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Posted by Grillbar

after that looong episode witch was awsome the 34min is actually a pretty good lengh after that long one allthough i like the long eps but 30 is a better then 10min

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first page lol hopefully- wow u lot are quick

I was thinking- is dojima the real killer lol

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Magician, Priestess, Chariot, Lovers, Star, Emperor, Fool, Justice, Hierophant...

Posted by Jon93

Glad you guys listened to me.


Posted by Jeremy_x

bring it on!

Posted by ChrisTaran

Toro! Mmmmmm!

Posted by Baillie

Nice video!

Posted by MrRedwine

It's on!  Woohoo!

Posted by subrandom

yay, time to start working!

Posted by Pkshields

Video up! Not on any other pages yet though...

Posted by Colin

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5.

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w00t and running comments and whatnot:

  • I have a socializing deck. too.  Got a grill and some coolers to hold beer and the whole thing.  I like to bring the S. Links to me and level them all at the same time.  Saves time running around town.
  • It's all hot outside, but Charlie don't mess around with no short pants.  Dude's got dignity.
  • Hey guys, don't forget about going back and picking up the special weapons for your dudes.  I think you have to go back to Rise's dungeon, right?
  • Why is it that every S. Link becomes infinitely more depressing the more that you level it up?  Well, whatever, you get to use them for their fusion EXP.  That's the hallmark of any good friendship.

In summary, S. Link videos are clearly the best.  Time for some fatty tuna.
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@Donkeysraliens:  92 is also the code for international direct phone calls to Pakistan. Pakistan is located in South Asia. You know what else came from Asia? PERSONA 4!

92 divided by 4 equals 23. That was OJ Simpson's number. HE'S THE KILLER!

EDIT: Oh snap. His jersey number was 32. My theory is shot to hell. Maybe it was Michael Jordan? He was a bad guy in 'Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden', so maybe he's the bad guy here?
Posted by Winternet
@Donkeysraliens: And coincidentally, 92 is also the atomic number of uranium. hummm...
Posted by Donkeysraliens

And here comes 92! Coincidently, 92 is also the number of pounds of sugar the average American child consumes per year...if you believe wikipedia...and why wouldn't you? They got such a great track record after all!

Posted by Castro
@Dethfish77:  I'm pretty sure that he was both referring to that episode AND exaggerating a bit. I know that I'll probably staying up for the next three hours or so until it pops up online to find out though. Also, I didn't mentioned it yesterday, but good job Vinny and Jeff. You creamed that bitch baby. All of the doubters can take a burn.
Posted by Dethfish

How long do you think this one will be? Vinny said there was gonna be like a 120 minute episode in I Love Mondays, but he might have been referring to the last episode and exaggerated a bit.

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And I just woke up

And, apparently, fatty tuna is on the menu for today's episode

Posted by Vlaphor

Good night.

Posted by CactusWolf

The wait begins... I guess.

I'm going to bed.