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Posted by zokamoka

Kanji is Troy Baker never would have guessed.

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"Dude listen, it's a game we gotta fight this thing." -Kanji

Love it when they break the fourth wall with their character voices.

Posted by FrostAce11

Man you have to love the fact that the giant stone statues carry around those little Judgement Scales

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by LikeaSsur

Props to Jeff for warning Vinny to not skip the talking scenes. Some of us are watching for the story as well.

Posted by Nottle

There is some irony in the fact that the name "Naoto" means honesty.

Posted by Vortextk

I love how Vinny will make the Chet from weird science look a like comment again in the DP endurance run.

Posted by Undeadpool

Jeff's reactions to the wild shit that happens in this game REALLY make this endurance run so eminently rewatchable.

Posted by SynergisticSyn
Fortune Favors the Bold
Posted by 2HeadedNinja

weird ... I did this fight yesterday and Shadow Naoto never casted anything like Bufu on me ... he/she reverted my resitences a bunch and casted a lot of that enervation/1 hp spell but that was about it.

Posted by Baggykins

Some anime told me what Soma is o.o

Posted by Natalia

That's a real saying. Fortes fortuna juvat. :D

Posted by kollay

Oh, the God Hand.

This episode is great.
Posted by DeathbyYeti

A year and a half late but I wanted Adachi to say, "Are you two fighting?"

Posted by ch3burashka
@jikoku13 said:
" you know this is the only boss I've seen that actually looks even a little like the guy  it came from. "
...which makes it the least creative. Sure, some of them like Yukiko's were blatantly metaphorical, but at least they tried. "Naoto Prime" was just silly.
Posted by HerbieBug
@PerfidiousSinn said:
" Wow, what a totally unsurprising plot twist. "
I thought it would be the other way around.  Naoto being a boy who wanted to be a girl.  That's the usual path these things seem to take in anime.  :p 
Posted by PerfidiousSinn

Wow, what a totally unsurprising plot twist.

Posted by Zicdab

"Suckin' on Yosuke's SP."

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

I think overall Jeff and Vinny did a pretty good job. Although Naoto is probably the easiest boss in the game, in my opinion.

Posted by Mrnitropb
@doublezeroduck said:
" "I'm a little pixie jedi! YAY!" "
yeah that part is pretty awesome.
Posted by doublezeroduck

"I'm a little pixie jedi! YAY!"

Posted by jikoku13

you know this is the only boss I've seen that actually looks even a little like the guy  it came from.

Posted by RGHamburger

Abbadon is great, I used him alot. My wild card (only got one) sucked so much I don't even remember what it was, so cheers to you guys even though you've long finished your 2nd endurance run since then.

Posted by EoinMason
Posted by Urmean


Posted by strangeling
Posted by CaptainTightPants

Holy Crap i never knew you could spin the monsters in Analysis, and im like 50 hours in lol.

Posted by Olivaw

Man, Charlie barely took any damage during that boss fight.
I bet it was Black Frost that made him awesome.

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power charge is for conserving hp on physical attacks.
so  -60 hp x2 becomes -60hp x1 +( -15sp )  , should be saved for bosses
mind charge is for the megido- spells, since all other spells would either WASTE sp, or just save 2 sp.
-34 sp x2 = -64 sp ...     while -34sp + (-15 sp) = -49 sp
i beat this boss on normal, lvl 47. MC,kanji,teddie,chie .  just healed and normal attacked.....took forever, but not one offensive spell.

Posted by Xymox

I think I want me some Abbadon. 

Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite
@fox01313: You may already know this, but idk how far along you are with ER, Naoto is actually quite a bit more developed than it originally may appear.  They first foreshadow it at the hospital they go to, my guess is that her jacket is soooo big and thick that you can't see anything.  
Posted by LiquidPrince
@VisariLoyalist said:
" wow you guys are stupid, you power charged chie like 3 times in a row  "
Seeing as how that is IMPOSSIBLE, I'd have to say you're being stupid. If they try to power charcge more then once it says that "it is not needed" or is "already in effect."
Posted by VisariLoyalist

wow you guys are stupid, you power charged chie like 3 times in a row 

Posted by DavidSnakes

Black Frost Fanboys

Posted by Benjamimmy

My first thought when I saw Shadow Naoto transform...Buzz Lightyear!

Posted by Media_Master

good one

Posted by SonicFire

You definitely don't have to worry about hitting the level cap in this game...it more or less defies you to even hit 90...

Posted by Deusoma

*Abaddon appears*
"Oh GOD!" D8
"Holy Christ, what the hell is that?" )8

You guys crack me up.

Posted by LordCraven

They should sell a 50- disc  DVD Endurance Run boxed set. I'd take like a week to watch all the way through.

Edited by fox01313

Should stick to letting Youske (sp?) trying confusion to help thin the numbers while you kill the rest. Loved the appearance of Abaddon as it was completely out of the blue & the reactions at Giant Bomb were priceless.

Edit (spoilers for people not keeping up): Am i the only one who's wondering why Naoto isn't really developed compared to Chie & the other girls who are only a year older? Even with many anime/games well known for the gender switch, on times like this, esp. with the female voice on the character it's pretty obvious that most people in the game would catch on or at least see Naoto walking in/out of the bathroom.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

I know you guys like Black Frost, but he is ten levels behind you. Its about time you used more than one persona.

Posted by Church069

Mind Charge and Power Charge will last until you decide to use a corresponding attack.  Example: you use mind charge on one turn, the next turn you guard, the turn afterwards you will still be mind charged.

As for Naoto, she's a cool character, but is pretty useless in the dungeon especially against bosses.  She mainly has light and dark attacks, which bosses are always Nul against.

Other than that stuff, you breezed by this boss, good job guys.

Also the fusion accident was hilarious.

Posted by AleM
@Nasar7: Yeah, my mistake,  you're right. Being a portuguese speaker I should know that body in latin is "corpus" and not "soma". XD
Posted by Death_Burnout
@Nasar7 said:
" Vinny look here! You're thinking of Skooma from Morrowind, not Soma. "
That's what i thought.
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you're forgetting to register personas??

And yeh Mind Charge seems pretty useless, if you kick twice, wouldn't that do more dmg than kick once with mind charge??

Posted by deathstroke75

"it looks like Chet."  Definitely looks more like Chet from Weird Science than Slimer.  Just started watching these the other day....I have NO CLUE what is going on...but the commentary is grade A stuff.

Posted by lishi

You might have noticed but the fox price depend also on his mood

Posted by Creamypies

You guys will need Soma's eventually.