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Edited by MattClassic

This should be on GOG. I'd drop $15 on it faster than you can say Dogs of the AMS.

Posted by melodiousj

"The city's chaos is increasing."

Every game needs to have writing like this in it.

Posted by dcgc

LOOOL I didn't knew that there was a version of House of the dead where you use a keyboard to type the words from the screen. That's crazy!

Posted by Romination

What a wonderful game. I wish they had done Strength, and Tower. Their boss fights are great.

Posted by claudius

There's an arcade in my city that has this game, but the only problem is the words are in Japanese, but spelled phonetically with English characters. I really want to get my hands on an English version of this game.

Posted by gamerpigeon

love the arcade version its sooo awesome!

Posted by Bahamut_Mega

I type at about 50WPM and that game looks like one hell of a pain in the ass
Posted by RobJ

Man, Ryan kicked butt at this! I would never succeed with my point-and-click ways :P

Posted by Osaladin

I want to play this now.

Posted by Bigandtasty

Hierophant has good dance moves.

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by JukeboxJoe

Best. Game. Ever
Posted by Zereta

I want a new version of this type of game. NOW!

Posted by Gamer_152

I remember when I first saw this game. I just came into the room and there was my friend, sitting there playing Typing of the Dead. I just sat and watched in slight disbelief taking in the absurdity of the game.

Edited by fox01313

Only played it on the PC & still see that version popping about at stores occasionally but it was excessively fun & highly recommended for anyone who wants to get better at typing. Agreed with Ryan & Vinny where has some of the best band names created in the game. Didn't notice til watching this QL again that they softened many of the weapons where the zombies (with green blood) were carrying large red cartoon mallets instead of an axe.
Posted by MachoFantastico

What a great idea, wish I had played that back in the day.

Posted by CitizenKane

Love that the characters are wearing giant Dreamcast consoles with battery and keyboard.

Posted by smartoonkid

The Typing of the Dead OverKill 
Make it Happen!
Posted by radiOlactive

12:58, best scene in the entire quicklook! 

Posted by Th3_James

:O i was about to say something about mavis beacon but ryan mentioned it....I found an old cd-rom of it not to long ago.. that didn't help me at all, i only became proficient in my typing when the half life mod cs came out

Posted by TheHT

oh god. there needs to be a zombie movie that shows a dude killing zombies but typing on their keyboard from afar. that would be AWESOMEEEE.

Posted by trimon

Ahhh Dojima got Ryan good

Posted by TheGremp

Too much epic in a single video.

Edited by Kajaah117
@Abomstar said:

" I was typing along with this and brought up a white box over the video with a bunch of code pertaining to the site layout/media player. Anyone savvy enough to tell me what I actually pushed on the keyboard to make that happen?  Anyway, this game is amazing, almost exclusively because of the variety of phrases. "

Cntrl + U maybe?
If anybody wants to play something similar, QWERTY Warriors and Zombie Typocalypse are free flash games. They're nowhere near as good as this though.
Posted by Teaspoon83

I thought this was released for free on the PC, yes, there is a PC version of this game... I think. Somebody, find it! 

Posted by Aelric

I demand a Typing of the Dead endurance run. It'll be just one episode. Get on it!

Posted by Abomstar

I was typing along with this and brought up a white box over the video with a bunch of code pertaining to the site layout/media player. Anyone savvy enough to tell me what I actually pushed on the keyboard to make that happen?
Anyway, this game is amazing, almost exclusively because of the variety of phrases.

Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

Peas are the zombies only weakness.  

Posted by WUNDABAR

"This city's chaos is increasing!"

Posted by RenegadeSaint

"Autonomic Ataxia"
As a med student, this one is just full of awesome.

Posted by DreamAgain

hahah those ARE great band names
Posted by GameFreak315

Oh my gosh, the characters are wearing keyboards.  That's fantastic.  :P
Posted by buzz_killington

This has to be the greatest idea for a game ever right?

Posted by TigerDX
@Death_Burnout said:
" @TigerDX:   i dunno, looking at it i think i could do it faster, i really wanna try tpying of the dead...i mean it is based on the definitive house of the dead game afterall, what could be better?   I just wish you could type out the horrible Goldman cutscenes and complete the lines for him.  "Dogs of the AMS"! "
If only you could type with feeling
Posted by JoeOE18

Oh dear god I want this game. How have I never heard of it?

Posted by gbrading

Who needs Mavis Beacon, when you can learn to touch-type with this?
Posted by zoozilla

I need to get my type-hungry paws on this game.

Posted by Laticsfan

Fingers of fury!

Posted by TepidShark

So by singing "Birthday" at the beginning of the this video, Vinny has offically confirmed The Beatles: Typing Of The Dead is in development.

Posted by ashogo
@eroticfishcake said:
" I've got this. Regrettably. "
wtf are you talking about?! I would love to have this game.
Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Looks amazing. I want to try.

Posted by Rrang

This might be the best game idea Ive ever seen. Ever.

Posted by AlexB

Oddly compelling. I really want to find a rom file for this just to try it out lol.

Posted by Littlejehova

In the name of god don't type the children!

Posted by TheHBK

wow Ryan sucks at typing, especially at the end.

Posted by Bigbombomb

Haha! I would love to play this game. I remember playing the regular game back then. Also the keyboard and the Dreamcasts on the characters backs is hilarious. 

Posted by Drew_the_Third

aw man i LOVE this game. very different and really cool and campy kinda.
i got the PC version and its so much fun.

Posted by joelalfaro

ahaha the band name generator. nice call Vincent!

Edited by MeatSim

This would be a great game for your little kids it's a great way to learn how to spell.

Posted by DannyJ

I bet you're gonna be a great typist one day!

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