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Posted by capthavic

TANG, a delicious orange drink and a delicious video series XD
Posted by CitizenKane

I want Ryan to do Bloodrayne II: Deliverance next.  If he has any life left after watching all the Uwe Boll movies so far, this one will drain the rest.  While Boll's other movies have been released in theaters, this one went straight to video.  That should show you just how bad it is.

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hey uwe, we got les wampas on the phone

Posted by CoverlessTech
@MrMuise said:
" Does anybody else see the irony of all the newfies talking about pronunciation? "
How many "newfies" do you even know?
Posted by Slaneesh
@jakob187 said:
"You know what's fucked up about this movie...besides everything?  If Uwe Boll didn't direct it, and Tara Reid wasn't in it...it could've actually been a decent movie at least. "

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oh man thats bad

Posted by MildMolasses
there are actually people (Canadians to boot) who pronounce it that way. It gained popularity for a bit before everyone gave up because we had to start saying Newfoundland & Labrador all the time
Posted by TwoOneFive
@Cerza said:
Posted by InFamous91

welcome back TANG

Posted by mekklesak

Ahhhh... delicious TANG. Hey it IS better if you wait a while.... :P As always the best stuff on earth.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Yeah TANG is back!!! Great episode Ryan, this was one of the best!!

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The scene that is shown at 2:57 is awesome, mainly because someone who is supposed to be dead on the floor lifts their head a little before it cuts away.
Also, during a fight, someone who is supposed to be impaled by a long, thin thing falls over. As they do, the bit going in the front comes away from them, breaking the illusion and giving away that it's just two different pieces.
Oh, and there's also a bullet that seems to miss someone by a freakin' mile, but kills them anyway.
Yep, I bought this DVD a bargain bin to see how bad it was. I am mad ambivalent over its entertainment value.

Posted by Hef

lol newfoundland dumb bitch

Posted by Infernocow
@MrMuise said:
" Does anybody else see the irony of all the newfies talking about pronunciation? "
No.  No I don't.  Please enlighten me.  And watch yourself, while you're at it.
Posted by Deusoma
@marc said:
" NEW-FIN-LAND!!! Nobody ever gets it right haha. But I agree, that Newfundlund sounds a hell of a lot less stupid than new-found-land.   Most awesome place on earth though, it is all that matters!! "
This. My Dad's a Newfie and it takes very little provocation for him to loudly remind you that it's New-fin-LAND.
Posted by theMuse

I do love me some tang.

Posted by TechnicallyProficient

In the words of Alan Doyle, what are ya' at?
The Americanized pronunciation always drives us Newfoundlanders crazy.  I think it all goes back to the promo on NTV from the mid '90s where the kid from Home Improvement said it wrong. But Giant Bomb seems to have a Fort McMurray-like representation of us ready to band together when needed in instances like this.
Still, this episode of TANG is the biggest thing to happen to Newfoundland involving a giant bomb since  Shaun Majumder set off that nuclear bomb in season 6 of 24.

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Posted by AllanIceman

At least she didn't make any "Newfie" jokes.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

The dialogue & acting in this film is fucking toxic. Christian Slater & Tara Reid should stick to doing rails in dark nightclub coat rooms.
 Oh, & Uwe Boll should wedge a shotgun in the enormous expanse betwixt his front teeth.

Posted by lasafrog

I don't love to hate this director. I actually hate him, and want to never see anything reviewed again that he's touched. It adds a razzy-like justification for his existance, which is balogna.  
He is a blight on games and cinema, and it is not humorous. Just bad.
Posted by jlaudio7

new FOUND land. lol

Posted by bigall94
lo...betwixt needs to be used in regular speech so much more.
Posted by D

Never seen this movie. Now I have to watch it totally shit faced. It make all bad movies that much better.

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Posted by DrRandle

We're seven seconds away...

Posted by BAMoney

the newfoundland quote was just too funny.

Posted by Joseppie

Does box art Tara Reid scare the crap out of anyone else?

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Posted by Maxszy

So bad, this TANG was scary!
Loved it though! The how Newfoundland thing was horrible when I heard her pronounce it, glad you brought it up Ryan!

Posted by RockChild

Actually Ryan had it 2/3 right.  you say newfound as he did but you say land as you normally would.....everybody now......it's my home...i'm what some would call an expert...

Posted by Irishjohn

This movie blows..... Yup.  That's all I had to say.

Posted by Dethfish

Ugh, I don't like Tara Reid.

Posted by CashBailey
@FlemmingM said:
" Wow.. Mnemic was in a Uwe Boll movie... awesome! "
I know. A good band lumped in with the shittiness of Boll.
It's not fair.
Posted by dagas

They should make an Uwe Boll movie pack and label it Worst Movies of All Time.

Posted by simian
@RockChild said:
" Actually Ryan had it 2/3 right.  you say newfound as he did but you say land as you normally would.....everybody now......it's my home...i'm what some would call an expert... "
Apparently it's also a country according to Tara.
Posted by TyphoonSwell

Damn it. Now they have advertising before the videos..... GB, I thought you were above that.... Let's hope you don't get worse....

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He's the only director I've seen so far that makes montages out of key action scenes to apparently emphasize that they're throwaway moments.

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

Just getting lower and lower...

Posted by y0y0

Lol finally more TANG

Posted by Lozz

I love TANG!

Posted by MrMuise
@Infernocow: Think about how that topic can be ironic. Think about irony and see if you can work out an answer..... I'll give you a cookie!
Posted by Morridin

Will be interesting to see what he's gonna think of the 2nd Alone in the Dark movie.
I had somewhat higher hopes due to Uwe Boll not directing it as well as the inclusion of Lance Henriksson and Danny Trejo, but it turned out to be even worse!

Posted by Stargate174

funny when u pronounced it correctly at end end and you added her saying "you ass hole"...Lol

Posted by get2sammyb

Seven seconds awayyyyyyyyyy. Just so long as I stayyyyyyy. I'll be waiting.

Posted by ocdog45

who pays to read on a screen. WTF?
Posted by selbie

ROFL. GFTO Uwe! You are officially worse for the videogame industry than Jack Thompson!!

Posted by cursormonkey

I bought this a while back for five bucks to see just how bad it could be.
I'm never getting that time back.
I had to inflict it on friends just to make myself feel less bad (there is no 'better' with this). They weren't happy.

Posted by Carlos1408

LOL just lol!