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Posted by 2Yewtz

That was great.

Posted by Shinri

Best quick look.
Posted by DarkbeatDK

Hey those two medics are totally Laurel and Hardy

Posted by cooljammer00

If they were playing this game on PS3, there totally is some sort of lag.  Maybe it's the digital/analog divide between the PS3 and PS1

Posted by moush
@cooljammer00: That's not how it works.
Posted by PosseOfOne

a blatant ripoff intro of independence day

Posted by gormanator

Endurance  Run would be hilarious

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Posted by Gnome

ryan's reaction time is so poor lol

Posted by Scribbly

UWEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Legendary QL, wish I had this game.

Posted by AceOfMasta

Loved this game when I first played it.

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Posted by RahRahRobot

This was one of those games I'd see on the pitiful game rack in Sam Goody and just ignore. This and Sea Man. I always thought it was some crappy Twisted Metal clone. After this quick look, I'm filled with regret for not giving it a closer look. Never judge a game by its cover.

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Just bought this game!
Posted by Zeraldonith

I SOOOOOOOO wish I could buy this! 
Posted by Jay_uk

Ha, the nerd on a wire game used to drive me mad....

Posted by Rattle618

Now that it`s on youtube I cant watch this vid (it says its a duplicate). Bummer.

Posted by cangowar

you can still watch it, try clicking on the quick look title, for me it opened in the giantbomb player

Posted by sebmal

It's six in the morning, I just got done watching this and instantly bought a copy on Ebay. Thank you so much.

Posted by Dberg
Kind of lost for words on this one.
Posted by Lopatnik1

I love this idea of posting these old QL's with Ryan, a great tribute, but also a nice way of revisiting some of the better or "better" games I guess.

Posted by Kartana

I love this idea of posting these old QL's with Ryan, a great tribute, but also a nice way of revisiting some of the better or "better" games I guess.

It's a neat idea but the side has become a clusterfuck of old content because of that.

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@kartana: Wait, I don't get what's so bad about that. I think it's great looking back at all of this old content. You get a great retrospective at what Ryan's personality was like, and if lucky, you'll find a game you forgot that you wanna try out. Granted, Dragonball Evolution and Harry Potter are probably games I nor anyone will ever try, but I honestly did forget about Hotline Miami and how awesome it seemed, and for the case of this particular video, I forgot that I totally meant to look for Incredible Crisis off of Amazon. I'm even listening to Japanese ska right now!

Posted by rcath

@kartana: please stop existing in my portion of the multiverse. TaSWell Forever.

Posted by Yesiamaduck

I loved this game as a kid! I cannot wait to catch up a video I had long missed.

Posted by weegieanawrench

@kartana: Come on, duder. They're not going to put out any more content this week, and moreover, can't you be comfortable with giving the GB community just a week to reflect and appreciate what Ryan brought to this site?

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I don't remember watching this at all! Thanks for digging this up! Ryan's still making me smile!

Posted by JackiJinx
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Man, this just reminded me of how Ryan never got around to doing something on the site with No One Can Stop Mr. Domino. I know he brought it out for Button Mashing, but I hoped he'd have a chance to elucidate on why he liked it so much, even though I have a feeling the reasons would be very similar to the ones expressed over this game!

I hope that game appears in video form on here at some point. Maybe a live show of playing games Ryan loved, in which the rest of the staff confound themselves on the weirder stuff.

Posted by namesonkel

@kartana: Not a bad thing, in my book.

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@kartana: Why is this a problem? I for one am glad to see all of this old content all over the site. It is not only a great way to remember Ryan but also amazing as I haven't seen some of these before.

Posted by Lincoln

@kartana: You are missing the point of the site. It's not about the content, it's about the people that make that content. They are what separate this site from all the rest. When we loose one of these people we are going to honor them.

Posted by Lando81

@kartana: You miss the point. If you need up to date coverage, go elsewhere. GB is all Taswell, at least for this week.

Posted by White_Lando

@kartana: I'm sorry that this week they have not provided you with an endless stream of new, free entertainment which you contribute nothing in return for. You'll find a way to cope, I'm sure.

Posted by bkfountain

Awesome video, never saw it before.

Looks like they ran into input lag for the first rhythm game since they're likely playing on a HDTV. It even make parappa a pain to play now.

Posted by gbrading

I wish they did more Quick Look Throwbacks. I know Encyclopedia Bombastica is kind of that but I prefer it with several quick lookers. One of my Ryan favourites.

Posted by Roomrunner

I'm so glad this QL was put up. When the news broke on Monday, I spent the entire rest of the day blasting my Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra collection, in tribute. Ryan is the only other human being I've ever heard speak the name of this fantastic band.

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I gotta recommend you go watch Ryan play Sid Meier's Sim Golf also, he seemed to really like that game.

Posted by CharAznable

Man, the sound effects in this game are annoying as hell.

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this is amazing

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Mad Tarantino? Pshaw!