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Looks really fun. Hope I can find this game someday. 
I'd love to see more QL Throwbacks.
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this game looks amazing!

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Reggae has Ska roots (even if almost everyone thinks it went the other way, it didn't). Reggae is actually "half-speed" Ska.

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so the lady in red has like a blackhole under her dress

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@nrain said:
"@Johanz said:
"Haha, I want an endurance run of this game! "

That would be a great idea, unless we have to watch them go through a part a million times.  But I guess that's the definition of "Endurance".
Posted by RedNinja

I like the Throwback QL, nice feature to the great site! I have this game and even when I bought it years ago it was  hard to find. I also have a cool PS1 game called Punky Skunk, it's a 2D platformer with a skunk. Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.
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Mad Japanese! and Ska! this looks brutal though.

Posted by Mister_Snig

Without a doubt, the funniest game of all time.

Posted by Gav47

When is this out? Shit looks awesome

Posted by DukeTogo

I sold my copy for mad dollas, after I made a copy that is.
Next Quick Look Throwback: Disaster Report.

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Oh, I forgot to say that you should definately consider doing more of these Quick Look Throwbacks.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I just saw this game at a used store today. It made me instantly think of GB.

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I enjoyed this video so much, I checked my stuff and dug up my copy of the game. I bought it used at Gamestop back when it was on clearance. You guys should do more of these Throwbacks and talk about really obscure stuff. :P

Posted by cheesecake

omg i remember this game. this game was awesome..and hard.

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Haha, I was laughing my ass off!

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@Figcoinc said:
" I played this game back in the day!  I even beat this madness!  This game was so freaking awesome!  The best mini game was the one on the Carousel.  I know Ryan knows what I am talking about.  Not more fun than a good old mini game about adultery!  hahaha "
ALL THE WAY... down. 
Ooh, a little... left... 
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Some more Throwback suggestions:  Pepsi Man, Chu Chu Rocket, Seaman, Shenmue, and Jet Set Radio. 
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Hey, if no one's gonna provide me with a legal route for obtaining this game, why should I feel bad about downloading it? I have no sympathy for the rights holders.

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I want to see more!

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Oh God, this is great. Taneo's screams send me into uncontrollable giggle fits that I can't quite explain. Please continue with this.

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The reason they were probably having such a difficult time is because they were playing on a monitor which has lag when objects are displayed on the screen to controller input. It's why Rockband has that callibrate mode to offset it.

Posted by MattBosten

Once the Persona 4 Endurance Run is done, this has got to be next in line! A quick look isn't enough.

Posted by PenguinDust

MORE MORE MORE, please!  I would so love an Incredible Crisis mini-endurance run with Ryan and Vinny.  This video was so funny and entertaining.   Please finish the game for us.

Posted by viklanderviking

Next Endurance Run!

Posted by The_Philosopher

Incredible Crisis endurance run would be sweet! I want to see what happens to Taneo or how ever the hell you spell his name.


this was so cool! do a mini ER!

Posted by ThePantheon

the double-time after it was going so well. HILARIOUS.
just a succession of "awh.   awh.  awh.    awh.     awh..     awh."

Posted by regmcfly

It's a shame you didn't get to the Ferris Wheel massage section.

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This game was so awesome/ annoying as all get out! I must buy this again!

Posted by CitizenKane

That is definitely one of the funniest Quick Looks I have seen in a while.

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endurance runnnnn

Posted by dagas

I remember another PS1 mad-Japanese mini-game compilation called Bishi Bashi Special. For some reason they released it in Europe (but not the US)

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you guys should do a endurance run of this! that would be awesome
Posted by TheHT

wow, that was so awesome.

Posted by KingofCosmos

This was an amazing game. Unfortunately I lost my copy in my latest move.  I played this game all the way through and this video gives me a really strong urge to play it again.

Posted by corgorav

Nice retro quick look, I remember when I almost bought this game (it was between this and GTA 2... This had better box art).

Posted by nackbagger

i want to play this game!

Posted by TobyD81

This game needs to come to the PSN store. I've got to see where this madness goes.

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Please do an Endurance Run with Vinny for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's pure comedy GOLD!

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That was really fun looking. 

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Oh man Everyone is asking for it, you guys Gotta do an Endurance run!
Btw are you guys saying Quentin Tarantino Incredible Crisis movie in the works? =]

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i played this game when it came out. LOL

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I had this game! Couldn't get past that first mini game though!

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I wish I'd seen this sooner, that was Incredible Comedy, haha. Too bad there wasn't a glimpse at the ferris wheel mini game, that one was hysterical. I've only ever gotten up to the part with the daughter, but now that I know you can basically troll player one, I'm definitely going to hunt this game out again. 
And to follow the trend: ENDURANCE RUNNN.

Posted by SteveV

Best quicklook ever! Never laughed so hard! :)