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Posted by NoDeath

OK this time the pic definitely IS Mitsuo's shadow. Again, here's to hoping they don't die cause this boss really is a bitch.

Posted by Eros

If the past is any indication, their supreme luck will pull them through at the very end. And that's why I love the boss fights!

Posted by Tampera

Or perhaps their pure skill will pull them through~ Can't wait guys!

Posted by yoshimitz707
@Tampera said:
" Or perhaps their pure skill will pull them through~ Can't wait guys! "
What skill?
Edited by Vlaphor

If I had to guess, I would say that they save, leave the TV world, come back the next day fully recharged, get totally wasted by Mitsuo's shadow ( the boss is indeed a bitch, unless you can deal 1400 damage in three turns, then he isn't so bad), then worry about how they can grind five levels in one game day.

Posted by Ryvvn

Jeff, please TALK LOUDER! You were whispering an awful lot last episode and I couldn't turn it up cause Vinny was talking at normal volume. Also, since this is only my second comment throughout the entire endurance run, I wanted to mention that I think you get more keys from funky student only if you are holding zero keys. Keep in mind I've never played this game, that's just an educated guess. Love the ER, keep em coming!!

Posted by slyspider

o god I'm nervous... this boss killed me 4 times. USE MIND CHARGE, BUFFS, AND DE-BUFFS! THEY WILL WIN THE FIGHT!!!! although there already done with it and probably lost....

Posted by Deltex

I wish my PS3 had back-compatibility so I could play Persona 4 :(

Posted by DanielJW

They have an item in their bag that restores all HP and SP to the entire party...why don't they use it!! :(

Posted by slyspider

I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! i never played this game but it all makes sence now!!!! To bad i cant say spoilers even if they might be wrong.....

Posted by ToyDoll

SO looking forward to this boss battle!  hopefully it will be a long episode, maybe vinny will use the wrong spell again :D that had me in stitches

Posted by DragonofFate
It'd be pretty wasteful if they just used it because they were low on SP.

It could be a lifesaver in boss battles, such as this one.


They have an item in their bag that restores all HP and SP to the entire party...why don't they use it!! :(


Posted by kirisame

I'll bet 5 scooby-dollars that they beat Mitsuo first try. They know how to guard and heal now, and Yukiko can rez.

Looking foward to hearing commentary on how this boss is also a Baby. Perhaps the Baby King. The Omega Baby.

Edited by Winternet

I hope they go and get agidyne for black frost and mediarama for yukiko. I'm not seeing they bringing teddie so that leaves Charlie the only one with mediarama and he is going to be the main attacker so yukiko needs to learn it. Agidyne is essential to do extra damage. Mind Charge - Tarakaja - Agidyne has to be the main weapon. It's only one or two more fights...

Posted by Donkeysraliens

woo! cant wait for this one, i loves me a boss fight! i have all faith that the guys can do this, with a little bit of luck and a little bit of Black Frost magic were gonna see another shadow fall...or is that just me being optimistic?

Posted by Winternet

It's very easy to see: If the video is 50 min less then they didn't beat the boss.
Posted by Fallen189

Boss is easy. I can't see how theyd fail.

Edited by skrutop

I'm guessing two deaths.

If I was developing a game like this, I'd have at least one dude say to his shadow, "Yeah, you're right, I am like that." and just join the team.

The best part about boss fights?  Jeff and Vinny now get to go back to making fun of social linking for the next couple of weeks.

Posted by Mijati

84 minutes, fuck yeah.

Posted by Nizzleworth


Posted by baba2


Posted by Kowbrainz

Jeeeeesus... I can't watch all this tonight. ._.

Posted by kirisame

It's heeeeeeeere!

Posted by Winternet

It's UP! And it's 84 mins FUCK YEAH!

Posted by Sasanagui


Posted by Venatio


84 minutes! Thats great, Im gonna watch this soon, I really hope that they win

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lol vinny, you put the armor on kanji

Posted by ToyDoll

Yes! an early one:D time to crack open a beer and enjoy

Posted by Winternet

vinny already f**ing things up! armor in kanji! aahhh...I love Endurance Run

Posted by Jeffsekai

Keeps stoping after 5 mins in.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

84 mins YESSSSSSSSS Monday saved!

Posted by Jeremy_x


Edited by TheClap

Holy tomoly this is a long looking one!  Its the final boss from Half Life!

Posted by GeekDown

84 MINUTES!...thats insane...but great.

Posted by Swoxx

HOLY MOLEY 84 minutes, i asked for longer episodes last episodes but i never expected this! you guys rock!

Posted by Caddy

Oh no, Vinny put the armour on Kanji, that they won't even use.....

Posted by Kowbrainz

lolwow@ armor on Kanji. Sometimes you have to wonder how they don't notice this stuff.

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Damn, I hope they notice the armor mistake before the boss battle.

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Haha...guys, you put the armor on Kanji!  How do you guys manage to make these mistakes often?

EDIT: If you go to the dungeon when it's raining, you can find rare enemies who drop rare items.

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I wish they would make this live or something, I watch it sometimes and I'm like "NO YOU PUT THE ARMOUR ON KANJI!!!"

EDIT: Sorry, still love the Endurance Run! Keep it up guys!
Posted by Zalasta

I find it kind of ironic that they are so keen on keeping +strength weapons but yet they do very little physical attacks to make use of it.  There comes to a point when the raw attack power on the upgrades surpass the stat increase of an old weapon.

Posted by Curufinwe

Nope, they go into the boss battle with their best armor still on Kanji.

Edited by HooliganTuesday

It's like watching retarded children playing with firecrackers sometimes. Seriously, are the majority of game reviewers this bad at learning game mechanics?

Posted by Leadcat

84 minutes! guess I'll have to watch this after work. I can't wait, really hope they win this one.

Posted by SolidestChimp

kinda wish they would stop saying how they have beat the game when there at the half way point =/

Posted by ChrisTaran

Oh god... the armor's on Kanji!

Posted by yurazizgraz

AAAAHH!! Keeps stopping after 38 mins.

Posted by Curufinwe

Hving Chie at level 10 with no fire weakness is really paying off.

Posted by lishi

Wow is that 84?

Posted by King9999

Just a tip: Fire Break will only nullify any resistances.  If the target doesn't have a resistance to fire to begin with, Fire Break won't do anything.