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Posted by PosableActionFigure

No offense guys, I've loved the Endurance Run since the first ep, but that was pretty damn boring. Worst episode yet IMO.

Posted by xDot

Nooooooooooo B team!

Posted by MeatSim

That stuff about video card boxes is completely true why do they always have that similar box art.

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

huzzah class trip... my favorite class trip was in KG when the principal for some damned reason brought us to RALPHS (a grocery store in southern california). Yeah.... I remember I got ONE fruit as a souvenier. The cool part was that I got to go back on my own terms.

great episode
Posted by AURON570

damn that felt really long

Posted by drew327

Just FYI Yukiko has Maragion (you keep casting Maragi)

Edited by Aaox

Kill that baby! Also, I concour, Jeff. Mustard is not for me at all. Ketchup's the way to go.

Edited by Curufinwe
Posted by Hamst3r

Jeff: I built a new PC like...last week. Pretty much has all the best everything without getting into the ridiculous extreme edition stuff. The GTX 295 is pretty awesome. I did a comparison of it vs my old 8800 GTX in the new PC - absolutely slaughters it.

Holy shit though - the noise these cards make. I thought the 8800 was broken or something with the crazy noise it made. The 295 is even louder.

Posted by IzzyGraze

ARG! I didn't know there were new nvidia cards! Now I'm gonna have to replace/sli my 8800gts.

Posted by PJ

Personas whit a weakness can't inherit that type of skill that its week too. if a persona is strong in some thing then the chances of it inherating tha type of skill is high. Or thats what Persona 3 FES told me.

Posted by Necrophagist777

Am I the only person who's video stops playing after about a minute?

Posted by Jeremy_x

Looks like you really are aiming for the school trip as the 100th episode, great choice!
Luckily no hamas this time, the Void Quest Sideboss has a great weapon for Charlie btw.

Also: Dont forget to give Yosuke his Dust Vow!

Posted by Sarumarine

Heh, about the second half of this video was a Persona 4 Podcast with Vinny and Jeff. Awesome.

So, when Drew is away the tapes run over? Heh.

Posted by Mistral

Using the A Team for the current dungeon and the B team to go back through old dungeons is fine by me(and better than completely ignoring half the party members, at any rate). Variety is good!

Posted by Trnck

Love massive episodes.

Posted by allhailthetv
@Curufinwe: Naoki's a pain in the ass in the beginning, but he grew on me. His incredibly depressing S. Link won't exactly draw Vinny and Jeff to hang out with him, though.
Posted by EndlessMike

You guys seem to really underestimate physical attacks. That Triglav guy looks really powerful. You also often skip opportunities to deal damage just because it isn't that monster's specific weakness. Just because an attack isn't a weakness doesn't mean it does no damage. It's still always good to do damage even if it doesn't knock them down.

Posted by Curufinwe
@Turambar: Naoki is also one of the more annoying characters to talk to.  If they skip him entirely I'd be happy.
Posted by Chris2KLee

The Wood Bat ain't the best, but when it does hit it crits pretty often. You get a Metal Bat from Margret if you keep fusing stuff and add to the compendium. The Metal Bat has a higher crit and I found it hit more often.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@Insectecutor said:
" Seriously, get an ATi card. They are currently the fastest and cheapest until nVidia produce something better. "
Well, the rule of thumb is: For sheer performance and more bang for the buck get ATI, for best image quality with maximum settings pick nVidia. Nothing beats clamp & 16xHQ AF, if you can run that smoothly.
Posted by allhailthetv

You guys seem to have high enough levels on Kanji and Teddie that you could do a Void Quest run to catch them up with your A team, thereby breaking the barrier of A Team and B Team.

Posted by allhailthetv
@MC488: I figured this out partway through my game, and was going to post a comment on it, but didn't because I wasn't sure how it worked.
Posted by Zalasta
@allhailthetv: Regardless, they totally missed it just as they missed out on Hanged Man because they didn't talk to everyone in school.

Death is actually good when you're grinding and no longer have full SP.  It's a cheap chance to refill and you can always just come back in on the level you got kicked out on.
Posted by MC488
@Turambar said:
" Note: the exp you see on the screen is only the exp YOU gain.  Lower level characters (Kanji and Teddy in this case) will get more exp than what is displayed.  Similarly, personas higher level than you will get less exp per fight. "
Emphasis on this.  It took me a while in Persona 3 to figure this out, as I monitored my other members and the math didn't add up.  It compensates for their level, otherwise New Game+ would be a bitch.
Posted by walls

Your B team was my main team, I didn't even bother with Chie and Yosuke

Posted by BabaORiely

Vinny and Jeff, after you guys beat the boss, you should start from floor 1 of the void quest with your B team.  I've never played the game before so I don't know if its the right thing to do, I just want Kanji and Teddie to catch up to the rest of the party.  Did you see how much health Kanji has?  He had over 400 health and he's about 10 levels lower than Charlie, that's crazy!

Edited by Subject2Change
@Insectecutor said:
" Seriously, get an ATi card. They are currently the fastest and cheapest until nVidia produce something better. "
Pretty sure GTX295 is the powerhouse on the market. And the GTX280 (which is almost a year old) is comparable to the 4890.

And ugh way too much killing of worthless Shadows, should abused the Hermit card and ran up top as fast as possible.
Edited by Enns

It was cool to hear stuff on games while they played.
It was lame to watch them level off super weak monsters.
Did they forget the huge difference between decent exp and bad exp already?
Just skip it and get to the boss.

On the plus side Vinny is playing pretty well now.  He's got the p4 rules down.

Posted by tychoon

I like it how you speak about quick looks and stuff since i usually don't have the time to check them out myself.

Posted by HT101

BOSS FIGHT ON MONDAY!!!!!! time to get excited.

Posted by monkie89

Jeff Gerstmann: "There's a crowd of people who seem totally unwilling to accept the concept that not every game is for every person."

Jeff Gerstmann: "How can anyone like Dynasty Warriors? These games are garbage. Fact."

Posted by allhailthetv
@Zalasta: Do they even have enough Understanding for that?
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Ketchup on hot dogs is awesome.

Edited by Turambar
@TheKidNixon: The didn't get up to the optional boss.  The last time they tried that, they were MegaTened (hama).

@Zalasta: Do they really want to deal with Naoki though?  I'm doubtful if they're even going to have enough time to finish up all the S.Links for the party members, I don't think Naoki's subpar S.Link with Attis as its reward is really worth it.
Posted by Insectecutor

Seriously, get an ATi card. They are currently the fastest and cheapest until nVidia produce something better.

Edited by Zalasta

Totally missed Naoto on the first floor.  It's pretty important that you go around and speak to everyone after finishing story events.  New NPC appears all the time.

Posted by allhailthetv

What did I tell you guys? B Team in the Marukyu Striptease!

Posted by allhailthetv
@TheKidNixon: That was in the alternate universe of episode 80 (In other words, they died).
Posted by TheKidNixon

...maybe I'm wrong, but didn't they already do the strip club?

Posted by Turambar

Note: the exp you see on the screen is only the exp YOU gain.  Lower level characters (Kanji and Teddy in this case) will get more exp than what is displayed.  Similarly, personas higher level than you will get less exp per fight.

Posted by Trevsweb

i love this so much. wish i was playing with you guys :)

Edited by gosukiller

You guys should put that 1hp ring on Charlie. We all know what happened last week.....
Mudo/Hama, anyone???

Posted by Nexas

Triglav is weak to lightening  so it can't inherit zio spells.

Posted by King9999

I look forward to watching these while having a crappy day at work.

Posted by babblinmule

Gotta love the 60+ minute ones - a great way to round off the week.

Posted by lordofultima

Mustard is godlike. Forget ketchup!

Posted by Erik

Ah, really looking forward to this!

Posted by SirThirdFilms

oh I am in!

Posted by Walreese55


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