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Posted by toadstule

I am a bit ashamed to say that I have never played any Shenmue games despite owning a Dreamcast. But this quicklook was very insightful.

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Holy ASS! Loving all the throwback quicklooks, ESPECIALLY this one!

Calling this an "adventure game" is interesting, actually. I guess if you're looking for an equivalent, it would be Quest for Glory since that was mostly an adventure game, but it had some combat as well.

Posted by Mooshu


Posted by GalacticPunt

I'm one of those people who still love Shenmue, warts and all.  The first game may be slooooww, but the Euro Dreamcast version of Shenmue 2 is one of my all time favorites.  The dirty backstreets of Hong Kong are more exciting, there's a ton of new Kung Fu masters to learn from, and there's a sexy motorcycle chick to hang around with for no particular reason.  The dialogue is cringe-free when it stays in Japanese with English subtitles. 
Maybe this is delusional, but I think now would be a great time for Yu Suzuki to finish the Shenmue saga on iPhone.  The overhead of using the same engine and assets with digital distribution should be very low.  Ryu must have his revenge!

Posted by slyspider

mmm i keep tring to play this game but i hate it for some reason..... mabey ill try again!

Posted by outlawed

Wow, the face models look better than unreal engine faces.

Posted by ZmillA

shenmue 2 is a work of art. Its a crime that they haven't put out a third.

Posted by NickyDubz


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I also would love a Shenmue or Shenmue II Endurance Run. It is a game you have to invest a lot of time in but it really is epic, especially Shenmue II. They are my favorite games of all time and there is actually still quite a large cult demand for Shenmue 3 as you can see from this petition:

We never give up hope. =)
You got a few facts wrong (I can see why seeing as Ryan hasn't played it in a long time).
For one, you can ride that motorcycle in a mini-game. =) 
And I think there were supposed to be about 20 parts.

I don't know what Ryan thinks is wrong with the combat system as it was taken directly from Virtua Fighter.
Of course if you don't like Virtua Fighter then that explains it.
Also Shenmue II is mostly set in a very urban environment so Brad might have been thinking about that.
The one thing I can say is that the voice acting in this game is atrocious, but that's because you're playing the English version. The Japanese voice acting is top-notch in both Shenmue I and II. I really wish the voice acting was better in the English versions.
And also I'd just like to say that I only played this game for the first time a couple of years ago and it instantly became my favorite game along with Shenmue II which I am actually re-playing at this very moment.
Sorry for the overly long comment.
Posted by Schizoid

My favourite game. Ungggggggggggh awesome.

Posted by spiceninja

Oh THAT man!

Posted by bigdaddyjack21

All Brad has done through these is bitch about how old everything is from graphics to button colors jesus man grow up its a fucking retro quick look about a 10 year old console. Also how does a game journalist not play Shenmue which was ridiculously hyped at the time just to check it out. 

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The Shenmue games always had the somewhat horrible dialogue. Do you know what the four woo doo is? Ryo always asked questions ha ha. It was hilarious. I will say though, the games were awesome. I had only beat the second one though and watched the first all the way through back then. The second ended off on a very, very bad cliffhanger, meaning it led the belief that they definitely would make a third. By the way, they played one of the most boring parts of the game.
Posted by Brackynews


Posted by TigerDX

Oh Shenmue. I'm one of those people who really liked this and I think Ryan is right in saying that although at the time you realised there were a lot of rough edges, it was oddly compelling despite the mundane nature of the things you and other people were doing. 
Shenmue 2 was released on the Dreamcast at least in Europe, because I own it! It didn't have English voices at all though, so at least you didn't have to comprehend so much how plodding the voice-work was. Helped me get started on studying Japanese too. 
Speaking of the voice work, I too noticed how everyone very deliberately pronounces Ryo's name correctly... or at least tries to. There are a few Dyos in there... Good on the voice director at least for that aspect, if nothing else.

Posted by Costello

I want a Shenmue Endurance Run!

Posted by spiceninja

I could not play this game. It's so slow and the people talk soooooooooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooow. I'd rip my hair out playing it.

Posted by dagas

I'm one of those people who really loved Shenmue back in the day and I still feel compelled to play it again now that I've seen this. There still is no game that have managed to get even close to the scope of this game. It was basically as close as you could get to a virtual reality world and in many ways still is. Shenmue may have been Yu Suzuki's and SEGA's Stalingrad, with more ambition than good game design, but you have to admire Suzuki san for trying to make something like Shenmue. I definitely think that people will look back at this game decades from now and realize that it was way ahead of it's time. The closest thing I can compare it with would be Da Vinci's attempt to make a flying machine hundreds of years before they became reality. Not that I think Shenmue is anywhere near as important as that in the grand scope of things, but for video games and interactive media in general it will very much have the same place in history.´The grand undertaking that failed simply because it was before it's time.

Posted by Milpool

Come on Shenmue Endurance Run!

Posted by TwoOneFive

whoever wrote the description for this game is such a fanboy

Posted by JackSukeru

I'd heard about Shenmue but had never really seen it in action before this Quick Look. I have to say I find it strangely compelling. It seems to have a very slow pacing though, something you need to be relaxed and have a lot of free time to really get into. 
Sorta makes me wish I had known about it back in the day, and would have been able to play it. That way I could've looked back at it nostalgically now.

Posted by AllThatBacon

That was awesome, especially Brad's reactions to everything. That said, I still find the game to be compelling/great in a lot of ways, even with all it's 'flaws'. THE KID JUST WANTS TO PLAY BASEBALL RYAN! COME ON!
I'm all for a Shenmue ER with Ryan and Vinny and sometimes Brad. Just do it!

Posted by Xander

Anchorman Wooly Doug interviews Saviour for a Special Report on Shenmue.  

Posted by pinthewind

I would pay serious money for a Shenmue endurance run.

Posted by sechsterangriff

Shenmue Endurance Run. I'm all for it!!!

Posted by stinky

god this game was boring. 
don't believe any of the fan boy hype to this game. 

Posted by oddmanout22287

Hey, do you guys know anything about... sailors?
I have to say, I'm like Ryan when it comes to this game.  i beat this and the second one, and I never particularly found myself really enjoying myself playing it... but I felt compelled to keep going.  An odd game, to be sure.

Posted by samjiman

Classic game. Loved it. Like AlKusanagi I also played Shenmue 2, DC version in Japanese. Got the Xbox version later.

Posted by chronicsmoke

fuck the haters this is one of my fav games of all time,SEGA DAMN YOU!!! I want my shenmue 3!!!!!!!!!
Posted by InFamous91


Posted by xedrox

Ha, I really like the ending of that quick look, "hey mister, lets play baseball"

Posted by eduardo

Useless knowledge about Shenmue - Yokosuke, where the game takes place, it's also where Mark Hamill grew up, as it's a port town and from what I heard, his father, who was in the Navy, was stationed.

Posted by UnsungHero

Shenmue is the best dreamcast game, i wish they gave me an ending.............

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

Brad and Ryan Shenmue Endurence Run hell yeah!
Posted by Halz

i only played the 2nd one without playing the first and i thought the 2nd was great

Posted by JoeOE18

Ah I adore this. My favorite game ever for so long as I have lived.

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I've never played it either but it looks sooooooo slow. And the story doesn't even seem too interesting. But that probably has to do more with seeing it 10 years too late. But christ, let's pick it up here! Also, watching the guy drink that soda....Holy shit....
Though I do know all about Mega 64's Shenmue video! What can you tell me about the four woo doo? I'm looking for some sailors.

Posted by Cleric
@TwoOneFive said:
" whoever wrote the description for this game is such a fanboy "

So stating the truth is now viewed as fanboyism. Lovely.

For its time, Shenmue really was revolutionary. And yes, it is still regarded as a masterpiece by pretty much everyone who played it. You obviously didn't, hence the ignorant comment.

Posted by zyn

It sucks that I missed this one.

Posted by Zabant

the town is pretty huge ryan.
and the fighting is a serious component.
i think your memory is staining you on the greatness of this game.

Posted by baba2

I miss these games so much. :(

Posted by CleverLoginName
@Cleric said: 

So stating the truth is now viewed as fanboyism. Lovely.

For its time, Shenmue really was revolutionary. And yes, it is still regarded as a masterpiece by pretty much everyone who played it. You obviously didn't, hence the ignorant comment.

So smug, I hope your joking. 
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20 hours is nothing ryan.
you could knock this game out in a month.
you and dave, or you and brad/vinny!
i love jeff, but i think a ryan jeff combo would not work for this game.
THE PEOPLE WANT IT. "You should do it, people would buy it"

Posted by Aska

Now we'll never know if that kid got to play baseball...

Posted by Smileygiant

I love this game so much!!!!

Posted by slinky6

...wow... that's pretty deep...

Posted by Phished0ne

oh?......that man? 

Posted by Vorbis

Brads very quick to judge, Shenmue was great to play, but yeah not much fun to watch.

Posted by Diamond

Shenmue was a great game, but it's an adventure game.  Not for everyone.
If you don't like Monkey Island, you don't like Maniac Mansion.  You're not hyped for Heavy Rain?  Shenmue wasn't for you.

Posted by guts450

please make this the new endurance run, I beg you GiantBomb staff