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Posted by rentfn

84 minutes!!! How did they know I didn't have a life on Mondays. Keep it up!!

Posted by endaround

Ok, heads up.  The rest of the month flys by.  The game will encourage you to spend days studying, don't.  Rise and Kanji are less avialable in general than Yukiko and especially Yosuke when it comes to SLs so keep that in mind for this month.  You should clear the two optional bosses on the two rainy days later in the month,

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Another outstanding ER! I really love these long episodes, especially if there's such a great mix of fighting and plot hilarity :)
Also, I agree with Winternet: some additional behind-the-scenes footage would be awesome.  Keep up the good work!

Edited by BradBrains

man. people need to calm down and chill when watching these videos. so angry. not saying i agree with everything they do but come on. its a game.....

but cant wait for more story stuff. the rest of the cut scenes in the game area fucking hillarious. how Vinny recognizes the person they meet on the school trip.

Posted by Yagami

HOLYFUCKI! Almost 90 minutes! :O Will watch!!!

Posted by North6

Great job with that fight!  My favorite episode yet.  And Jeff that was pretty rad picking up on the ice wall = he's going to cast ice = yukiko guard, I wouldn't have ever thought of that until after he blasted me a few times. 

I guess Kanji got the good armor?  I didn't see that happen but theres a bunch of people shouting it so it must be true.  Whatever, great job!

Posted by FLStyle

Great job with the boss, especially reconising that white wall meant he was going to cast Mabufula next. Black Frost came though in the end.

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120 minute ER this week! I can't wait!

Posted by Catolf

that was freakin sweet guys, 83 + minutes!

Congrats on beating the boss, the first time even, take that doubters, they know what they are doing, so calm down and watch, be helpful when your giving 'advice' your not the one playing they are. So sit back and enjoy ^^

I know as soon as I reach here, I'm going to get my A$$ whooped XD

Posted by Rinkalicous

Watching them accidentally equip Kanji with the armour instead of Charlie was mildly painful to watch.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Half-Life reference??

Posted by samcotts
@Rinkalicous said:
" Watching them accidentally equip Kanji with the armour instead of Charlie was mildly painful to watch. "
I know what you mean. Couldn't think about anything else for the first 20 minutes of the video.
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You. Put. The. Paladin. Armor. On. Kanji.

P.S. Fire Break doesn't make the enemy weak to fire, but will nullify their resistances (e.g. Str, Null, Drain).

Posted by Metal_Mills
@DavidSnakes said:
" Half-Life reference?? "
Jurassic Park.
Posted by ArbitraryWater

Nice job using Fire Break on a boss without any fire resistance. However, I am glad that you didn't take 80 minutes to defeat the boss like what you did with Shadow Teddie.

Posted by Aeterna

Great episode guys.

Leveling up for Agidyne, kicking the boss' ass with said agidyne and a ton of fun afterwards socializing.
The last part just had me smiling from start to finish.

Posted by tineyoghurt

Can't wait for episode 100!

Posted by Hadoken101

Sooooooo that Paladin armor....... It's on Kanji. Other than that though, it was a pretty amazing episode.

Posted by S0ULREAP3R_01

been waiting all weekend for this one!!!! 

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay battles!!!
Posted by TheMustacheHero

wait. he equipped the paladin armor to Kanji...

Posted by FlappyHands

That was a great episode, you took it to that baby pretty rough, hehe. Really looking forward to the next episode, I'm sure they'll pick up on the putting the armour on Kanji thing next time they play (not necessarily the next episode, so you frenchists whining should take a seat for a while).

Posted by Peewi

Whoa, that was a long one.

Posted by Alwaysrun

Boss fight was pretty easy and the wierd kids final fate seemed a little anticlimactic., The last 20 mins I'd like refunded though...omelette parties suck hard. Vinny press X faster pls. Good run guys I love the fact your using more consumables now.

Posted by HT101

Great episode today.  Awesome job on the boss and I can't wait to see what is coming up next.

Posted by Moridin

Man, I need to catch up. Gotta watch 88, 89, 90, and now 91. Yeeks.

Posted by raikoh05
@Moridin: they have been short recently, until 91
Posted by papercut

in the words of Yosuke
that took forEVER

Posted by koler

I just started watching it, but since they don't have Yosuke max'd nor they have Blue Wall, I predict that they'll get pissed at Yosuke because of his weakness.

Posted by DualFayte

School Trip


Posted by Ventilator

I am currently playing Persona 3 and I keep noticing weird similiarities between the two.
Major events happen rather similiarly. What bothers me about this is that something incredibly bad happened in Persona 3 that made me use Google to check if I hadn´t gotten the bad ending or something, so I can´t wait what happens in this one, and to see the reactions.

Posted by CleverLoginName

More weird stuff coming, get ready.

Posted by Yagami

Fuck! Guess my theory about Adachi or Ai being the killer can be put to rest then. Well, I'm looking forward to the wrap up, it's been a freaking awesome run!

Posted by deathswhisper
@yoshimitz707 said:
" @Tampera said:
" Or perhaps their pure skill will pull them through~ Can't wait guys! "
What skill? "
Posted by beeryayghost
@Yagami: You honestly think the game is over? Silly, silly you.
Posted by deathswhisper
@Vlaphor said:
" If I had to guess, I would say that they save, leave the TV world, come back the next day fully recharged, get totally wasted by Mitsuo's shadow ( the boss is indeed a bitch, unless you can deal 1400 damage in three turns, then he isn't so bad), then worry about how they can grind five levels in one game day. "
Oh ye of little faith
Posted by Zeouterlimits

Great episode. Loved it. *high fives Vinny & Jeff*

Posted by deathswhisper
@HooliganTuesday said:
" It's like watching retarded children playing with firecrackers sometimes. Seriously, are the majority of game reviewers this bad at learning game mechanics? "
Then don't watch it and keep your stupid wrong opinions to yourself
Posted by deathswhisper
Posted by MeatSim

"Are girlfriend is mildly retarded'" lol I wonder how many times that's been said before. Also I think that it is worth repeating that this game has some good voice acting it all fits the characters and the dialogue lines perfectly.

Posted by Trnck


Posted by RampageEndsHere

2001 Space Oddysey is one of the most pretentious garbage ive ever seen.

Posted by CrazySunshine

Full wootness

Posted by dietmango

Lol great episode good  job with the boss fight. Lol just wait until you get to the field trip thing on September. P3 nostalgia hehe

Posted by Vect

Well, they did manage to do pretty well against the boss. None of their members got killed nor did Charlie receive a Game Over. At least they're good with making a viable strategy that does them pretty well.

Well, now's the part where they spend time Social Linking around and watching some of the fun parts of the story. Good job, guys.

Investigation Team, Finish (or is it?)

Posted by viklanderviking

Wow, you beat that boss pretty quickly,  the "hero" reformed 3 or 4 times for me! : /

Posted by Mjolnir

I can't wait to fight that baby myself. It looks like this is where things will truly get interesting.

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I always wondered, what exacxtly goes on in the back of Igor's limo?  Obviously the thing has liquor all up in it so does that mean Charlie's just kickin' it with Igor tossin' back a few?  So as Charlie's tongue becomes more loose, he tells Igor all about the woes he's having with his S-links and asks why the limo is in space.  Then as Igor listens to all the inane stories Charlie has to tell he eventually says "You know I could make you a Black Frost for all the drama you've been through.  Pick up any cards in those dungeons?  Oh then sit back, take a shot of this glowy green stuff, and check out this magic trick."  Must be a hardcore space hangover everytime Charlie pops out of that door.  Epic run.

Posted by drew327

Nice job with the boss.

On my playthrough of Persona 4 that I just started, I noticed those Magus enemies (black-looking things with the arms out wide who were a struggle earlier), they are susceptible to Tentarafoo, hits 100% of the time.

Not that this really helps you now!

Posted by DannyJ

for a second I thought it said 34 minutes...

then 20 minutes in I realized it was 84

Posted by MagikGimp

I can't believe I'm saying such things but parts of the ER are getting dull; I'm thinking things such as the creeping up behind enemies (which hardly works) or perhaps it just because we've been on this dungeon for a long long time now. Eh, who am I to complain but it's a shame I don't have the same drive I used to after 50 hours; wait a minute...