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Posted by FLStyle

Was this really released? Honestly? ugh

Posted by CitizenKane
Posted by TwoOneFive
LMFAO @ 4:20 
Posted by Death_Unicorn

Those vampire chicks are hawt.

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@Hilikus said:

" Boobs "

How dare Giant Bomb expose this to our children?!
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Ugh! BloodRayne is one of my favorite video game characters.
Hell, my gamer tag has been  BloodRayne since Xbox Live first launched...
way back on  November 15, 2002
The movies kinda' ruined the game franchise in my opinion.
I want to change my gamer tag now :(
Any suggestions?
The only good scene in this movie was the "dry hump".

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ROFL, Ryan giving Uwe Boll the finger at 3:28!

Posted by Beomoose

God, I feel dirty just having watched the TANG clips of this movie. It's nt just bad, it's bad with GUSTO

Posted by kidko

Great Job! If only you'd donned a wig for the occasion

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The blood effects look SO bad, that I almost want to see the movie.

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I loved the subliminal middle finger message Ryan!!!

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I fell off my chair when Ryan spoke about "people constantly explaining shit".

Still, Mr. Davis, you don't have a fucking clue how this shit can be deep after only 3 Uwe Boll's movies. It's time to see Alone in the Dark.

Posted by Earthborn

@Ryan: I vote for psychopath.

Posted by Cerza

Luchadeer NOOOOOOO!!!!

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Made think of one of my favorite films,  Things Are Tough All Over. It`s where the  Trippin Duo also play two Oil- rich Arabs. 
"You have killed the car", Cheech says , after the Bendoin honor- bound Chong stabs an offending  Rental  to death with a dull knife. .  
Think i`ll rent /buy that movie. As for Bloodrayne, it gets the dull knife award..
Posted by CitizenKane
@DiGiTaL_SiN: Congratulations, you took roughly the same screen caption I did.  :P
Posted by NAMMY

King Luchadeer is dead!

Posted by InFamous91

wasn't expecting this so early.....too much gore

Posted by Warchief

Ryan seriously no mention of the prison sex scene?

Posted by Slaneesh
@IchiroYagiza said:

Where does Uwe Boll gets the money to do his shit movies?

By the way, how many gallons of blood did they use in the movie? o_O 


Sponsered by Uwe Boll himself
Posted by Coolarman

I am pretty sure Ben Kingsley did not give a fuck during any part of the movie he was just getting paid really handsomly

Posted by kwyee

woa TANG is early this week!  
cant wait to get home and watch this.  TANG is more entertaining than the movie itself.  Hurray for hilarious editing!

Posted by HatKing

Wow looks really bad.
Posted by Damian

I liked Bloodrayne a bit, so I was always morbidly curious to watch this garbage. Thank you TANG for letting me feel like I've seen it without all the time-wastage.

Posted by Cazamalos
FU too Mr Ryan
Posted by AlchemistiD

His films ARE intentionally bad.  The studio he works for has (or had, at least) an insurance policy that gives them a metric shitload of cash when a movie tanks.
Boll wasn't kidding when he called himself a genius, only a mind so far advanced we mortals cannot comprehend it could take concepts that should make at least B grade movies and make the end products this bad.
But, yes.  It is intentional, it is essentially literally his job to make movies that fail horribly.
He is, also, a really crappy director with no real hope of ever creating something positive or entertaining.  Almost makes me pity him...almost.

Posted by Vager

Yey, for Ryan flipping us off covertly.

Posted by Osphere

Why Ben Kingsly, why?!  Billy Zane, too?  :(

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Please God tell me you're going to do House Of The Dead (at least the first if not the second one).
It is seriously one of my favorite movies. I was in real, physical pain from laughing by the end of it.

Posted by Seijur0

boobs at 00:54. lawl.

Posted by Spiritof

I think we all saw this coming...
Posted by ZmillA

wow had no idea it was so gory

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Clearly he is a mad man.

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Posted by CallMeRotten

Ben Kingsley..how does the man who played Gahndi end up in a flick like this?

Posted by TheRebilion

OH JEEZ LUCHADEER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Subject2Change

Flipped off by Ryan and boobs....perfect tang.

Posted by alsnuts2

Ryan Davis, I am pleading to you to watch Blood Rayne 3... All I have to say is Vampire Cowboys
I need to know definitively if it is a great movie or the greatest movie

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Posted by Hector

NOOOO!!! Luchadeer!

Posted by nick69

shit movie is shit

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Ryan, I heard from Samit on the latest episode of Podtoid that you were saying on your Twitter that you are looking to track down a copy of the European release of Far Cry from Uwe Boll. Is this true? 'Cause it damn well better be... that was a hilarious TANG you just did. I don't get how anybody could make movies this bad, you're right, it's like he's mentally disabled and just can't understand the concepts good and bad from one another. I'd be curious to see what Uwe Boll's top 10 films of all time are LOL.

Posted by DBZ_Fanatic

0:53 BOOBS

Posted by JackiJinx
@Warchief said:
" Ryan seriously no mention of the prison sex scene? "
Posted by CleverLoginName

Did you know your arms are hollow tubes filled with ketchup? I had no idea!

Posted by SinGulaR

This one had it all: blood, guts, a flash of boob and Davis giving the audience the finger ;)
Posted by PenguinDust

Great TANG...horrible movie.  Can't wait for the next Bloodrayne movie TANG.  How come no mention of the gratuitous vampire nudity?  

Posted by Titl

Why did you have to kill Luchadeer? whyyyy?!?!

Posted by Jayzilla

where does uwe get the money to make this stuff? it's one thing to WANT to make a movie like this, and quite another to get funded properly and then have decent actors agree to act so poorly in it. My opinion is that uwe throws crazy parties during shooting, and that is why all these actors agree to participate in the mayhem.