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Posted by angryphil

lol this game is great :-D, you guys aren't too good at it  though xD

Posted by bludst0ne

Takes me back. Retro QL ftw.

Posted by End_Boss

Man, this brought me back. I was ten years old when I first played this game. My friend and I couldn't afford a memory card, so we would beat this game every damned night just to see Super Sonic.
Ah, the golden years...

Posted by ashogo
@Zeik said:
" @Yelix said:
" Yeah, if you were to stack up this game and it's sequel side by side today, the sequel is way better. Less gimmicky bullshit, better graphics, better music, better story (not saying much), better controls, better camera, and more replay value with multiple storylines. "
Really? I thought the second Sonic Adventure was terrible compared to this game. I actually quite enjoyed this game, probably the last sonic game that I did. (Granted I've barely touched Sonic game's after Adventure 2.) "
I played both sonic adventure games on the cube a decade ago, and I remember having a lot more fun with the sequel. Probably because there were no "exploration" parts in that one.
Posted by Supermarius

This really is a terrible quicklook. Why all the sonic hate. I know its fashionable but its not appropriate. At least not when you are looking back at old games for an old system. I don't know how many dumb old games Jeff and Vinny look back on with fond memories, but its alot. Its weird to see the GB crew start a series of dreamcast retrospectives by dumping all over sonic adventure. This was a good game at the time and can still be alot of fun. It's not the games fault if you aren't good at the controls the first time you play it. You know just once id like to see professional reviewers talk about a sonic game without going out of their way to let me know how much they hate sonic and think all of his games are crap.  
Alot of people grew up with the genesis and not the snes. I've been gaming since the early 90's and ill be honest. I had a genesis and i love sonic games. I dont really like mario games that much. I think that the stages and music in the 2d sonic games were far and away better than the snes mario ones. Sonic games made me love video games as a kid and nothing, nothing that reviewers say now or some bad new sonic game that is produced will somehow go back in time and make the old sonic games bad. They were great and they will always be great.
Why did you even bother making this quicklook?

Posted by AaronAlex

I think i agree with brad, in that the action sequences and set pieces look like alot of fun.  
However i think the sonic games should have died along with the dreamcast. Although i could be up for some kind of downloadable 3d sonic platforming. 

Posted by TheHBK

great graphics when it came out, i was amazed.  Especially with the grass and sand textures.  And that whale!  Remember, this game came out a year before in Japan.

Posted by lesenfantterrible

you can die in the first level of sonic adventure!!!!???????? 
braaaaaaaaad, dude!!!!

Posted by JFiveJ5

hopefully the new 2d sonic game that was just announced brings sonic back into the limelight in the proper way like it should have been done right after this game came out. after making this sega should have realized sonic needs to stay in 2d.

Posted by CrashTanuki

This game was the start of the half-assed gimmick crap that Sonic games are known for now with the stupid adventuring part of the game. The game would've probably been 10x better if it let you skip to the next action stages, as everything is awful crap that signaled the downfall of the Sonic series that was to come.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I too have fond memories of this game but, yeah, it is quite dated today. I don't remember the voice acting and animations being so egregiously bad.

Posted by CitizenKane

Brad + a 10-year old control system = priceless

Edited by SuperfluousMoniker

I played Sonic Unleashed and it is exactly the same as this. If they just let you skip to the action levels (the Sonic ones, not the Were Hog crap) it would have been alright, but they pad the game with a bunch of crap that I didn't want to play so it sits unfinished on my shelf.

Posted by TwoOneFive

whats funny how in ten years they'll be playing games from today and saying the same shit like, 0oh man these controls are so foreign yacck!

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

I played this game until the day my Dreamcast broke. Jesus Christ... The memories.

Posted by Jinto

I just wish they'd make a chao adventure game.

Edited by msaeger

Sonic Adventure was fun I got it at launch and played through it more than once. You guys are thinking about it too much.

Posted by Gearhead

Second highest rated Dreamcast game on Gamspot, out of the bunch they showed, expect for Soul Caliber. 
I don't feel good about that.

Posted by JackiJinx

And Sonic is just one more reason why women get their tubes tied.

Posted by Korrz

Sonic Adventure was an awesome game I still love it :)

Posted by Takkadoomp

" I think the ketamine just kicked in"      HAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by Hitzel
I too love Sonic Adventure.  I actually still play it every once in a while (it and part 2).  Speedrunning in the Sonic Adventure games is still a ton of fun.
Posted by leky1

will you do the smae thing for the PS2 next year?

Posted by JamminSnake

IDK, I still love Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast version atleast) but I mean, sure, some parts haven't aged as well as others, but the reason it's ok with me is because I look at it at the perspective of the era it came out, like for example, Mario 64, if it came out today, it would suck, because everything's all blocky (graphics aren't everything, but still, u know what I mean) and the camera in it is AWFUL!!! Same with Final Fantasy 7, if it came out today, it'd probrably suck, but the point is, they came out in an era where stuff like that is awesome, and as long as u can have an awesome sense of nostalgia to u when u play those games (like I do) then u can love and aprreciate them just as much as me :)
Posted by HatKing

I really enjoyed Sonic Adventure 2...never played this one though.  Funny thing is I don't really remember the boring ass "adventure" sections in 2....
Posted by Media_Master


Posted by capthavic

For it's time Sonic Adventure was pretty good. Too bad Sonic Team/Sega stopped trying to make a decent game after that.
Posted by Willy105
@leky1 said:
" will you do the smae thing for the PS2 next year? "
The PS2 did not die before it's time. In fact, it ran for 9 years!
However, it would be awesome if they did it to celebrate the launch of every console.
Posted by Sooty

This game is amazing, when I first got it my mind was blown at the sheer speed of it.
Great game! Holds up pretty well I think.

Posted by Bahamut_Mega

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was a MUCH better game! 
Posted by 234r2we232

The deeper this game can be buried, the better.

Posted by pancakemaster

Oh how I <3 this fame so much. Got it for one my old birthdays back in the day

Posted by lwppopz
@SuperfluousMoniker said:
I played Sonic Unleashed and it is exactly the same as this. If they just let you skip to the action levels (the Sonic ones, not the Were Hog crap) it would have been alright, but they pad the game with a bunch of crap that I didn't want to play so it sits unfinished on my shelf.
Agreed. Here's hoping Sonic generations will be good.