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Posted by lishi

100Internet $ on the fact they will fight the boss without enough royal jelly and get pwnd

Edited by Brendan

Where are the whiners who kept capsulating Tentarafoo now??  I believe the evidence suggests that letting them play their own way wins this time.

Posted by Jeremy_x
I agree, their relative success proves the point that you can succeed at this game without having to know your stuff 110%.
Posted by Turambar
@Brendan: I'm just happy Jeff and Vinny's own enjoyment of the game hasn't been effected by all the whiners on the boards.
Posted by Origina1Penguin

I can't wait for the boss battle.  The only heads up I can give is don't let the boss rebuild its first form!  Lay down the pain when you notice it rebuilding and it will break the process.  Otherwise, the fight really drags on and consumes many of your items.

Posted by damswedon
@Enns: i found void quest easy and i was under leveled, November however is a bitch.
Posted by Aska

I haven't heard that Kokamo song in forever.  Nice one Vinny, memories of this old Muppets tape I used to watch as a kid.

Posted by McQuinn

a new low.  You guys are making voices for the out of battle monsters.

Posted by OsheaDiesStupid

I think Tentarafoo is actually a good skill, but don't just use it in every battle. It would have worked good on the tank, they tend to be weak to that. You don't need anymore grinding, just go straight through the door and fight the boss, you should be fine. Remember that you still have a lot of items (healing, SP and damage) that you never used. 

Next Endurance Run candidate: Postal 2

Posted by outerabiz

Loved the personality you made up for the ghost-thing guarding the chest!

Posted by gakon

A suggestion for you guys: if you only have two support skills for the fight, make sure you have Tarunda (lower attack) and Rakunda (lower defense).  And maybe for a fun bonus, have Chie use Tarukaja on Charlie, then hit the boss with a Mind Charge + Agidyne.

Mind Charge actually does 2.5 times normal damage; the tooltip just doesn't say it.  Also, the MC effect will stay with you until you cast a damaging spell, which means you can MC and then heal the next turn if you need to without losing the effect. (I'm pretty sure.)

Posted by Renegade
@lishi said:
" 100Internet $ on the fact they will fight the boss without enough royal jelly and get pwnd "
6000000Internet$ that no one cares what you think.
Posted by ChibiSoma

So Jeff, Vinny... genuine question here.

If you dislike Yosuke so much, why have him? You can easily get some wind spells going on a Persona and take that role over for him. Kanji, were he anywhere near being leveled to the point of usefulness at this point, would help a LOT on Shadow Mitsuo. Mostly because Kill Shot is fantastic. You really do want Mediarama for the boss fight because Shadow Mitsuo is PROBABLY the second/third hardest boss in the whole game. Right behind the boss at the 'normal' ending path and the one at the 'true' ending path. Mitsuo is a BEAST, guys.

I wish you luck. And that you won't have to repeat the week because that would just be tragic.

Posted by HT101

A great episode and I hope you go to fight the big boss soon because I really want to see what this next person's evil side looks like.

Posted by mustachioeugene

go investigation team!

Posted by AURON570

phew made it to that save point! keep it up guys! WE ARE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!

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@McQuinn said:
" a new low.  You guys are making voices for the out of battle monsters. "
Would you honestly prefer the following kind of commentary?

 "Welcome to Persona 4, Endurance Run proper Edition! I am Jeffrey, this is Vincent. So, here is how we mapped out the next 15 rounds with help of some FAQ. First, we are going to cast Shu-Dub on the green mage dude. It will do 190-225HP damage and confuse him for two rounds, with an added 21,7% chance of critical hit. In about 22,3 minutes there will be a card for the persona KongFui briefly appearing in theshuffle, which we totally need according to the FAQ, so we set our stoppwatch to a 21 minute countdown. We also pre-planned several toilet breaks."
Posted by golguin

It's kinda funny.  When the endurance run started a while ago the grinding episodes almost seemed to drag on.  However, ever since you guys had that little streak of wiping out I am constantly on edge thinking you guys are going to wipe out whenever anything new appears...or the babies.  The babies have traumatized me.

Posted by deathswhisper

Dang them i have that song stuck in my head now

Posted by DannyJ

I love how they're making fun of the people who were completely acting like assholes in the comments yesterday.

Posted by OkTank

Bermuda mahama , Cooome on pretty mama. Mabufu and zio, Baaaaby why don't we go

Posted by Milkman

Wow, I'm so glad that you guys suggesting Tentarafoo. It's sooooo useful!

Actually, that was sarcasm. You people need to shut the hell up.

Edited by JP_Russell
@McQuinn said:
"a new low.  You guys are making voices for the out of battle monsters. "

I loved that.  That voice Vinny did for the shadow hovering near the chest was one of the most awesome things I've ever heard from him.
Posted by hakunin
@Milkman said:
" Wow, I'm so glad that you guys suggesting Tentarafoo. It's sooooo useful! Actually, that was sarcasm. You people need to shut the hell up. "

Wow, passive aggressive much?

You need to stop talking about things you obviously don't know anything about. Tentarafaroo is one of the most usefull spells in the game, if used properly. Against enemies with no weaknesses (of witch there are a ton of in the next dungeon) its a lifesaver.
Posted by papercut


futurama anyone?

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Tentarafoo is indeed garbage. But use them if you see it fitting.

Best weapon in RPG is and will always be high Level. Ideally, always level up until your and your cohorts level is 10 level higher than the strongest shadow (Scarlet Turret has Level 46, so grind until level 56). Charlie should actually already have all Heavy elemental spells in this dungeon with the corresponding boost. With that, the shadows have smaller stature, so it is easier to hit them from behind and gain advantage, then just cast the heavy spells, with 100 - 200 ish damage,easy. Screw status ailments , apart from Fear + Ghastly Wail.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@DannyJ said:
" I love how they're making fun of the people who were completely acting like assholes in the comments yesterday. "
It's not that bad, really. I kinda enjoy the heated discussions between the guys who know the game by heart and the guys who know jack about the mechanics of this game (including me). Compared to other websites, the comments here are still pretty civilized. If it was a serious issue, I am sure V and J would address it directly.
Posted by Hamst3r

Posted by Lilarcor

You guys should really try getting Yukiko to 43 or switch in Teddie for Chie before fighting the boss, because you are definitely going to need someone with Mediarama for Mitsuo.

Edited by Turambar
@Lilarcor: From the looks of it, they're going to grind Black Frost to 43.  Yukiko should hit 43 by then as well, most likely.
Posted by endaround

They probably should bring in Teddie anyway since they could use 2 healers.  Yosuke at this point won't be that helpful.  Chie at least has no weakness and can buff up Charlie.

Edited by Zeik

As mentioned before, Tentarafoo is only truly useful against strong enemies that lack a weakness. For example that Scarlet Turret you fought would have been the perfect opportunity to use it, as it would had a near 100% chance to hit, and it would have wasted it's turns either killing off other enemies or doing nothing. In those situations skills like Tentarafoo are immensely helpful. Against enemies that have easily exploitable weaknesses however it still has a low probability of working, so unless you have an ability to raise the chance of inflicting status effects it's usually not worth using.

Don't dismiss the skill just because it's not working against every enemy. Just like any other skill in the game, they're only effective if used under the right circumstances.

@endaround: 2 primary healers is really overkill, especially since Charlie has access to healing spells as well.

@RampageEndsHere:  I'm sorry, but that's really terrible advice. Leveling up that much is completely unnecessary in this game if you fight strategically, not to mention it would take forever and would be tedious as all hell to watch. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever to level up to the point where everything is immensely lower level than you just to proceed with the game.

Posted by Inuzagi

Nice job on getting to the save point. Can't wait to see you guys fight the boss in the next episdoe(Mitsuo can be a real SOB).

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The best strategy in a fight ; Kill the enemy as soon as possible. I wasnt joking around when i said they should actually already have all of the heavy elemental spells at their disposal by this moment. Face it ;they are underlevelled, otherwise the shadows wouldnt have such a large stature, they could easily hit them from behind, which reduce the encounter time due to the advantage and damage from the heavy spells.
Posted by Kinggi

Lol you guys are awesome for keeping this endurance run going.

Posted by AllanIceman
@funcmode said:
" awesome episode - even though it was just fighting. I think the main reason I really enjoy the ER is because of the stuff you two talk about. All the random references like pushing the Hitler painting, and "You can't see this!" just crack me up, not to mention what ever the hell Vinny was going on about right at the end. 

I really don't look forward to the day this will eventually end, it sounds so stupid but this is an awesome and consistent thing to have to look forward to at the end of each day, max respect to the GB crew for keeping it going this long. 
Yes. Mad Respect.
Edited by Zeik
@RampageEndsHere: Yes, you were right about that, killing enemies as soon as possible is usually the best course of action, however you don't need to be 10 levels higher than the enemy to accomplish that. There are times however that avoiding damage is better than dealing damage, if you know you can't clear the fight quickly. Using status effect spells to immobilize an enemy can be preferable to merely dishing out damage if you know you can't take them down quickly. (Not to mention, in the case of confusion, you can not only immobilize an enemy, but they will occasionally help you to defeat the other enemies and finish the battle even quicker.)

And actually, no, most people really wouldn't have high end spells this early. One of the major reasons Black Frost is so widely recommended is because he's one of the first (easily creatable) Persona's that actually learns a high tier spell.

Their levels are pretty good for this point. If they get Black Frost up to level 43 to learn Agidyne and Yukiko up to learn Mediarama then they should be sufficiently prepared for the boss.
Posted by SunBurntYeti

So first they fought Hulk Hogan look a likes, this time they fought Jushin Liger look a likes, so i guess the next dungeon contains some sort of mexican wrestler look a like.

Edited by SenorDingDong

Don't get discouraged by the crappy tentarafoo run you had there.  Babies don't seem to be good for it.  That tank fight you had though, would have been a lot smoother with tentarafoo.  Tanks are easily confused and then usually attack their own party and do massive damage (great fun to watch).

In short, confusion against tanks and knights = awesome.

Posted by gamermatt8

Did they pick up the Orb of Darkness? I don't know because the last video keeps ending for me about halfway through.

Posted by RampageEndsHere

Well it depends, i already had Tan Lim, Kali, and Dis in Void Quest (thats Ziodyne, Bufudyne, and Agidyne) . I mean you see grinding as a chore, i see it as part of strategy, which is collecting all of the heavy spells. 
Edited by Zeik
 I do think it's a bit of a chore, but I also know it's completely unnecessary in this game. (For the most part.) This is not a game where levels are the only thing that determines your effectiveness in battle. Of course you can just level up to the point where enemies are a breeze and just brute force your way through battles, but you can also pay attention to the Persona's you're fusing and using in battle, effectively use the right skills against the right enemies at the right times, and basically just use brains over brawn. Both will accomplish the same thing, but personally I find the strategic approach far more satisfying. (And far less tedious.)
Posted by allhailthetv
@RampageEndsHere: Isn't Tam Lin level 52?! That's a good 7 levels higher than you need to be for the boss!
Posted by ashogo

damn, why does tentarafoo suck so much for them? I've never had a miss rate that bad when playing.

Anyways I hope they make it to the boss tomorrow, it's a really good one.

Posted by ashogo
@gamermatt8: dude, if they hadn't you would know. Half the comments on here would be screaming at them to go back.
Posted by ch3burashka

Professor Farnsworth: "Pazuzu!!! Pazuzu!!!"

Leela: "Professor, this ship is capable of going 99% lightspeed. Why, then, are we going 30 miles an hour?"

Proffesor Farnsworth: "Because we are in a hurry, damnit!"

Edited by RampageEndsHere

Im just saying seeing a damage of 100-ish instead of 72 is more satisfying RPG-wise and finishing the battle within lets say 30 second rather than 4 minutes. By the way i thought the best strategy to face an enemy without weakness is to cast a physical skill with high critical rate equipped with Apt Pupil and weapon that increases critical rate so it knocks down the enemy to get another turn or All-Out -Attack. I might be wrong.
Edited by Zeik
@RampageEndsHere: Sure, doing more damage is more satisfying, but when you have to grind for an extra 5-10 hours to get to a high enough level to do that much damage just to save a minute or two in battle (which would have already been canceled out by all the grinding) it's just not worth it.

And yes, that's not a bad way to take down enemies without a weakness as well, however even with apt pupil there's no guarantee you'll get a critical, and against strong enemies an all-out attack won't always kill them. A lot of status effects actually increase your chance for dealing critical hits anyway, so you can say confuse them with Tentarafoo to immobilize them and avoid taking damage, then do a physical attack on them with a greater chance of a critical, and then if you don't end up killing them they're still confused.
Posted by Turambar
@RampageEndsHere: No, they're not.  You were just extremely over leveled.
Posted by Curufinwe
@Lilarcor said:
" You guys should really try getting Yukiko to 43 or switch in Teddie for Chie before fighting the boss, because you are definitely going to need someone with Mediarama for Mitsuo. "
They can't bring in Teddie now, he's really underleveled and has low HP to start with.  At the end of the episode It sounded like they plan on doing some leveling up, which is good.