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Posted by sdauz

i hate swamps

Posted by TheBigBopper

anyone know when ps3 gets this?

Posted by Kronom

This DLC is one of the best for Fallout 3!

Posted by freaksngeeks


Posted by Ryan

FInished up Point Lookout yesterday, and found it the most satisfying Fallout DLC so far. A cohesive questline that's nicely paced, with several good, weird twists, and a satisfying resolution. Not a ton of awesome loot, but the one standout weapon you do get...oh man. Definitely makes me glad I've maxed out energy weapons and have the bloody mess perk. If Bethesda keeps this up, while periodically bumping up the level cap, I'll keep playing Fallout 3 till New Vegas ships.

And I would feel like more of an idiot for not knowing to hold the left bumper if I had ever felt compelled to play Fallout from the third person. Seriously, still the biggest shortcoming of that game's presentation.

Posted by MaximuZ

Why did it say Mister Break, wasn´t it mister Burke if I remember it correctly. Also in the beginning I was squirming in my chair just hoping that Ryan would heal up when he had only one bar of health left :D

Posted by Media_Master

AH...ps3 will probable get it next year, which stinks

Posted by Kohe321

Vinny! About time he is in a QL

Posted by MrsPeel

Guys, Maryland is not the South

Posted by amandackrueger

The Vinny/Ryan quick look is the best.

Posted by El_Rickhead

this is the first DLC for Fallout that i would actually buy, looks awesome

Posted by Brutopian

the mason dixon line is the southern border of pennsylvania

Posted by MasterChief360

That's pretty creepy.

Posted by Undeadpool

DAMN! I was having trouble with this area, Ryan makes me look like a chump.

Posted by DFSVegas

I've already played through Point Lookout, so I don't mind, but it seems as though you pretty much spoiled the best part of it. At least, I thought the part where you were tripping balls is the best part of the pack.

Posted by CitizenKane

Another great QL, guys!  I myself loved Point Lookout.  The loot you find is pretty awesome.

Posted by MysteriousBob
@CoverlessTech said:
" Vinny was right when he said click the right stick in. Ryan clicked the left stick but didn't click the right one, if he had clicked it he could have done the 360 camera.  Anyways it looks great, this has made me want to play Fallout 3 again. "
No, thats Oblivion. You're supposed to hold the LB and move the right stick.
Posted by squidracerX
@BRINKTheMovieMyFavoriteMovie said:
" @squidracerX said:
" @dirtyfootprints said:
" @glyn said:
" fallout 3 - hmm interesting- i wonder when 4 is going to come out "
not for a long long time. bethesdas working on something else.

NOT TRUE! Jeff went to London where they revealed the next Fallout already, (if you listen to the podcasts you'd know this!) That was like 2 months ago. So I don't know what game you think is going to hold it up? But its already being worked on as we speak. It takes place in Vegas I believe they said, but the fact that it is probably on the same engine etc and they crank these DLC out like nothing I would assume it will be out in a jiffy! "
Heh... might want to get your facts straight before you try to correct someone. Fallout: New Vegas is NOT Fallout 4. That has been said by the makers of the game. "
I am so humbled. Just because it doesn't have a number to it, it will be the GAME AFTER Fallout 3, so I will call it Fallout 4 to their faces even if they decide not to number it for some stupid reason. Just like 'Call of Duty World at War' if you called it Call of Duty 5 you're not "wrong". Its the 5th game. They might not put the number 4 on it but its a new game altogether, and if a Fallout game is holding up the development of another Fallout game, then i stand 100% by my statement, and it will not be "a long way off". Also the original poster was probably asking about the next Fallout game, not necessarily Fallout 4. This isn't DLC its a new game.
Posted by BRINKTheMovieMyFavoriteMovie
@squidracerX: Hahaha jesus, just admit you're wrong instead of being such a douche. Do you also insist on calling GTA:VC Grand Theft Auto 4? Because this is exactly the same thing. And really? He was asking about the next Fallout game, not Fallout 4? Even though he specifically said Fallout 4? You must be SO popular in real life if you act like this when someone proves you don't know what you're talking about, which I'm guessing is very, very often.
Posted by squidracerX
:) wow you got heated fast. You're the dork with Shia LaDouche as your avatar you loser, so lets keep the name calling at home little man. Its a video game forum, its nto important. Yes your video game boner is bigger than mine because of semantics. But if I asked about about GTA 5 on a forum, and someone told me that they made a new GTA game called "Grand Theft Auto: Sunshine State" instead of calling it 5, i would be perfectly happy and want to know about that game, because I am interested in the game not the number and that would be the next GTA I bought. And yes to me VC was a new game that should have been called GTA 4. the new Halo should be Halo 4 since its no longer an "expansion" but a full length game as well.
Posted by squidracerX

good dance simulator at least?

Posted by 1icecream

ive always thought this was one of those games u never finish but i might give fall out a try :)

Posted by ShadowKing7

Wow, what kind of mindfuck did I just see in the last 5 minutes?  That was AWESOME!

Posted by hamchan

Wow he survived quite a while with 21 hp

Posted by Redriderxxl

Jesus my mind just got raped there. Im dizzy now.

Posted by DoctorWelch

The Mason Dixon is the Pennsylvania Maryland border. Its a straight line. Also, thats just how people from the south look, radiation has nothing to do with it.

Posted by TheNemesis274

Point Lookout is my all time favourite DLC among the rest, followed by Broken Steel. It was kinda neat to have the double-barrel shotgun there. lol

Posted by armaan8014

Watching this QL for the 2nd time :)
Super funny!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

What is Vinny talking about? Bloddy Mess Perk gives you 5% bonus damage with all weapon types!  
(And makes deaths better).

Posted by Wasara88

ryan really likes to hammer those buttons

Posted by jorbear

Ahh, I love Vinny. 

Posted by rmills87

@Wasara88: I know, I think I even wrote a blog bringing this fact up. While I enjoy the sound of the buttons, I find myself saying, "Ryan, calm down buddy. The controller is your friendly input device. Not your fucking enemy."

Posted by Ares42

oh man, good old ryan and vinny QLs.. I miss the golden days.