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when will be over.

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@Sanj said:
" I love the Ameno boss music. "
Confirmed. The high-lighted guitar chords are an incredibly nice touch. It really amazing how the composer(s), namely Meguro, were able to create repetitive music that wasn't annoying.
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Vinny and Jeff would have been fucked without Chie. Chie saved the day!!! :D  
And Jeff's reaction when the Seekers of Truth leveled up was priceless.

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You know this guy's reasons for this are getting more and more retarded as he goes but i must admit it was entertaining to watch. And for the record "because I can" isn't a good reason for destroying the world.  and was he using izanagi to fight you now thats just screwed up

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oh right Dojima! almost forgot about that old bugger ;D

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pimp slap him with my god's hand - Lol

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"Charlie come here... I just wanted... to say... 
...you're a bitch."

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@Lelcar said:
"Charlie come here... I just wanted... to say...  ...you're a bitch."
High point of the ER right there. 
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Fucking damn, "The Almighty" is so friggin' good.

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@Vinchenzo said:

Thank God the last episode is tomorrow. Enough of this trash.

Why did you ever watch this?

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Oh, man! 92 hours later, it all comes down to this, and there's episodes to go? Let's do this!

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It's funny that they talk about agreeing with Adachi through a dialog option cause...in Golden, you TOTALLY can...

Also: Creepy Raper Face...makes me laugh every time...

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This boss fight reminds me a lot of the Reaper boss fight in ME3. The "ending" also reminded me of how cool some parts of Persona 3 were (which I bought and played through after watching 10 or so parts of this ER).

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This boss fight reminds me a lot of the Reaper boss fight in ME3.

I thought the same thing when i fought him in P4 Golden. I think the ME Reaper voice is a little more chilling, that scene in ME1 when you first speak to Sovereign still gets me.