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Posted by needforswede
@crusader8463 said:
" WOOT! 23rd post!  Loved the vinny thing at the end ^_^ There cant be many game movies left is there? Maybe they need to expand to other movies. Like all those shitty sci-fi channel movies to continue this poor mans suffering. "
Yea I wonder how many videogame movies are left to review.  I was about to say Dead or Alive, but he already covered that one too.  I'm sure some new shitty ones will come out in the near future.
Posted by EvilSanta

I'm sure someone must have mentioned this, but behind the scenes making of films were unlockable on the Dreamcast HotD collection. He  made the matrix-esque shots by putting a camera on a circular railroad track and then pushing it really fast.

Posted by Ghostiet
@EvilSanta: Wait, what?
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Man, I forgot that Clint Howard was in that flick! 
Also, he still has to watch Uwe's worst one:  Alone in the Dark Director's Cut.

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my tang request is 
shoot em up staring clive owen
not technically based on a game but more of a computer game film than most actual computer game film

Posted by Connelo

Very funny once again!

Posted by Gamer_152

Yup, looks as terrible as ever.

Posted by Brockly46

hope Vinny's ok

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@theholybible said:
" i had to go back and watch the end like 5 times, and im still not sure wheather to laugh or cry, i actually feared for vinny's life for a minute but then i heard his sweet voice at the end there! "
LoL I like how you can see the tail end of Ryan's cue card there on the mac monitor... "nny?"
Posted by Hoshnasi

Good night sweet prince Tang.  We barely knew thee :)

Posted by handlas

where art thou TANG tonight?

Posted by G24S

 Great episode.  
Ryan, when's the next TANG coming out?

Posted by empire_man

Where's the new TANG duder?!

Posted by Media_Master

great ending

Posted by kerikxi

No Tang this week?

Posted by D34dM4n

cmon, new TANG!!! said there was gonna one on I Love Monday vid, yet still no TANG

Posted by Maxszy

God this one just looks, horrible.

Posted by Lazyaza

This movie was two firsts for me:
The first ever exposure to the horrendously and  insultingly bad work of Uwe Boll.
The first ever movie I watched for less than 10 mins before ejecting.  
I suppose I can at least be greatful he made sure to make the right impression the first time so I would avoid everything he's ever made like the plague from that point onwards.

Posted by RayCarter

My head is spinning wild from 3:46- 4:18.

Posted by Keeng

Wait, so that montage that came after Ryan said it was the best and worst part was actually in the F'n movie?! What?! That has to be a joke, right?

Posted by FrostyIsShibby

Nice package shot in the end.

Posted by F1

This movie looks funny as hell.

Posted by Reverseface

SIMON SIMON!!!! My names greg.....
Posted by DrRandle

Poor Clint Howard.

Posted by DarkPants

hahaha great hog shot there guys

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Captain Kirk? Hahah, that's a great one xD
*watches rest of the video*

I'd actually watch this movie. It seems to be so horribly funny piece of crap ever.

Posted by AMonkey

At 5:30 isn't that the chick from Avatar?

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@AMonkey: No. This chick already looks like a fucking catperson.
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Posted by woodelf86

This was awsome

Posted by RobJ

The saddest part of this film? The baked goods stand at the "rave" fell to the zombies.

Posted by foggel

Vinny? Honey? :D
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Posted by Matterless

I like to pronounce his name "Eww."

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Posted by TheLeamenator
@ohthejawsoflife: Not anymore.
Posted by Undeadpool

This movie is also host to one of the WEAKEST lines of villainous motivation ever.

Random Character: "Why do you want to become immortal?"

Main Villain: "So that I can live forever!"

...Yeah, no shit...

@Keeng said:

Wait, so that montage that came after Ryan said it was the best and worst part was actually in the F'n movie?! What?! That has to be a joke, right?

He does the exact same thing at the end of Bloodrayne.

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<> :'(

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I know this is from years ago, but some of these jokes by Ryan... Man...

Posted by Fattony12000

Thanks, Ryan.


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RIP Ryan. Giant Bomb was an amazing experiment that lives on because of you. You gave us a real perspective into the 'behind the scenes' aspect of game journalism. Giant Bomb has always been a team of personalities, all of which we still love, but it's easy to say you were the best. You were the arbitrator, you were the host, you were the sexy mother fucker with a tribal tat! It's hard to watch these old videos without tearing up - I am right now - but just know this: we love you man! Your sarcastic, sardonic, and grim whit is why I come to Giant Bomb. I'm excited to see where the future of the Giant - ass - Bomb goes but it will never, ever, f'ing EVER, be somewhere you shouldn't be.

RIP brother. We all stand united in saying "Uwe Boll can go fuck himself!".

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