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I would call a Saved by the Bell porno parody "Saved by the Balls" but that's just me.

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It's weird seeing a Velvet Room without Marie...there's even room for her on the couch!

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I must have completely blanked out Naoto's dungeon from my memory, I honestly cannot remember any of this.

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Too bad Jeff didn't do the "blawmbla" tongue sound anymore.

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That needs to be a Giant Bomb shirt. "When in doubt, cast bufu".

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It wouldn't really.
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"It's too bad we had to sell out. You'll enjoy this ad coming up..."

LOL. Wouldn't it be hilarious if they had ads before their videos? THAT'D BE SO FUNNY.

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screech noises is a great porn film name

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my favourite song in this game is the next dungeon :D

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I'm playing P3 while I watch this and happen to be fusing as well and the dueling opera is driving me nuts.
*hits mute on tv*

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I love how every persona in the Persona series is based on an actual mythical person or creature... or god.  
Interesting fact: Yatagarasu is a 3 legged crow that is a sort of sun god in ancient Japan and is the emblem of Japan's national soccer team. Also, Yatagarasu was a guide for the first emperor of Japan, Jimmu. That is, according to Japanese legend. And now you know.

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It's great watching this again, because I STILL feel the need to post advice in the comments. I mean I'd do it respectfully. Like "DUDE! Rangda is the SHIT, you should TOTALLY fuse her!" And then I realize, "Oh wait...this was a year ago...you're too late."

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Out of all the music in the game for Vinny to dislike, he chose this one? It's the best dungeon music in the game! Vinny, I am disappoint.

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I found it hard to believe that no one pointed out the DDS reference here.
I do not comprehend. Thats totally Gale´s Line.

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Love all the dungeon music, but especially Naoto's and the next one I won't spoil

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In the future drinking coffee? Your past self had no idea how right you'd be.
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Go, Vinny. Go!    

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sci-fi dungeon

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I don't know who you guys are going to get to replace Black Frost.  Mind Charge+Agidyne+Invigorate 2=LEGEND

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Saved By The Balls
Shaved By The Bell

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Hey, i was just gunna say that once you beat Eos in red faction, you have to do some more stuff to kill the battle cruiser space thing, then you beat the game. So its still got a little bit of time left. And you have to do some homo guirilla action steal-the-car miissions that go from like Eos all the way to the badlands and stuff that take 30 minutes. Have fun.  

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To Vinny's comment about the jetpack in Red Faction, i actually found myself using that more once i got it and the recharge boost.  It's fun flying up to a mountain overlooking a base and then sniping dudes with my nano rifle.

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@RampageEndsHere said:
"Cue people screaming about Black Spot being replaced with Heat Wave instead of Skull Cracker, on 3. "

Blarg, they didn't change out Chie's Armor.

It has evade (high odds) when she has boots that are counter (high odds) and she has counterstrike. >_>.

Also the other armor had like 188 armor, which is like 60 more i believe.

and for the quote, i haven't reached this part yet but, ARGH ACK BLAAAH.

Power Charge with Black Spot would be really good for bosses (till she learns better Single-Hit Physicals)

You haven't like confused an enemy with Skull Cracker since like the Bath House. >_>.
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I quit watching the Endurance Run on like Ep.22 because I picked up Persona 3, loved it, and realized I would like to experience P4 myself, THEN watch the ER. 

But reading these comments and seeing how concerned you guys are about the gameplay decisions they're making is really entertaining. It's cool that all these people know so much about the game.
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@Zabant said:
" Jeff needs to rag the controller out of vinnys hand.i feel jeff totally has it now, he's got the game.vinny however, keeping a light psychical spell and ditching blackspot, generally playing like a sissy and having to wait EVERY time for them to turn around, only to miss them anyway.... if jeff does not have the pad the next endurence run i dont think i will watch it as much as i have this one, ill only watch exciting episodes with story. "
cool story bro
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Vinny, get in there and swing you wuss. stop running from the shadows

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I think Jeff might agree with me since he was a big Phantasy Star Online guy,

but does this dungeon remind anyone else of the PSO Ruins level?

All we need now are some MAGs and some pointy ears!
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Posted By AbsoluteApathy
I don't get why people are getting so upset about not removing Rampage for Heatwave when in reality, Rampage is the stronger skill.  Heat Waves damage for Chie's current strength is sqrt(33*250) = 90.829 whereas Ramapage is sqrt(33x80)= 51.380 for one hit, 102.761 for two and 154.142 for three.

Heatwave is approximately 77% stronger if rampage hits once, 13% weaker if it hits twice, and 70% weaker if it hits three times. They probably should have removed skull cracker or ditch heatwave alltogether.
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Posted By Mjolnir

Yeah, I hate to sound like I'm complaining about little mistakes, but it was more than a bit disappointing seeing you take so much time weighing the options to learn Heat Wave without ever considering Rampage. C'mon guys, you know better than that.

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Posted By Zabant

Jeff needs to rag the controller out of vinnys hand.

i feel jeff totally has it now, he's got the game.

vinny however, keeping a light psychical spell and ditching blackspot, generally playing like a sissy and having to wait EVERY time for them to turn around, only to miss them anyway....
 if jeff does not have the pad the next endurence run i dont think i will watch it as much as i have this one, ill only watch exciting episodes with story.

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Naoto's music makes me think of some kind of cop drama show, except the dungeon setting was some nuclear underground mad scientist base. So you see its hard to make references to actual cop drama shows. Like Dragnet. (Ho ho ho)

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It's getting pretty annoying trying to wait for Vinny to get an advantage. I'd say just hit the thing!

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I watched this on my iphone =)  then the app crashed =(

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Obligatory Black Spot comment.

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I liked Naoto's dungeon music. It was mellow and kept me calm. Didn't match the setting at all, but it helped me stay somewhat happy when I had to backtrack to a previous floor to get a key to go down to the final floor. I wasn't expecting a Pokémon Secret Hideout twist to this game, though in hidesight I probably should have.

I wonder if they'll complete the dungeon "today" (9/17) or if they'll pop out to do some social linking. I mean, it's not a long dungeon from what I can remember, forced backtracking aside.

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Posted By RVonE

Man, I usually don't get riled up by the choices you guys make but trading heat wave for black spot? Seriously? Get rid of rampage and, also, understand that skull cracker just isn't effective anymore so dump that skill too.
Black Spot is Chie's best skill untill Agneyastra and God Hand.

But anyway, for the most part you guys are doing great. Btw, I think this dungeon is great and the music is a good change of pace after all the more up-tempo themes in the other dungeons.

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Posted By AaronP
@Jedted said:
" @Vlaphor said:
"Speaking of the new Red Faction game, the main character also voices a Mr. Kanji Tatsumi."
I know, i actually think of that dude from Red Faction everytime i hear Kanji speak. "
Woah, that's pretty awesome, i wonder if Vinny's noticed it.
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Posted By YetiAntics

This dungeon's music is a tad boring but Yukiko's Castle by far has the worst dungeon music. I always felt pressured to finish it.
Void's Quest is so far the best. Its quirky and its the best.

Don't want to give anymore spoilers but the next dungeon's music is a good one too. it gives a sense of a calm before the storm deal.
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@PosableActionFigure said:
" Keep your Hitokuto-Seikun (or whatever it's name is). It repels lightning. When you fight the scales (they come in large groups and use Ziodyne exclusively), equip it and then just have everyone guard while the enemies kill themselves, since in my experience they only seem to target the main character. It turns a dangerous fight into free exp. "
This annnnd...

@Thelolaser said:
Social link with support team members:
Ranking up social links with the battle team member unlocks further skills:

Once reached rank 3: Rise learns Treasure Radar that reveals the location of
all treasure chests
Once reached rank 6: Rise learns Enemy Radar that shows the positions of all
enemies in the mini map
Once reached rank 10: Rise's persona evolves, and learns Weakness Scan. With
this ability Rise would occasionally give you tips on
enemies' weaknesses.

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@Jason_Bourne said:
" hey, i accidentally pressed a link and missed the last 5 minutes, and don't feel like waiting for the whole thing to reload, can someone tell me what happened in the last 5 minutes "
They went down the steps and punched out of the dungeon, that's pretty much it. Nothing to write home about.
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hey, i accidentally pressed a link and missed the last 5 minutes, and don't feel like waiting for the whole thing to reload, can someone tell me what happened in the last 5 minutes

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@TehPickle said:
"Ahh Vinny! Enough with the waiting for them to turn around thing.Much love."

@Khiash said:
"Argh, it drives me insane waiting for you to ALWAYS get the advantage... just hit the dude already!"

They started waiting for them to turn because people complained that they didn't.  Which is a good thing.  If they don't wait for them to turn, not only are they playing carelessly which is just plain not fun to watch (far worse than several extra seconds of waiting), but the battles take longer and they end up losing more health and using more SP, taking more frequent exits from the dungeon, spending more money on the fox...  Not waiting on the shadows to turn around is just worse for them and for us in every conceivable way.
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Posted By Ineedaname
@Khiash said:
" Argh, it drives me insane waiting for you to ALWAYS get the advantage... just hit the dude already! "
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Watching you guys get rid of Black Spot over Rampage had to have been the most frustrating thing I've watched you guys do so far. Fortunately that wasn't one of her most powerful skills, but it will be quite awhile until you get another single target physical skill to replace it...

I usually don't like to say much when you guys do something stupid, since it's usually not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but that was a really really bad move.

Oh well, it just means the game will be harder for awhile, not impossible.

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Posted By Jeremy_x
@JeffGoldblum: No, that would be Rise. Just compare the Hey!Listen!/Senpai - Ratio, they are frightening close to each other.
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Black spot crit the previous dungeon boss a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Skull Cracker hasn't confused anyone in awhile, it's last use was critting enemies. Which Black Spot did a lot.

So, banana.

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it has mall music