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Posted by DarkPredatorUK

you can see the front of your character just hold the left bumper and move the camera

Posted by Subject2Change

god want DLC on the PS3 already would seriously respark and interest in playing this game...

Posted by TheLawnWrangler
@PosableActionFigure: I like Bryan Shakmavis... I'm gonna go make a sim...
I was screaming at the screen trying to tell Ryan about his health, but to no avail, I was beaten with a sock
Posted by RedSox8933
@CoverlessTech said:
" Vinny was right when he said click the right stick in. Ryan clicked the left stick but didn't click the right one, if he had clicked it he could have done the 360 camera.  Anyways it looks great, this has made me want to play Fallout 3 again. "
No, you have to hold down the right bumper.
Posted by FlappyHands
@Cook66 said:
" Just hold down the camera change button to pan it around. "
Yeah, I thought that was a bit dumb. Haha. Great quick look though, I'm way behind in Fallout 3 DLC. Haven't even got the first one, yet.
Posted by phlegms

Bethesda are putting out dlc faster than I can finish them.

Posted by Beomoose

Lol, paying NO attention to HP. None at all.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

This looks awesome. Maybe I'll have to check it out.

Posted by Tovan

Okay, now I want this DLC.

Posted by eduardo

The trippy part of the video is one of the best things of this DLC. So awesome.

Posted by CL60

That was odd at the end.

Posted by Relys

LOL @ Guerrilla fireworks comment.

Posted by hermes
@RampageEndsHere said:
"I will reiterate my point that the combat in Fallout 3 is garbage just like the combat was garbage in Oblivion. Game developers should concentrate on what makes a video game a video game, namely the combat, and not some 'open world, where you can do whatever you want however you want' rehashed garbage . Combat in Shin Megami Tensei series is just much too refined than this overhyped clunker Fallout 3. "

Fallout is not about combat, and comparing JRPG combat to WRPG combat is pretty dumb.
Not that Fallout couldn't improve some of the combat; but if you get into RPGs for the action, you are looking at the wrong genre
Edited by JP_Russell

I think you gave me like 7 or 8 hernias running around oblivious of the 1 bar of health and super fast heartbeat sound effect for several minutes.  :P

Posted by MacGeorge

That looked sweet.

Posted by Blair

I love the trips in Fallout.

P.S. Ryan, the Tranquility Lane part of Fallout 3 was mad awesome, reminded me of The Twilight Zone (the Rod Serling original, none of that '90's remake shit).

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Ryan, you gotta learn how to us AP points for different people, not just one :O

Oh well, great Quick Look, I just hoped that you could have showed some of the new weapons.

Posted by DerekDanahy

That was sweet.

Posted by T0mF5

Hold LB to change the camera angle.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Cool QL

Posted by Yobalt

Oh god I think I will have to buy this.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

 bloody mess perk is not a waste.

Posted by Avalon

looking good, cant wait to pick it up :)

Posted by Reverseface

I really enjoyed pointlook out love the whole swamp thing, only bad thing is i wish it was alot longer got throught it all quickly. :(

Posted by Hairydutchman

This looks awesome. I should start playing Fallout 3 again.

Posted by Carlos1408

Hey this DLC looks like fun :)
Great QL guys! :D

Posted by MyPSNisDylanMMc

IF there is a PS3 Game of the Year edition will this be on it?

Posted by RampageEndsHere

Of course RPG is about combat . Otherwise it would be point-click-adventure.
Posted by borgmaster

The stereotypes being perpetuated belong more in the southern Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana area, pretty lazy on the part of Bethesda's writers. Also just to clear things up, Maryland is barely south of the mason-dixon, and north of the DC area. and I don't know why anyone would wanna go above that, too many yankees.

Edited by Aaox

Did Ryan not hear the consistant heartbeat? I was expecting a Giant Bomb moment, where Ryan would notice it and go 'Oh... Oh god! My health' I guess I've been watching too much of a particular feature on this site.

Posted by tak

Vinny needs to start doing stand-up comedy.

Posted by Zajtalan

ryan kinda got me pissed here because he didn't know the controls

Posted by Sharpshooter

That was mad trippy dude. I want this but I'm going to wait till the game of the year edition Fallout 3 gets released.

Posted by JJOR64

After watching this, I want to buy Fallout 3 now.

Posted by MeatSim

Man this looks awesome there are some crazy things going on there.

Posted by sneakattkcritical

Who ever  that is playing this sucks at it.

Posted by bybeach

What were you saying under your breath in the beginning, Vinny?..Ah heard that!

Posted by Ignor
@RampageEndsHere: Blahblahblah Action WRPG = Garbage Blahblahblah Dating Sim JRPG = Superior Blahblahblah! Vinnyshutthehellup Blahblah!
Posted by Sarumarine

Wow, Vinny, you want to shoot everyone. It's amazing you're able to hold down a job without slaughtering your co-workers. Heh heh heh.

This Quick Look was awesome. If I had Fallout 3, I would get this DLC.

Posted by dirtyfootprints
@glyn said:
" fallout 3 - hmm interesting- i wonder when 4 is going to come out "
not for a long long time. bethesdas working on something else.
Posted by gbrading

I have to say, I think I like Point Lookout the best of all the DLC's. It feels the most developed, and the most alive. There is genuine replayability value, and the area of wasteland is interesting to explore. Great quick look guys.

Posted by Lukeweizer

Hold LB and you can rotate the camera.

Edited by RampageEndsHere

My opinion > Your existence
Posted by FiestaUnicorn

Dear Vinny,
    If you bad mouth the bloody mess perk again I will find you.

Posted by Ignor
@RampageEndsHere: You wanna get personal?

My Rank > Your Rank =)

On-Topic: This looks awesome and I will prolly buy it once I've upgraded graphics and hardware.
Posted by ZmillA

I haven't played fallout 3 for awhile, but I kinda wanna play this one

Posted by RampageEndsHere

Your rank has the same significance as your existence namely equal to the last part of huge shit coming out of my ass.
Posted by bludst0ne

Left bumper d00ds.

Oh and Brad, you sir are hilarious.

Posted by AllanIceman

You were totally tripping balls!

Posted by ApertureSilence

Oh Ryan and Vinny, didn't anyone ever tell you that, whatever you do, you should not pay the ferryman until he takes you to the other side?

Seriously guys, don't even fix the price!