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Posted by gidoff

Vinny? Vinny? RYAN!?
The endings are always awesome at TANG! :P

Posted by Edraii

Wait, that shotgun slow motion shot looked cool, right...?

Posted by Linkyshinks

I didn't appreciate having to stare at your crotch Ryan.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@TheHT said:
" lol 'RYAN!" at the end. i can't believe that wierd trance montage was in the movie. "
It's actually some sort of Prodigy-ish breakbeat. I don't get this whole "rave party" thing going on in this movie.
Posted by Damian

We must be running low on VG movies. What's left on the checklist of torture?

Posted by teekomeeko

This movie is so fun to watch. It made me laugh-out-loud more than a lot of comedies I've seen.

Posted by IchiroYagiza

More Uwe Boll madness and senseless dialogue!!!!
Posted by Stevokenevo

That movie looks so bad its not even good, its just bad.  But TANG is awesome!

Posted by Spiritof

"Muerte", that's Spanish for "death".
At least 'House of the Dead' has one teachable moment. Kinda makes me wish that this movie had been called 'Casa de los Muertos'. Sounds like the name of a great Mexican restaurant.

Posted by Zoobity

Did you see at 5:20 when the girl with the torch was talking it looked as if at any moment she would bust into laughter at this terrible script. She had to turn her head because it look like she had a smile on her face.    

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Posted by Colonel_Fury

Good lord and he still hasn't seen Alone in the Dark. Now that was terrible.

Posted by MeatSim

 Uwe Boll is slowly killing Ryan, noooooo!

Posted by GaZZuM

haha, 8 out of 5 star

Posted by hellspawn20003

this movie is so horrible but funny at the same time, it is the only Uwe Boll movie I own, and I could watch it just to laugh at it.... it is indeed his best work, which is also very sad.

Posted by PhilSebben

ryans junk at the end....

Posted by babz

oooooooooooooo no! what happened to vincent....

Posted by TOYBOXX

It's sad, and unfortunate, that TANG is mostly about Uwe Boll movies. What will come in the near future is more of Uwe Boll movies. God help us.

Posted by RenegadeSaint


Posted by MrKlorox

Haha... bulge.
That couch makes me think of old nachos.

Posted by twillfast

Uwe Boll is like Ed Wood, but... sadly... just.... oh dude.

Posted by Joey2683

Funny and awesome as always.
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@twillfast said:

"Uwe Boll is like Ed Wood, but... sadly... just.... oh dude. "

At least Ed Wood tried to make good movies (well, before he started making porn...), Uwe Boll on the other hand seems to be the unholy combination of Tarantino and an idiot.
Posted by PenguinDust

Ah, good TANG...can't wait for BloodRayne 2.  That will be the one that finally sends Ryan to the morgue.   I'm guessing Alone in the Dark will come before that, though.

Posted by capthavic

Yes, Uwe Boll movies will cause actual physical harm/pain if you watch them.  In fact I believe they are outlawed by the geneva convention  as cruel and unusual torture.
Posted by Kinggi

brilliant as usual

Posted by Redriderxxl

Another Uwe Boll MAsterpiece once again his socail akwerdness and brilliant cinimatography. Great job Ryan
Posted by Bucketdeth


Posted by Captainlunchbox

I remember pissing all my friends off and making them watch this for movie night- needless to say, I wasn't allowed to pick the next movie we all watched.
Posted by Ghostiet
@twillfast said:
" Uwe Boll is like Ed Wood, but... sadly... just.... oh dude. "

Wood embodies innocence and making your dreams come true. Boll is a synonim for cynicysm and being a brainfucked child.

Wood was a shitty director, but you can sympatise with him very easily. Also, he wasn't hurting anyone with his movies, while Boll constantly shits on the image of video games.

Posted by Kohe321

One of the best TANGs!

Posted by Benjamimmy

Ryan! You poor dude! Watching these terrible movies. :'(

Posted by ferrarimanf355

House of the Dead motherfucker!

Posted by Lydian_Sel

 Most of the zombies in this flick look like cheap Halloween costumes or dudes in leotards with fake blood. Im starting to worry about the effects these movies might be having on Ryan. He's too precious to just let him go down this dark road.

Posted by BlazingWookie

Keep it up Ryan, these are awesome - you're taking one for the team each time, but we get a laugh out of it
Posted by theMuse

Why. Why are these all so awful.

Posted by SketchyBrown

"...McGuyvers - come in!"

Posted by EdIsCool

Holy Hot Dancing Asian Women! That movie is awful.

Posted by DavidSnakes

I maintain that House of the Dead 2 is the funniest game ever

Posted by Toxin066

Ryan is dying! I think we need to start a "Save Ryan: Game for the Cure - Put an End to Boll" foundation.

Posted by KORNdog

The shot of ryans package at the end almost rivaled that of David Bowies in the Labyrinth....     
dance magic, dance baby...lol
Posted by Hyco24

Loved this movie for all the boobies, only reason to watch it.
P.S.  Best part is the end when Ryan shows his package, yummy.

Posted by Tarsier

HAHAHAHAHHA such a good ending

Posted by Diamond

Oh my god, how could the teleprompter know to say 'Vinny?' if Vinny was going to disappear mysteriously.  Not only did the teleprompter kill Vinny, but he has complete mind control or precognition of Ryan!

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Brad? Honey? Brad??????? better come search for you aimlessly.
Posted by Bigandtasty

"isla del muerte" LOL

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Um.... Did that cop lady call for Guyver on teh walkie talkie?  Like Bio Booster Armor Guyver? O_o

Posted by twm

C'mon, how long are you gonna make us wait before reviewing number 13.

Posted by AllanIceman

Needs more TANG