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AW HELL NO! Ryan did  you... did you just give me the finger?! I'm most displeased about this!!! Actually I'm the opposite, made me laugh alot!


Posted by RenegadeSaint

I've never seen a man look so bored as he hacked a body to pieces.

Posted by jNerd

Lmao, I love the completely blank experession on that one actors face as he hacked @ the corpse on the ground.

Posted by WholeFunShow

Like Dungeon Siege only more so, this looks truly brilliant. Uwe Boll is turning into some kind of meta ironic super hero in my mind. & Billy Zane remains win, this might be his best worse yet.

Posted by buzz_clik

Can't wait for your review of Alone In The Dark... I've watched that film three times now, and each time I've found some more goofs. My favourite is the fact that someone who's supposed to be dead moves their head just before the edit.
Oh, sorry... spoilers.

Posted by mrcraggle
Glad someone else noticed that. Doesn't feel so personal now
Posted by TheHT

Oh god. Oh god no. No, no, no, not like this...

Posted by toadstule

Haha, did Ryan just flip us off?

Posted by Crono

Yes, I love how the death of the guy who gets stabbed comes off as completely uncaring of his own death.  He doesn't even seem like he died for a higher cause.  He really does seem like he is thinking about something else; likely how he will no longer have to be seen and disgraced in the movie.
Also, the hacking scene with the 3 dudes is hilarious too, so slow and no emotion on their face.  The scene's redundant gore reminded me of the opening of Robocop.

Posted by Gammashoo

Worst. Blood. Effects. Ever.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Glad I never played the game or watched this crap.

Posted by Maxszy

Oh. My. God. This is horrid. The epitome of bad.

Posted by Kolonel_Kool

TANG on a Thursday?  You've gone mad.  Uwe Boll films will do that to you.

Posted by Sanj

Oh my GOD this is so hilariously awful.
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I really don't care for these videos. I would be much happier not knowing these films exist.
Posted by MisticRain

@ least the chicks look good :P

Posted by nrain

lol i love the lack of interest on the dudes face who is continually hacking up the corpse XD  

I have yet to watch an Uwe Boll movie and frankly I don't think I ever will. I'll watch TANG instead.

Posted by Death_Burnout
@nrain: yeah thats the thing that made me smile the most.
Posted by Lydian_Sel

I remember watching this on tv one night & being really thankful that I'd never played the games. The majority of actors in this film seem to read their lines with a subtext of "where's my check? did you guys get your check? when are the checks coming??"

Posted by GregIsRad

One of the few instances in movies where the excessive gore doesn't appeal to me.

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 Also, it seems they spent nearly all their budget on Meat Loaf's disintegration effect... It's the only thing that's passable in the entire film.

Posted by Koai3

god what an aweful movie

Posted by JoelTGM

bleh, how is it possible to make a movie about vampires and blood so dull

Posted by halfameatball

I love me some TANG. It makes bad movies enjoyable, and allows me to understand just how terrible these flicks are without having to actually sit through them. Thanks Ryan.
Posted by queenulhu

watching you talk about it ryan is far better than having to slog through the movie myself!!  thank god for your service!

Posted by Media_Master

I wonder what would happen if Ryan and Uwe Boll were in a room together...

Posted by chogi

people who do not know how to how suwoooords! HORRAY!

Posted by SunKing

Really nice work editing in Luchadeer.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

hahaha oh man this movie looks totally bizarre! i'd say it's the work of a psychopath more than a savant.

Posted by bigsmoke77

I love the middle   finger a t    3:28
Posted by JellyFish_Gsus

OMG look at the blood.......

Posted by Hughes

These just keep getting better.

Posted by SevX1

saw this movie on TV a few days ago, i was like WTF?!
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Thank god for TANG. If it wasn't for this i might actually watch some of these movies. I wonder what movie will be next.

Posted by SavoyPrime

Ryan! How dare you not talk about the best sex scene ever from this movie!!! O_O

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Uwe Boll is perhaps the biggest  joke not only in film making but to the world. I mean how the holy cluster **** can this guy keep getting funding to make this abomination of films. I think there isn't enough Jack Daniel's in the world which could make one of his films good. 
Edit: I have just checked Zone Horror and they are showing this later on tonight.

Posted by Arjuna

No wonder many people who don't play video games think vids are stupid.  The extended media properties(movies) sure do make them out that way.

Posted by Mezmero

I'm gonna have nightmares from the image of Luchadeer getting lazily and nonchalantly chopped to a bloody, corn-syrupy pulp.  These movies are abominations and should've stopped the moment Uwe Boll was conceived, but I'm not saying anything we don't already know.  Great video and impressive editing as always.
Posted by theMuse

Meat Loaf was in this movie? I had no idea.

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Great movie.

Posted by Azteck

I didn't think it could go worse than it did with the Postal movie.. apparently it could.

Posted by Yummylee

Uwe boll must promise a life times worth of german porn n lager to be able to seduce so many talented actors into his movies.
Posted by Cross

Ryan, would you kindly never show the middle finger at me again? Thank you in advance.

Posted by GravityParade

Wow, Ghandi is in this movie!

Posted by darkjester74

Middle finger, eh?  Well EFF YOU Ryan Davis!
Also, great review as always.  Uwe Boll strikes again!!!