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Posted by BenderUnit22

Woah there, MacGyver is in this movie? This must be the greatest movie ever

Posted by Scooper

The end was hilarious

Posted by buzz_killington

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the season's over!!!
Posted by Kou_Leifoh

*Sign* That was some goood TANG. =)

Posted by Chewii101

Uwe Boll. Fantastic. 

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Posted by Creamypies

"Vinny? Honey?"

Posted by kerikxi

Vinny? Vinny? Honey? Vinny?

Posted by masternater27

Does horrible injustice to our Northwest rave scene.

Posted by Kajaah117
@craleigh318 said:
" My mom rented this movie for us years ago. She's a horror-film fan. This was our conversation:  Mom: "House of the Dead ... looks like creepy movie." Me: "Yeah, that's based off an arcade game." Mom: "Oh, you like video games. Let's get so we can both watch it!" Me: "Uh ... you don't know what video-game movies are like."  *Mom hesitates, then rents House of the Dead anyway.*  Oh well, at least I had a laugh at its crappy-ness. "
I had the EXACT same conversation with my mom, word for word. Damn! She and I both really like Advent Children and the first Mortal Kombat though.
And what's with moms and horror movies?
Posted by Cazamalos

 uwe boll is a genius, remember he makes MILLIONS whit the failure of the movies.

Posted by eduardo

Go for the sequel, Ryan!

Posted by chilipeppersman

i never saw this, but i was wondering how bad it was. Thanks for the TANG!

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I can't believe they went to all this trouble assembling this week's TANG, and left out the movie's single best moment:

Posted by Heartagram
@BulletStorm said:
" Was that a Final Fantasy logo I spotted? Did Ryan already review a FF Movie or was that a hint?  "
im almost positive he did both of them
Posted by The_Dude_Abides

Nice penis shot at the end there.

Posted by megafat

What about House of the Dead - Funny Version, that is even worse.

Posted by GeekyDad

In a hundred years, Uwe Boll will be heralded as a genius.

Posted by Jensonb

"It's called 'House of the Dead'."
"I see. So, it's set in some kind of house?"
"Um...Not as such."
"...Then where is it set?"
"On some generic island with attributes conducive to a cheesy, ham-fisted plot."
"So...Why is it called 'House of the Dead'?"
"So we can try and scam some money out of idiots who think it actually has something to do with the video game of the same name."
"Will that work?"
"...Worth a shot."

Posted by Kyle

Oh man D: I think Ryan is starting to lose it... One man can only take so many horrendous movies...
Hilarious ending!

Posted by Mezmero

This aint no movie.
Posted by natural_deadhead

That movie looks like shit.
Posted by PureRok
@BulletStorm said:
" Was that a Final Fantasy logo I spotted? Did Ryan already review a FF Movie or was that a hint?  "
He did. Both of them, I believe.
Posted by Ineedaname

Epic edit at the end.

Posted by Nomin

Looks like more Left 4 Dead than House of the Dead. Looks like we know where Valve got the inspiration for the game.
Posted by Absurd

I remember watching this a long time ago, I thought it was hilarious.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

how could this have happened? how could any human create something so mind-searingly awful? i've seen the fight scene at the end and i don't know whether to be thankful for this movie because it's so hilariously bad or to condemn the movie for its brain dead execution. the ending of the TANG video was hilarious though.

Posted by AndrewB

Have you heard the acting in any of the House of the Dead games? Actually, this movie is VERY faithful to it.

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Suffer like Ryan did?

Posted by Player1

Can anyone explain to me how after making this movie, how Uwe Bowl ever got another movie contract? 

Posted by bjorno

bif naked, yo

Posted by TheHT

lol 'RYAN!" at the end. i can't believe that wierd trance montage was in the movie.

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

Awesome ending!

Posted by Matfei90

Are you guys gonna do Far Cry next?

Posted by Harbi_117

Help us stop Uwe Boll :

340470 Total Signatures & counting
Posted by Kman

apparently uwe boll did a far cry movie last year.... in some ways i'm glad i didnt know, and in other ways i hope ryan knows and does a tang about it!

Posted by soul101

did anyone else catch the "curvature" at the end of the clip???

Posted by mattysen

Watch out Ryan! You could be the next contestor for Raging Boll 2! You need to start training now!!!!

Posted by BillyUno

Ryan, for the love of gaming PLEASE just stop the sensless "Boll"ing. We... we love you Ryan, and we can't stand to see you doing this to yourself. You have a problem... and you need to get help.
Put the Boll down. Into the trash. Or better yet, on the grill, with lots of lighter fluid, and a match. 
Or best yet, give it to the Mythbuster guys, and have them blow the crap out of it.... yeah, I like that idea best. It would look better than anything else Uwe Boll has ever done. And at last we can enjoy watching Uwe Boll's work...
... get blown to Kingdom Come.

Posted by BillyUno
@MassiveDuck said:
" YES!   More Uwe Boll.  I don't really think i'm going out on much of a limb to say he is the greatest director of our generation. "
*hurk* I think I just threw up a little, in my mouth.
Posted by Torpeeda

:D :D :D !!!
I love you guys :D !

Posted by Beomoose


Posted by freecajunlove

Next up.... The "Funny" Version
and the sequel is not as bad as this one

Posted by Yummylee

Frankly I sorta hope Uwe Bollocks can continue with his own style of shitting over all that is sacred with movies, cause then theres more hilarious TANG xD
Posted by Sjupp

God damn these movies are awesome! 
And Uwe Boll is actually good for something: reviewing his extremely awful movies!
Posted by Jedted
@Beomoose said:
"MacGuyvers?!?! "

I was wondering if anybody else noticed that.  Maybe Uwe Boll really likes "MacGyver"? 
Posted by CornishRocker

Loved the end again guys :D

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Such a concerned, loving friend Ryan is.

Posted by ashogo
@Eirikr said:
" House of the Dead is bad, but it's the kind of bad that's hilarious. Because of that, it's probably Boll's most watchable film. "
yeah, I definitely get that feeling. Unlike the last Uwe TANGs I was actually grinning through this one.
dude, when that girl says "did you see her face? It's horrible!" and then hastily looks away from the camera I swear she was trying to hold back laughter. I know I was.