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Edited by atomic_dumpling
@Intrepid said:
" The continuity error was hilarious!  I guess the developers didn't think about that... "
The attached social link seems not so great though.
Posted by ArbitraryWater

I facepalmed when they went to the shopping district to search for Rise.

Posted by MoTheHawk

Rise and Kanji will be on the 1st floor of the classroom building after school if you're looking to hang out with those guys.

Posted by endaround
It isn't really a continuity error as such.  Mooroka did sign you up to work at the HSA.  If you remember the game forced you to go there in April.
Posted by RipTheVeins

Just a tip for Girlfriends: If you hang out with your girlfriend after you max out their S. Link, then you get a special Christmas event ( you only need to hang out with them one time after the Max S. Link, though).

Posted by Jeremy_x
@RipTheVeins: Nope, that happens when you're already 10. Being above is nothing but a waste of time.
Posted by Curufinwe

The only way they should hang out with Chie or Yukiko again is if they just want to see what happens before "accidentally" hitting the power button and reloading.

Posted by Bartman3010

Why did Ai just ask to hang out with you all the sudden? I didnt even know you guys established any contact with her in the first place.

Posted by North6

Guys, Marakukaja is +50% defense for your entire PARTY.  So.. Auto-marakukaja is amazing.   Just switching to this persona will cast it without you having to do anything, saving you a turn.  Basically if you can get a persona with all 3 of the "Auto-ma" type spells,  you have won the game.

Posted by Intrepid
@endaround: That's true, but when the student brings it up, it sounds as if Mr. Mooroka knew specifically there was an absent student that day and requested Charlie to fill in.  Though It could be possible that Charlies' position in the HSA is purely a fill in role and the student was there to remind him, why bring up Mr. Mooroka's name?  He could of easily said, "You're filling in for an absent student in the HSA today".  Maybe the original Japanese made it sound more ambiguous to accomodate Mr. Mooroka's death and somehow this was lost in translation.
Posted by Aeterna

Mr. Morooka eh? Talk about creepy.

Posted by Jeremy_x
@North6: I disagree, it all wears off after three rounds and only works once each fight, so a lot of people overrate it especially in boss fights.
Posted by Ziaxool

Caught red-handed! Awesome!! :D

Posted by Demonstride

Haha this episode was funny when it got towards the end. Not saying that it wasn't all funny but the ending was hilarious.

Edited by Vorbis

Busted by Yukiko! if you can max drama girl you get another awkward confrontation.

Posted by InvestigationTeamGO

You guys should totally do the jellybean jar thing with the endgame time. Make a form to let users guess it, set it up soon and leave it open for like a week and whoever gets the closest without going over gets a T Shirt that says Giant Bomb Endurance Run with the logo and has Jeff and Vinny's autographs on it.

Posted by Bass

I remember when I fused Tam Lin it had both automarakunda and automatarukaja, so my whole party got a defensive and offensive boost whenever a battle begun. It was pretty much great.

Posted by Nasar7
@MoTheHawk said:
" Rise and Kanji will be on the 1st floor of the classroom building after school if you're looking to hang out with those guys. "
Kanji is in the practice building but yeah, they will be in school on school days, not the shopping district.
Posted by Death_Burnout

Where is the persona of Ryan MacDonald where Counterstrike is in all 8 slots

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Man, that Nanako-S.link can be pretty heart-breaking - glad your commentary is always there to cheer me up. It balanced out with the awesome Ai vs. Yukiko confrontation pretty nicely though.

Posted by golguin

Yukiko just got 10 times better.  I didn't know she had it in her to lay it down like that.

Posted by Detrian

What...what happened with Chie?

Posted by Erik

Bummer, this video is working for me, but still not 109 :-/

Posted by dietmango

Auto-Maraku basically increases defense to the whole party at the start of every battle. In other words, everybody has defense up everytime you encounter enemies/bosses when you have Tam Lin equipped (since he has the move). Tam Lin can learn Enduring Soul after Evade Physical I think.

To move on in the Cat quest, you need to catch a Red Goldfish in the Flood Plain. Not that hard to get. Or, I think you can order it on Sunday. I forgot when the Red Goldfish combo comes on though.

Lol Charlie got busted xD don't worry about that it doesn't reverse or affects Ai's Social Link. It's just for the players' amusement I think

Posted by North6
@Jeremy_x: Are you sure it only works once each fight? I was pretty sure you could wait until it wore off, swap another persona in (wait a round), then swap the auto-ma persona back in and your party would be all set again.
Posted by Jeremy_x
@North6: Tried it myself, unfortunately it doesn't work. Otherwise it would REALLY be a great thing to have.
Posted by Vlaphor

You're lucky this was P4 and not P3.  Even the smallest slight against someone in P3 causes the social link for that person to stop in its tracks and makes you spend time to fix the link before you can progress further.  In P4, the only penalty is that you don't advance any in the Ai social link.

However, Ai is the only social link that you can damage, as far as I know.

Posted by trimon

Yay an hour long!!
This is either creepy or cute :)

Posted by ZombiePie
@Vlaphor: Naw, if you're a dick to Naoto during her social link and refuse to help her for her investigation then that social will become reversed also.
Posted by Vlaphor

I didn't know that.  Then again, I didn't care about Naota, so I never attempted anything with her social link.
Posted by Curufinwe

The Ai-Yukiko bit was awesome, but a waste of a day S.Link-wise.

Posted by TobyD81

Oh man, girl drama! I can't wait until Chie shows up at the hospital at night with a broken ankle and catches you with Devil Nurse. Nanako is getting into a dark spot, too...just how depressing is she going to be by the time she hits rank 10?

Posted by ZephyrAtraides

Kanji is in the practice room on school days.  Rise is at school as well.

Posted by FoxMulder

I'm confused!! I think I may have missed a few episodes or something.  Did they breakup with Chie and start dating Yukiko?

Posted by HatKing

Wasn't the funniest episode but I really enjoyed it.  They pretty much made all the choices I would have, lol.  PROPS TO BRAD FOR SAYING EXACTLY WHAT I WAS YELLING AT THE "SORRY OR MISUNDERSTANDING" SCENE!

Posted by bybeach

That stray cat goinna look like a clothshanger by the time you guys are done with it.

poor virtual kitty!...hmmmmm.

Posted by Curufinwe
@FoxMulder said:
" I'm confused!! I think I may have missed a few episodes or something.  Did they breakup with Chie and start dating Yukiko? "
They have multiple girlfriends.
Posted by MeatSim

Damn Yukkio sent Ai packing I guess you shoudlen't mess with Yukkio ever, good thing Charlies so damn smooth or that could have been a lot worse.

Posted by Intrepid

Whoa.  Brad just jumped on that answer out of nowhere, makes you wonder if its from personal experience ;)

Posted by Wright

chie doesn't seem to be a very good girlfriend lol.

Posted by AllanIceman

On the good TV for once!! LMAO!

Posted by YetiAntics

bunch of classy men at Giant Bomb. ;)
seriously, that girl-drama was the toughest multiple choice yet!

Posted by bigall94

The Need a Moment? part from Vinny was so hilarious! That needs to be an actual ad lol.

Posted by Jambones
@Detrian said:
" What...what happened with Chie? "
I was thinking that myself. Mind you, if she was the one to catch you with Ai, then she'd kick your ass, so maybe it's for the best?
Posted by Red

You guys probably should've kept Tempest Slash.

Posted by amandackrueger

Someone should draw a picture of Chie (with a mouthful of steaks) galactic punting Rise.

Posted by SaraHysaro
Wow, that ending was...awesome. I never got that, amazingly. xD And hopefully the Dojima S.Link "tonight" will bring it up to max, since that scene is nice and sweet. ^^

Yeah, always say it's a misunderstanding. I mean, it's not like you're intimate with Ai. =)

@amandackrueger said:
"Someone should draw a picture of Chie (with a mouthful of steaks) galactic punting Rise. "
Posted by SneakyBeaver
"Fox is eating Nanako's corpse..." -Vinny     x)
Posted by 1337m4g3
@Nexas said:
" @Curufinwe said:
" @Nexas said:
"You guys need to work on understanding as you will need it at max to finish Nanako "
It's Expression they need maxed for her, and they have already maxed it. "
You need understanding for later lvls

edit: nevermind I looked at the guide. I must be going crazy or something

still they should do it to get the tower s. link 
Actually, they should work on Courage/Knowledge to get Naoto's social link, because you can use her in battle. She's really good for Light/Dark/Almighty.
Edited by Zeik

...So frustrating watching you guys get rid of great single target physical skills like Tempest Slash because you have Deathbound. Single target attacks are usually inherently stronger than all target attacks (they also use up less HP, since they only target one person), and the fact that Tempest Slash hits twice makes it potentially twice as strong as that. On top of that, physical attacks are the most effective against bosses, since you can almost never exploit weaknesses.

I don't like telling you guys how to play, but you really need to stop doing that, you're going to give me an aneurysm from yelling at the screen. <_<

Also Kanji is in the Practice Building on school days, not by the shrine.

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