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Posted by SWIPSTER

total respect for Gearbox now! wish i could see what my boss was doing on his computer when i wall past, i wonder what i would see...ebay? whats that got to do with work!

Posted by Sunjammer
@Montrealien: Gearbox ported Halo for the pc.
I really dig the guy. He's just an enthusiastic, laid back dude who really honestly seems excited about his work. High five Randy!
Posted by Mooshu

Randy seems like a cool, down-to-earth dude.
Posted by Montrealien

Am I the only one that caught on the Halo Helm in his "projects I worked on" shelve?

Posted by Media_Master

He's #1!!!!!

Posted by Kyle

Wow. That is so badass.

Posted by snake911

That was rad

Posted by makedonii

what a nice guy! :) cool office too

Posted by GamerGeek360

I really like that office!

Edited by tyger_cheex

Oh shit son! A Vectrex! I've got one of those but mine was made my MB (Milton Bradley) and I have working carts! Nice to see it elsewhere after all this time!

Posted by piropeople13


Posted by Seiromem


Posted by JackiJinx

Man, Randy looks almost identical to my friend Dan from community college. That's rather crazy. 
I hope to procure a collection like that someday. 

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Randy is a cool dude.

Posted by Swinghi

Must have Borderlands.

Posted by fox01313

Very cool, between this & the photo gallery on Kotaku (showing off the room with all the arcade/pinball games @ Gearbox), makes me want to visit it even more.
Posted by Hector

I want to to get it but im broke right now!!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

This guy is the bomb.

Posted by joelalfaro
@Coldbrand: doesn't he? I get a weird good person vibe from him.
Posted by CaptainTightPants

Lol The Micro Was designed for u to be able to play it during school, you could pretty much hide it behind your wrist.....Ahhh how awesome things were

Posted by joeorenji

I want my office in the future to look just like this lol

Posted by ThePantheon

The man likes consoles.

Posted by Coldbrand

Seems like a nice guy.

Posted by Arjuna

Where's the VirtuaBoy?!

Posted by Kohe321

No, that's the second best office in the game industry. Giant bomb has the best. This is a good second place, though.

Posted by chogi

am i too late?

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Great office and great philosophy.  Not a big shooter fan but I am definitely looking forward to Borderlands.  Thumbs up!

Posted by Castro

This might have been mentioned already, but didn't Giant Bomb do a Cribs type thing where they went to Ryan's house a while back? You guys should continue doing that with the other guys. I'm curious to see Jeff's collection.

Posted by 100eyes

Should do more developer office cribz!!

Posted by Darknesszora

awesome console display

Posted by corey596
note to zyn it now works if you press on it from another video in fullscreen it is awsome
Posted by emkeighcameron

Wow. It's sad how much I envy this man.

Posted by Inquisitor

Posted by RabidSquirrel89

Yaaaaaay for being in Plano. That's where I live. And yaaaaaay for all the Mountain Dew cans. Mountain Dew is pure gamer energy greatness in a can.

Posted by MeatSim

Damn that is a impressive collection and office, I would like to see if anybody could top that.

Posted by Landmine
@NickNorman said:
" I love how enthusiastic Randy Pitchford is about everything. It really seems like he cares about his work, and the games reflect that. I can't wait for Borderlands. "
took the words right out of my, uh.. mind i guess.
Edited by Cday

Oh shit KB Toys 
Nostalgia Bomb

Posted by Leonct

Wow, that office is amazing. It really humiliates my collection of systems and games i have scattered all across my room right now

Posted by wefwefasdf

That is awesome.

Posted by Jimbo_N

I saw a Shadow Warrior box back there. This guy worked on Shadow Warrior back in the day? Respect.
Posted by Reverseface

Opposing forces was a fucking a great game.
Posted by Krenor

oh that looks like a nice shelf full of memoDUKE NUKEM 3D MOTHAFUCKA

Posted by Zripwud

Great office!

Posted by zitosilva

I didn't understand what the GB crew meant back at E3 until I saw the interview and now this. Listening to Randy Pitchford speak is just great. He seems humble, in a good way. You can feel he's excitement when talking about anything.

Posted by y0y0

He seems like such a nice guy...

Edited by Matfei90

Pitchford seems like a really pleasant dude. I'd like to work for someone like that in the future.

Posted by giyanks22

Borderlands will be awesome...HE seems like a really cool guy.

Posted by RVonE

So is this going to be Giant Bomb's version of Cribs? 
Just kidding. Anyway, his collection of consoles is impressive. However, I don't think I would put them on display like that in my office. It takes up way to much precious space. Still, it does look awesome.
Posted by NickNorman

I love how enthusiastic Randy Pitchford is about everything. It really seems like he cares about his work, and the games reflect that. I can't wait for Borderlands.

Posted by zeox

I can't help but smile when Randy Pitchford is on camera.

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