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Posted by NoDeath

What will happen? who knows. lets see if they get out of the starting area

Posted by Timdj84

Where is it,did this just pop up?

Posted by Timdj84


Posted by Winternet

Apparently, there are other people in this game. And they are all into dancing.

Posted by Ventilator

Yay! This!

Posted by TheGremp
And now we wait...

Posted by NoDeath
Posted by baba2

Awesome, can't wait to see what happens to TonkaTruck. :P

Posted by ververdan0226

Aw snap...

Posted by Tovan

Oh god I hope someone notices them.

Posted by VWGTI

FUck yes. Entertainment for lunch.

Posted by Intrepid

Good stuff! :)

Posted by Six

wonder if anyone in the matrix is also on this site... and will say hi.

Posted by DarkKitchen

ogod stop turning with your keyboard

Posted by scottp


Posted by stinky

being an MMO,  where/when does the matrix require you to talk or cooperate with others?

are there "dungeons?"
Posted by TheGremp

Hmm, the combat system continues to make no sense to me.

The animations make it look cool at least.
Posted by mrfluke

nice i was kinda missing this i dont care what people say this is still some quality entertainment

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woo lking foward to this

Posted by Reverseface

Does anyone else get the feeling watching this ryan is abit too serious playing, he doesn't leave much time for vinny to make jokes and play off each other like Jeff & vinny do on ER. I think they should get jeff in on this so vinny has someone to talk with. :P

Posted by phlegms

I honestly cant see why this game has failed so completely. I mean, it looks so good....

Posted by AltDimension

At least this is much easier to watch, having played the game for 3+ years, watching last time was so painful with you huge matrix n00bs running about. Granted, they had the halloween skybox turned on, but still...

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

YAY!!! it's back!! XD

Posted by CitizenKane

YES!  Another episode!

Posted by lacke

Is this game free to play now? Because my MMO itch is growing and I'm too scared to jump back on any of my old MMOs or start a new one. Since this ends in a couple of weeks, I would have to force to quit it.

Btw, have the devs actually said they're bringing back everything as greatest hits and this is not a part of the story? Because if the Matrix story is about to end I can see this as the Matrix is beginning to fail. The changes are just sign that the Matrix is going to down and in the end all the people will be free.

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Apparently when they saw you online they want to confront you.

Posted by Llama

watching someone play an mmo is incredibly boring

Posted by Ben_H

Vinny... Not like this...

Posted by Heartagram

yay i actually played this and it was horrible

Posted by sproddy

so yea this would be the matrix online communities response: http://forums.station.sony.com/mxo/posts/list.m?&topic_id=36300029344,

fyi, on page 3 they're tracking when tonkatruck is online, i think some angry merovingians might jump you guys, watch out. This would also explain why you got randomly transported.

Posted by JamesF

I died when Vinny called him the Sexy Soldier.

Posted by 2Thumbs


Been looking forward to this all week.

Edited by NoXious

Hai @ guy whispering TonkaTruck! Welcome to GiantBomb history!

Now it's just waiting for someone to corpsecamp them for an entire episode of MXO: Not like this!

EDIT: Aw they even helped you into one of the events! The least ya could do was be polite :p

Posted by Redriderxxl

Thats one big ass elavator

Posted by hamlaser

even the weakest mall cops know kung fu in the matrix

Posted by PapaLazarou

Looks like the most boring game and doesn't even feel like The matrix.

Posted by CaptainObvious

I love both Endurance runs.

Ps:  This game sucks.
Posted by bonbolapti

Atleast you met one person going out of their way to be helpful.

Edited by Osphere

Gotta give Ryan and Vinny credit for keeping this up lol

Posted by AURON570

road to level 50!

Posted by PhatSeeJay

wish I could be assed to find my old account but it was probably lost when this "the station" thing on sonys side merged.

Posted by Osaladin

So... what level are they? How did they get to the rooftop? I'm so confused.

Posted by SomeRandomInternetGuy

You guys should have eaten the cake...

Posted by KillaMaStA

When in doubt,    /dance

Posted by SomeRandomInternetGuy

Also, the Speed, Power, Grab, and Block abbilities are tactics, which are like buffs. You should put them on your tool bar and switch between using them. Using Speed tactic causes the enemy to become dazed, power causes Staggered, Grab is uh, I dont remember, and block... blocks. Making someone daze or staggered opens up new combat abilities to use, which should help you in combat :p

Posted by Guerrilla_Mason
@Reverseface said:
" Does anyone else get the feeling watching this ryan is abit too serious playing, he doesn't leave much time for vinny to make jokes and play off each other like Jeff & vinny do on ER. I think they should get jeff in on this so vinny has someone to talk with. :P "
I agree, Ryan doesn't seem to like or feed off of Vinny's quirky sense of humor nearly as much as Jeff. It's almost like an odd couple kind of thing. More entertaining thing than I assumed.
Posted by InFamous91

i'm assuming that, this is going to be a every Thursday thing
great stuff

Posted by Chaossebba
@Alpha_02 said:
" Honestly, I'd rather watch a retard try and figure out a Rubik's Cube and throw it in a fit of rage than watch these idiots at GiantBomb try to play an MMO and bashing it because they aren't smart enough to figure out anything. o hai guise how dose shot web wif blok???? "
Then go watch a retard and his rubik's cube and stop watching this then.
Posted by FelixLighter

I don't get why they didn't stick around on the roof.  I thought talking to other players was one of the major points of this endurance run.  I was disappointed that they didn't really talk to anyone, especially when it seemed like the guy wanted to show them some kind of player created event.  That seemed a lot more interesting than finishing a fetch mission.