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Posted by Media_Master

nice tang episode

Posted by skrutop

+10 titty points, TANG.

Posted by Trision

This movie looks really bad.  It's too bad that David Foley took part in it.

Posted by TeflonBilly

The worst part is that this is Uwe Boll's best movie in my opinion.
The again, that's like saying this is the best turd in a pile of turds.

Nice to see Ryan show some Kids In The Hall love!

Posted by RHCPfan24

I saw that Custer's Revenge reference there. Thank you for that.

This movie looks so bad and I am hoping that there won't be too many TANG's about Uwe Boll movies, but that may be the only place to go. Nonetheless, there will be fun derived from the awfulness that Boll has given us over the past years.

Posted by Ignor

This movie > Advent Children. So there!

Posted by Hilbert

I want this DVD.

Posted by MeatSim

Ugh why Dave Foley why?

Posted by Parsnip

He wasn't actually STARS member in Resident Evil. He was one the Umbrella mercs. Like Carlos.

Posted by Maxszy

Oh god.. *cringe*. Great episode of TANG though!

Posted by YoungBuck

This movie sounds awesome.

Posted by Kombat

I mean fuck.

Jesus Christ.

Posted by InsanePotato

Man this looks like the worst movie ever. I'd watch it to verify but just the cuts of it you show make me fairly ill. Another good tang ryan.

Posted by GalacticPunt

I got a lot of great laughs out of this movie, and recommended to a couple of friends who are on my same twisted wavelength.  Will I ever watch any other Uwe Boll flick, when the others are not intentional comedies?  NEVER.

Posted by Rhyno

Every time I kiss a dude I always exclaim, "I fucking gay!"

Posted by Terjay

I actually watched this piece of shit... God...

Posted by Ghostiet

Mr Davis, I have a request.

PLEASE, do Boll's Alone in the Dark next time on TANG.

Posted by InFamous91


Posted by Damian

I still have never seen one of this guy's movies. I doubt I ever will as I'm generally not a fan of shitty things.

Posted by TehBuLL

Enjoy it while you can Mr. Davis...if u think this is a downhill run, you are about to jump off the cliff.  You will look back at Postal fondly remembering that it at least tried to be entertaining.

Posted by John1912

Lol, at Ryan saying fuck/at a loss for words.  Sadly I enjoyed that joke, and I am a more richer and balanced person for having see a fat chick getting nailed, while having flower poured on her.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

While I agree with everything Ryan said in this review, I have to add one thing for myself personally:

This movie was HI-larious.

The minute I saw that Dave Folley's pecker was an actor in this movie, I knew I was going to love it.  And I wasn't wrong.

I'll also note that I've hated every other movie by Uwe Boll, and this isn't a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but I fuckin' loved it.

Posted by Kajaah117

Now that damn cat is gonna be on the homepage for a week. :(

Posted by Fritzerbacon

Why is this man still allowed to make movies? Hasn't the 'Anti-Uwe Boll Petition' forced him to quit yet?

Posted by Kyle

The gloves are off, bitches!!

Posted by chilipeppersman

i actually watched this movie, and it was pretty hard to watch!

Posted by Binman88

Boob pillow ftw.

Edited by jakandratchet

lol, scut farkus

Posted by TheGr3mliin

The scene where he sais i hate video games I get what you mean but other than that I liked this movie

Posted by aceedkins

i may have to watch this just for how awful it sounds.

Posted by mrcraggle
@Fritzerbacon said:
" Why is this man still allowed to make movies? Hasn't the 'Anti-Uwe Boll Petition' forced him to quit yet?
Sadly it appears he has 7 movies in the works but interestingly not all of them are video game movies. Maybe companies are starting to see that their properties should be protected from this talentless hack. Actors also seem to be stearing clear as I saw no really big recognisable names from what I saw from his upcoming movies.
Posted by jaks

I've paid a lot more in the past to see Dave Foley's penis, so whatever.

I didn't know the postal dude was actually the bully in A Christmas Story though!

Posted by Undeadpool


Don't mistake, I LOOOOVE Tango and Cash, but I recognize it's not a "good" movie. It's a damned entertaining movie and I've watched it 10X more than Lethal Weapon, but it's a total 80's cheesefest.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Uwe Boll makes me cry.

Posted by RenegadeMonkey

Oh my! I was eating cereal at the point Ryan starts to talk about the dude rubbing flour over the fat chick to find the wet spot. Not cool.

Posted by elliottsmith001

damn, uwe boll should just be fucking shot or something. what a horrible, horrible human being.

Posted by ashogo

Oh my god, it looks...oh my god.

Posted by get2sammyb

Oh my...

Posted by elliottsmith001

damn, uwe boll, what a horrible, horrible human being.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy
@Binman88 said:
" Boob pillow ftw. "

Uwe Boll ftw.

NO. >:(
Edited by Cerza

I remember a friend of mine trying to get me to watch this when it came out. I told him no, and after seeing this I am really glad I did. This movie looks like it scars the soul in the same manner Legend of the Overfiend, Bible Black, and Night Shift Nurses do. Poor Ryan, I feel so sorry for you.

Posted by 34wsdfsdfwe


It sounds so bad it just has to be awesome..

Posted by freezefan

OMG! This movie looked absolutely horrible...Thanks Ryan for suffering thru...for us...

Posted by Tommygun141

Isn't  JK Simmons a pretty well-regarded actor? Did he even read the script of this movie or even know the infamy of the director? I feel horrible for all the people who were roped into being in this. That being said, I could TOTALLY see this movie being really good if it were in different hands. Picture a comedy version of "Falling Down" with the first third being basically  the shit of day to day life, and then him snapping and going William Foster. If done comedically, could be good.

But it was in the hands of Uwe Boll.

Posted by TekZero

Dear god.  I am so happy I haven't seen this movie.

Posted by ValiantGoat

Curse you Boll for tainting Foley, you've gone too far now!

Posted by nailerr

I love the games and I loved the film, and whatever opinion you may have about my person for my saying that may well be wrong.  Conversely, everything Ryan said was true.  Odd that.

Typically I find people claim to hate Postal because it is popular and easy to do so, but this TANG appears to show none of that!  Bravo Giant Bomb!
Posted by turbomonkey138

Best Movie Ever made

Posted by D34dM4n

personally, i didnt find this movie that awful. i love all those over the top, done to death jokes. but they couldve used Dave Foley better. i loved Kids in the Hall, and he couldve played a much better part making the movie just that much better. for the purposes of this movie, though, he played the part to expectations of the movie: done to death