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Posted by Subject2Change

fyi Aug 12th = last day for Void Quest dungeon. So while you think several days is 3 or more, its actually only a couple of days of rain.

Posted by Baggykins
Posted by Terjay

Come on guys! Get it on with the other girls too, this is way too funny.

Posted by Colin


Posted by Grillbar

at 4:22 you can see chalie's porn collection, including GAGS

Posted by MeatSim

"I love nachos and the nachos love me back" I am quoting this for the rest of my life.

Posted by DVB

Felt like watching an episode of naruto today.

"You leveled Chie's S.link, the end."

Pretty much sums up the whole episode in 1 sentence.
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Award for the most awkward hug in a video game goes to...

edit: errant e award goes to me
Posted by Winternet

Yes! It's just a bummer the wristbands don't do anything..What's up with that??

Posted by slinky6

wow all you get for a level ten s-link with chie is an awkward-ass hug?   This makes me want the game a whole lot less.   I wasn't expecting all that much to happen, but damn that was still underwhelming.

Posted by Nizzleworth

Okay, you guys should be good, but you may have to fox it up again.

Posted by GTCknight

I have only one thing to say right now. Level 10 S-link with Chie...Awesome, now make-out with her or something.

Posted by Hairydutchman

Hmm that's dissapointing. I expected at least some dry humping from a rank 10.

Posted by xDot

Get Yosuke and Yukiko to lvl 10 before Rise, so their personas will evolve,

Posted by DoktorFaustus

oh, ooh! Rank 10 with Chiestoo!!

Posted by ArcticDonkey

Great call on buying those shoes, they are REALLY good at this point!

Posted by m_rum

All that nacho talk made me hot and bothered.

Posted by MatthewMeadows


Posted by Nizzleworth


I'm pretty sure the fog will set in after those two days of rain. Don't be late.

Posted by KillaMaStA

Dude, you have 2 days to finish your dungeon. Get a fucking move on.

Posted by xDot

12th is the last day to rescue Mitsuo guys, hurrrrrry.

Also again don't forget you can date multiple girls, there are many more hilarious awkward love scenes to go through.

Posted by Agent_Lost

Chie is no longer weak to fire and is null to ice.

Posted by Chewii101

Rofl Awesome episode. Finally got R.10! 

Love how they were talkin bout nachos and then see Chie.
Posted by Satune

Congratz on level 10 with Chie!

Posted by ch3burashka

How early do these go up?

Posted by lishi

Chie persona lost the weakness to fire and is NULL to ice instead of strong.

Posted by HatKing


Posted by babblinmule

I actually yelled 'YIPPEE!!!!!' when i saw the picture and realised what they had done. Well done on consumating your relationship with Chie fellahs.

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Finally rank 10 with a girl! Awesome, but remember guys, you can have multiple girlfriends and trust me, the game is more entertaining when you do

Edited by Turambar

the 12th is the last day guys, just a heads up.

Also, the girl for the fox quest is on the roof of the school.  You're going to have to wait until school starts again before you can do it.

And no, your pace with S.Links is fine.  Even a bit slow.  All the lv10 S.Link personas are at high levels.  Don't use that as a marker of when you're suppose to get them since for the most part, you can beat the game before you're high enough to get them.

Lastly, notice that Chie's new persona is null ice with no weaknesses.  THAT is what you get for evolving them.

Posted by Roboyto

Remember to use items if you need an elemental attack to keep an enemy from attacking!

Posted by Orbi

I can't wait to hear what Vinny and Jeff have to say about the rank 10 black screen thing that happens when you get a girlfriend S-Link there.

Posted by safelybeds


Posted by Lumley

Yey, it's up =D

Posted by Lumley

Yey, it's up =D

Posted by Mijati

Have been playing this all morning and all last night, only up to Kanji's dungeon, slowly catching up.

2 minutes until episode should be up :)

Posted by ErinIsADrunk

Let's eat some dead babies then mock them when they reach the tenth floor and have to head all the way down again to figure out what to do.

Edited by skrutop

Over/under for the number of deaths this video is at 1.

17:00 - pure comedy gold, guys.

I took a look back at Episode 85 to compare Chie's personae.  The only difference I can see is that the new guy isn't weak to Fire.  Maybe s/he'll get better stats or abilities as time goes on?

Posted by safelybeds

Oh man, I got on the first page for once? Shock and awe!

Anyway, add me to the list of people just waiting for those damn burnt babies to get theirs. And also hoping they finally cast Tenterafoo.

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i bambini sono diabolici

Posted by Donkeysraliens

lets hope part 87 goes down in history as the episode in which those damn bambino's get what's coming to them! i tell ya, kids today just don't respect their elders!

Posted by ToyDoll

Mmm they didn't go down last episode, perhaps they didn't check the comments before they did it?

I don't know why i'm even commenting on here, i'm off on a trip so going to miss the ER for 3 days:(

Still, that 4th day is going to be solid ER :D

Posted by Vlaphor

Hope so.

Or they could just do an episode of grinding and working on S Links.

Posted by Mikl

Hopefully they go fight that floor 7 boss

Posted by Vlaphor

Good luck in the dungeons, and remember, Confusion attacks work as well on the enemies as they do on you.

Edited by Mikl

Alright lets try this again

Also hi from the future