTellah
"You passed a long while..."

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
Posted by Gerhabio

Aww, I thought they'd at least imply INTIMACY...

Posted by Einherjar

Haha, from the moment Chie steps into his room this episode turns into PURE GOLD! 

Posted by NakAttack

A Chris Farley reference, nice. 

Posted by JPJordan

hey don't know if ya'll noticed but chie's persona is now null to ice and no longer weak to fire. also ya'll only have til the 12th.  i don't think anyone mentioned either of those things yet.

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

Ryan: Were there any awkward boners?
Jeff: Uhh...
Ryan: I meant in the game, Jeff.
Jeff: Then no.

Posted by afrofools

Double lightsabers before intimacy!

Posted by Y2Ken

Man, this may be the funniest episode yet. And woo for double lightsaber!

Posted by Blueblur1
@moji22 said:
" Yep! From the talk about how stylish Charlie is, to the burl ass nachos and unexpectedly meeting Chie right infront of the weapons shop, to the first "LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOUUU!!!," I loved this ep. "
An apt description of this episode. I'm about to jump back into my own P4 save soon (possibly this weekend) and I have no idea where I'm at with Chie... I think Rank 7, maybe? Either way, I wonder if the ellipses was placed there to actually imply that the Protagonist got some kind of action. Hmm...
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Posted by ThePantheon

quote of teh endurance run:
"woops my pants fell off.."
jeff you're a fucking goldmine.

Posted by Titl

i love their reaction, when tehy see Chie...its pure gold..

Posted by CharAznable

Bomb ass 'chos.

Posted by jmrwacko


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@Madara117 said:


word, that's like a line to live by. and die by, muddafukkaaaaaaa.
Posted by Mourer

I'm glad I started to watch the Endurance Run again.  This ranks up as one of my favorites so far.  Maybe I'll actually finish the game myself one day.

Posted by bretthancock
@IceTrey87 said:
I feel like we are watching these at almost the exact same pace.  I keep posting only 2 days after you!
Posted by IceTrey87

Posted by moji22

Yep! From the talk about how stylish Charlie is, to the burl ass nachos and unexpectedly meeting Chie right infront of the weapons shop, to the first "LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOUUU!!!," I loved this ep.

Posted by lubba

This is the funnist episode EVER!

Posted by Media_Master

"I'm sweating" ha

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Posted by TobyD81

Score! Well done, gentlemen.

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Awwww yeah Chie.
     Endurance run + 10 awesome.

Posted by taylor109

You guys only have to the 12th or its game over dude.

Posted by BeardedFerret

Fantastic episode men. Lost my shit laughing so hard at the Chie scene. You guys bring sunshine to my life.

Posted by Karumordu

Im from Petaluma as well, where in Kill-toti is this said BOMB nacho place.

Because i WANT ME SOME NACHOS tomorrow for lunch.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

best. episode. ever. although i expected more awkwardly implied sex with chie given that the nurse puts out at level 2. still, that scene was pretty sweet (and hilarious.)

Posted by Gamer_152

An excellent episode and I mean that. The stuff with Rise was hilarious, I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud.

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@dagas said:
@TripMasterMunky said:
" Man, in Persona 3 you got it on with every girl you maxed. What's up with this? No action? Lol. "
Yeah my thoughts exactly. In P3 you slept with them at lvl 10, the relationships were more intense at lvl 7 in P3 than they are at lvl 10 in P4. Rise or Yukiko better put out! =P "
I don't see that much difference in the level 10 scenes with Chie and with Yukari, Mitsuru, Chihiro, etc. (except that Chie has some voice acted lines.)  There's a hug and implied sex in every case.
Posted by doombringer

i've finally caught up with the episodes can't wait for the next ones

Posted by VanTesla

 May I suggest that after the this dungeon is complete that you take the time to focus on your teams Social Links for the bonuses and the small but fun interactions.  Yosuke has a realy good persona upgrade that would make him a must stay on team in my opinion.


  Also for fun try making all the female team members your girlfriends :) there is no negative and in later game if you are under certain conditions you can have a more interesting interaction with them :)

Posted by fox01313

Half expected the blackout after finding out about the relationship with Chie to cut back to both of them in bed laying there after having some fun.

Posted by AbsoluteApathy

They seem to really like enervation even though all it does is halve the stats of the target. Confusion, silence,  and rage are far better.

Posted by papercut
@koi said:
Posted by Intrepid

ROFL, good ep.  Just lost it at the Chie part and the nacho's talk made me hungry...

Posted by Reuben

I think the brownie's kicked in lmao

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Posted by Brendan

Kanji:  So Teddie, how many people can you fit in that suit?

Teddie: Four!

Kanji:  Kinky.

Teddie: I'm gettin' some!