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Posted by Eclectic

Can we get Brad, Jeff and Vinny to do a Ryan Davis memorial Shenmue Endurance Run?

What? Too soon?

Posted by edsone

oh, seeing this again reminds me I still want the endurance run lol

I've actually replayed the game (along with the second) last year and had a lot of fun.

My opinio is pretty much like Vinny's on this one. It's got it's flaw but there's something compelling to it.

I don't know, sometimes the "flaws" themselves. The thing about taking you time to do and explore everything. In the begining you get frustrated by the pace but it grows on you. Soon enough it makes the game a experience you truly care about. All the mundane things as Vinny said makes it what it was. Of course some of it was there just as a showcase of what could be done with that graphics engine that I still find impressive considering its age.

Flawed? definitely but still something that will stay with you long after you beat the game. I'm glad I played this game. Games like this don't come very often.

Posted by Laini

Gosh, this takes me back. I don't know if I could play it today but at the time this was incredible. I had to look inside every single drawer and talk to every single person. It really sucked me in. Not many games really achieve that these days.

Posted by falling_fast

oh god, this dub is TERRIBLE xd

Posted by Guyzea
I'll get revenge for my father!!
Posted by teekomeeko

I always thought that maybe I'd have liked Shenmue when it came out, but man... there's just no way. Admittedly I was more tolerant of melodrama in games back then (when this came out I only just started playing regularly as a hobby), but this would have simply been too much for me.

Posted by Soap

I know all talk of a third endurance run has kind of died off, but I think this would be a great candidate, it's old so it won't effect sales in a negative way, it's kind of weird and can provide a lot of humour and it's long enough to be an endurance. 
...Just saying.

Posted by drew327

I love Brad's outrage at 11:30 at the controls, Lol

Posted by MysteriousBob
@thefreed: Nostalgia does not a good game make. This game sucked then and it sucks even more now. Just because something is innovative and ambitious, doesn't magically make it a worthwhile, entertaining product.
Posted by BitterAlmond

I'd just like to point out that the first pop-up message already contains Engrish: "There is not enough free memory blocks available." 

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Watching this again makes me remember how similar Deadly Premonition is to this game. No wonder I love both so much. 

Posted by MormonWarrior

 A lot of people really, really hated this game when it first came out. GameSpot (you know, back when it was a respectable, decent website?) gave it a really low score when it first came out, then reconsidered when it considered the impact of the game. I know some people like it, and I've been known to live story-driven experiences (like Hotel Dusk and Phoenix Wright). But this just looks way bad.
Really, the voices are terrible. Always have been. They were recorded poorly, and it's goofy as heck. Gaaaah, I hate the Dreamcast. It deserved to die.

Posted by Gnome

More games need to be like this

Posted by Tornac

You guys should do an Endurance Run for Shenmue.

Posted by zef40

Amazing game, I've been drinking coke like that ever since (only when alone ofc).
Please do an endurence run of Shenmue 2!

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Lies! The game was three discs! With a fourth bonus disc!

Posted by piropeople13


Posted by ZmillA

shenmue 2 is the final game

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Most surprising thing about the video was the views Brad and Ryan had. Expected the opposite, it was like an opinion swap.
I guess, when a game asks you to do mundane tasks , it is asking you to do it because it will get you more immersed and involved with the character. Maybe they are trying to emulate real life and in that way, trying to get the player attached to the character.
I liked how in Indigo prophecy you roamed around the apartment and did various things. You COULD choose not to do that and play it like a speed run. But when I went roaming around the room, seeing each and every irrelevant thing, I dont know... it just made me look at everything else too. Not only did it make me appreciate the effort the developers had put into it, but I was getting attached to the character in this strange way... hard to explain. 
I guess that's the huge difference between movies and games. If you watch all this, it feels boring, but when you actually sit there and play, everything kind of makes you really like doing all this stuff. 
I am expecting even to have Heavy rain lots of trivial nonsense like this, but for the players, it might just be like living another life (by not just living the part where they are running and killing others)
Just saw this video, getting hyped for heavy rain now. Atleast I know... it wont cheesy like this :P Man, I couldn't stop chuckling every moment someone uttered a word in this.

Posted by landivsren

Endurance run anyone?   

Posted by jordan0212

oh gawd the memories.

Posted by thefreed

I propose that one person who TRULY WANTS to play this game do an endurance run on this...
I mean talking too much on this game seems to ruin the whole experience for some reason.
It would be great if a person who likes to sit down to relax and think for awhile do an endurance run and talk about some of the thoughts here and there...
It would be interesting...

Posted by thefreed

 You guys have to be kidding me... You guys say this game has flaws... sure, but in my humble opinion... I think it has a lot to do with seeing this game after 10 or so years... At that time it was literally mind blowing to many of us.
It seems boring... I think this game is one of those games that you have to introspect...
Play alone and think.
I had a lot of fun going through desks or places and finding random stuff... Or living Ryo Hazuki's life...
It had something magical about it... I am not sure what it was but it almost made you feel like you "knew" that world they were living in... You actually cared about the characters and it was so easy to just stop by and imagine them because they just felt so real.
There's a reason why there's a cultish following to this game.
As there are in other games with followings...
It might not be for everyone, but if you like to sit down and reflect about stuffs... Or just have have an appreciation for art then go out and try this game.
  This was one of the games that I played when I started playing console games, along with grandia 2, jet grind radio and shenmue... They'll all have a place in my heart...
I am not sure what it was about those games... but I don't feel the same about the games that are coming out right now...
Thinking back, I definitely had a spiritual experience playing Shenmue... and I was like around 12 years old back then... Maybe younger...
Anyway the 3rd has to come out, and MAKE MORE GAMES LIKE THIS!

Posted by Media_Master

Shenmue Endurance run intrigues me...

Posted by NevereatNirnroot

ahhhh good memories, this game was so epic

Posted by Azteck

I believe we have found the new candidate for the endurance run. I have only read about this game, wasn't into the whole gaming thing when this was new.. as I was 7 in 2000.

Posted by Demo

This game is torture.

Posted by JamminSnake

Ow well, I STILL love Shenmue, and alway's will, I was hoping this would make Brad want to play through it, but ow well. I don't know what Jeff, Ryan, and Brad are talking about, SHenmues a GREAT game, they must be on the side of those who hate Shenmue as opposed to those who love it, ow well, his to his own.
Posted by wfolse1

Man, I remember playing this game as a kid, but never finishing it.  Even then there was something intriguing about it.  Like Ryan said, the minutia of everyday life is what actually makes this game noteworthy.  Super interesting.  Anyone who enjoys this game or the idea of this game should definitely check out the Yakuza games.  Much more action-packed then Shenmue, but there are certainly shared elements.

Posted by ashogo

dude, this game looks so fucking amazing. I laughed at the drink a soda scene, and yet that kind of attention to detail really fascinates me. The voice work is terrible and corny, yet somehow charming? I love the atmosphere of the game as well.
Someday I'm going to get a hold of a dreamcast and track down this game.

Posted by punkxblaze

Let's play baseball.

Posted by stustap

Endurance run PLEASE!!!

Posted by DylanMMc

Shenmue endurance run FTW!!!!!1!!!!!!!

Posted by artofwar420

I think it would be excellent to do an Endurance Run of Shenmue! So many of us never played it and don't have a Dreamcast lying around. It would be such a good thing for the community.

Posted by Gamer_152

So this is the fabled Shenmue? I must say for a game of its age it does have a very impressive cinematic style. I think the can of soda was the best part of this video, although did anybody else find the bike repair get at the end a little strange with the way no part of him moved except his mouth?

Posted by get2sammyb

The best game. Ever.

Posted by Shaymarx
@Tricky69 said:
"@Shaymarx said:
"If not for Shunmue GTA would not be what it is today. "
Ha, ha, that's really funny.  Shenmue had fuck all to do with how GTA turned out.  "

Take alook at the print reviews for Vice City,  then play Shenmue 2 followed by San Andreas. 
Rockstar were heavily influenced by what they found in Shenmue.  Heck they even added the home console in to San Andreas.   
(For ythose who don't know Ryo has a Saturn which can play Hang-on and Space Harrier in the living room under the TV.  You have to win the games in the raffle first though!)
Posted by CitizenKane
Posted by CitizenKane
"Oh, I forgot you're terrifying."  *walks away*
That girl creeped me out too, Ryan.
Posted by sk814

yeah my copy was four discs as well. I had two for xbox and it was just one disc, but it came with a dvd of someone pretty much playing thru Shenmue. LoL I still will watch that from time to time...when I know I need to get to sleep fast.

Posted by turbodexter

How about a Shenmue Endurance Run?!  ;-)

Posted by Xiemos2

no offense, but man.. that looks boring. Mad boring. Definitely not my cup of tea

Posted by Kinggi

Id love an endurance run of of this an Shenmue 2. the awkward moments in the game should be enough for the lulz

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To the guys playing Shenmue:
I would suggest you post another run of Shenmue. It doesn't have to be an endurance run, but maybe one that's longer and that shows some QTE, the fighting system, the arcade, more of the city, forklifting, etc. I loved this game when it first came out so I can tell that you made a few mistakes. First of all, there are "3 discs, not 2." Second, you CAN ride the motorcycle on the latter part of the third disc. And last, you CAN skip dialogue by either going to the options button on the main menu or the settings button on the in-game menu. And one more thing to note. If you are to judge this game based on its first 20 minutes, then you need to play more. It IS slow paced, but primarily only during the first hour or two. A good example would be Persona 4: Which is a fantastic game overall, but has slow beginning. I think you guys should at least play an hour of Shenmue to have a better appreciation for it. Thank you, and I hope you read my comment.     

Posted by King9999

It's all about the 70-man battle.
I never played Shenmue 2, but I hear it's way better than the first game.

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Endurance run of the two shenmue games would be epic.

Posted by TheHT

looks really interesting actually. i always thought it was a fighting game since the only gameplay i saw was of some QTE chase scene in some restaurant or maybe it was a bus so i thought oh hey, a kung-fu movie game.
guess not, but i still want to see more. :D

Posted by Jinto

I'm looking for some sailors. . . . .

Posted by P45K4L

1st one was good but the 2nd one was epic!!! Sega or someone needs to finish the story of this game =[