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Another great TANG. Makes me glad I never saw the movie, but happy I got to see Ryan deliver a hilarious review of it. 

Posted by Johnny_Sailor

Boobies at 54 seconds in!

Posted by cc23574

Did Ryan just flip me off? 
Posted by Rhyno

Luchadeer, NO!!!!!!

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@SevX1 said:

" saw this movie on TV a few days ago, i was like WTF?! "

I saw this movie being played on tv myself. Thank God I changed the channel.
Posted by Martdawg

I need to see this when its not edited for TV, it might just make it that much more bearable.

Posted by lamegame621

Ryan slipping in that middle finger was brilliant.

Posted by Keeng

Holy hell. I heard this movie was bad but I never imagined it could be this bad.
Posted by Neorub

Damn! I feel bad for a buddy of mine who actually went to the theaters and saw this.
Posted by dbz1995
@JohnnySailor said:
" Boobies at 54 seconds in! "
Posted by F1

I'm completely sold on this movie.

Posted by Sinkwater


Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Bad wigs: Nice tits.

Posted by SilverPR

You forgot the awful soft porn scene in the movie highlight.

Posted by NoCookiesForYou

Oh god, i laughed so hard :D

Posted by amir90

Still better than Twilight :)

Posted by majinace

Miss you Ryan!

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The man.

Posted by Thiago123