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@allhailthetv: I think you're right.  Used google for "kicked the tank" quotes in GB and found them under the ep 90 page...

Edit: Then I watched it.  It's there, really early on.
Posted by Winternet
@allhailthetv: Or the went with team B, died and then went back with team A. But that would be a 2 hour episode. That's just silly.
Posted by allhailthetv

I wanted team B for Void Quest! Now they might never get leveled!

Posted by allhailthetv
@ahoodedfigure: That was in part 90, right? When? I couldn't find it.
Posted by ToxicFruit

could it be Void Quest, they did say it was still fresh in their mind.

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@Pepsiman: See, and here I was all thinking that was a Stripes reference :)
Posted by Pepsiman
@ahoodedfigure: Because I haven't plugged my own Persona 4 achievements thread enough as it is....

Persona 4 + NBA Jam = Love

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                                                          She kicked a TANK!

Posted by Razieleatssouls

Galactic Punt anyone?

Posted by safelybeds

Posted by Winternet

One image is from Chie's Galactic Punt the other one is yosuke's new persona (after he reached max). So Team A for the void quest.

Posted by Dethfish
Here is a picture recently uploaded by Drew. What the hell is that? Maybe the Void Quest optional boss?
Posted by Donkeysraliens

Well, judging from the thumbnail, only two words need be spoken, and what sweet words they are: 'Galactic...Punt!'

Posted by allhailthetv
@Vlaphor: Hells yeah! That's exactly what I want, when I want it! They're listening to us. I'll take shortened parts for the rest of the week if we can get the class trip for ep. 100.
Posted by Vlaphor

Fair enough.  The school trip on video 100 seems quite likely now.

Posted by allhailthetv

Definitely Void Quest tomorrow.