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Posted by DeVeAn

Endurance RUN YES. Ryan you gotta do it, YOU know how good this game is.

Posted by MeatSim

Watch a guy drink a can of soda! the definition of exciting gameplay.

Posted by DeBurgo

All I really remember about this game is getting hit in the head by a soccer ball. 
And playing space harrier.

Posted by oddjob

Oh please do an Endurance Run of this game! PLEEEESE! I <3 this game

Posted by blaakmawf

so basically it is the lion king? also, why is the mom's face made of scrotum?

Posted by afrokola

Ryan and Brad should do this as an Endurance Run.

Posted by MementoMori

My god, that was awful and pathetic. I could barely watch to the end.

Posted by HibikiRush

Couldn't get better on 09.09.09!  Best Dreamcast game hands down.

Posted by WholeFunShow


Posted by Najaf

My face will melt (in a good way) if this is a new endurance run. I would love to relive this game again. It would also be awesome to hear feedback from Brad as he sees it for the first time. (Brad would need to be the player) +1 vote for Shenmue 1 and 2 endurance runs!

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

Greatest ending to a quick look ever.

Posted by Shaymarx

If not for Shunmue GTA would not be what it is today.
Posted by treereet

Greatest game ever!
But damn it's really painful watching them try to play. They missed so much stuff. XD I think I know every nook and cranny of Ryu's house and the city. 
Oh and you can ride the motorcycle.

Posted by treereet
True, but Shenmue was sooo much more detailed than GTA. Still to this day probably has the most attention to detail of any game.
Posted by MisoRonery

I love adventure games.  Classic Lucas and Sierra mostly.
I love RPGs.  Japanese, Western, and any SRPG.
I love my Dreamcast.  Still play it with friends every day after buying it on launch day 10 years ago.
I fucking hate Shenmue.
There is no way to explain my hatred to the people who love it, and I dont' hate them or anything, but that game just didn't grab me.

Posted by 45ysdfgsd g35t3t54 3t4

It still looks awesome..

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@JJOR64 said:

" I'll laugh if this is the next ER. "

Dude, no. I am totally with Brad on this one. Judging from this QL, an Endurance Run would be incredibly boring, unless you constantly mock the game - which in turn would anger the fans of it (all three of them).
Posted by Osiris

Im going with the crowd, endurance run all the way :)

Posted by Cleric
@CleverLoginName said:
" @Cleric said: 

So stating the truth is now viewed as fanboyism. Lovely.

For its time, Shenmue really was revolutionary. And yes, it is still regarded as a masterpiece by pretty much everyone who played it. You obviously didn't, hence the ignorant comment.

So smug, I hope your joking.  "
Pretty ironic, coming from one with such nickname. Sod off.
Posted by RedNinja

All the memories came flooding back for me. I played the Japanese version back then. My favorite part of this game was going to the arcade, to the stores and collecting the gashapon. It was so awesome that you have a Saturn at your house and you can win games at the raffle at the store. I won Hang-On for the Saturn. So in his house Ryo would put the game in and play Hang-On at home. Same as the arcade, but you didn't have to pay. I also was able to win the red Boom-box from the store. Ryo puts it on the table in his room where you saw at the beginning. Then you can buy tapes at the store and listen to them. The music was from Sega games. People need to understand that this came out before GTA and it gave you such a sense of adventure. It was so great because it was a game where you lived out ordinary life while trying to find the murderer of your father. SPOILER WARNING: at the end of the game you move from the town to the docks where you take on work to earn money to buy a ticket on a ship so that you can follow the bad guy. The game ends on a cliffhanger: You on the boat towards Shenmue 2. And I remember that Shenmue 2 also ends in a cliffhanger so the story never finished, which is why so many people petitioned to get the third out. The succesor to Shenmue is Ryo ga Gotoku (Yakuza).
Posted by DavidSnakes
@atomic_dumpling said:
" @JJOR64 said:

" I'll laugh if this is the next ER. "

Dude, no. I am totally with Brad on this one. Judging from this QL, an Endurance Run would be incredibly boring, unless you constantly mock the game - which in turn would anger the fans of it (all three of them). "
This is the most commented throwback QL so I'd guess there are more than three fans
Posted by atomic_dumpling
@TheHBK said:
"I wish drinking a soda would have meant something. "
That's my quote of the week.
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Never played Shenmue (never saw a Dreamcast in real life, either), but there's something oddly compelling about it. I'm slightly worried by Brad's lack of attention span, though; the rate at which he gets extremly bored by even a 30 seconds long (admittedly awkwardly written/translated and performed) dialogue scene is so fast that one wonders how mr Shoemaker gets by at all in real life. Also, there's nothing specifically archaic about having characters talk to each other about plot-related and/or more mundane things, and story-oriented adventure games haven't exactly gone away since Shenmue was released...

Posted by gbrading

What Shenmue had was ambition. Like Farhenheit (or Indigo Prophecy) it showed that games could be cinematic and dramatic (and even melodramatic). Gameplay-wise it was quite basic and moves slowly, using all of those Quick Time Events; it probably didn't pull off everything it had wanted to achieve. The voice acting also was less than to be desired. But it inspired so many other things, and deserves credit for that.
Posted by OJ

This has to be the next Endurance Run, Shenmue was the best DC game ever

Posted by Tricky69
@Shaymarx said:
"If not for Shunmue GTA would not be what it is today. "

Ha, ha, that's really funny.  Shenmue had fuck all to do with how GTA turned out. 
Posted by 2Thumbs

Shemnue Endurance Run?!
Brad = Man of many idea's!!

Posted by Jamakan_Inc

You can't judge a game like Shenmue on a 20 minute quicklook, there is soooo much more to it than that. D:

Posted by Joey2683

Ryan's crazy, you can totally ride the motorcycle at the end. It controls about as well as your character though...
Posted by Brockly46

shenmue was and still is awesome

Posted by supermike6

This game would bore me to tears.

Posted by Nettacki
@MisoRonery said:
" I love adventure games.  Classic Lucas and Sierra mostly. I love RPGs.  Japanese, Western, and any SRPG.  I love my Dreamcast.  Still play it with friends every day after buying it on launch day 10 years ago.  I fucking hate Shenmue.  There is no way to explain my hatred to the people who love it, and I dont' hate them or anything, but that game just didn't grab me. "
Perhaps the pacing kills it for you?
Posted by Nettacki

There's a reason why they call it "ambitious and divisive." It truly is a highly ambitious, love-it-or-hate-it type of game with immense attention to detail and deliberate pacing. 
I'm among the people who loved this game to death back then and shares great memories with it. But I can understand why some people won't feel the same.

Posted by thechronod

3 GD-ROMS! The game comes with 5 *sometimes 6* cds, that has the soundtrack, passport, and the 3 disc game. The 2nd game was simply 4 gd-roms. 1 dvd on xbox though.

Posted by Neuojin

Probably not the best 20 minutes to show of Shenmue as it takes a while for the game to get going. 
I remember trying to show this game to my friend and playing through the start it's hard to understand the appeal but trust me it's better later on in the game.

Posted by RawShark

Just... oh man. Favourite game ever, when people ask me.

Posted by El_Dom

Im intrigued actually, i think id like to see an ednurance run of this
Posted by TripMasterMunky

There will never be another game as ambitious as Shenmue was. You just won't see it.

Posted by Karny

The game rocks. I cried when I finished 2.. I knew I'd never get my hands on the Lan-Di bastard! RIP Dreamcast. Never forgotten.

Posted by mrcraggle

I don't think an ER is possible with Shenmue unless it continued into Shenmue 2 because of how the game works. If you haven't played the game before you essentially play an entire day out either training, following the story, arcade or whatever but you also had a limited time to complete the game because the main villian escapes if you don't catch him in time so the ER can only run for a period of time before the game ends for you. Also I think a ER wouldn't be the most exciting as there are some gameplay elements that don't really lend themselves to great viewing (fork lift driving for example).

Posted by Jimbo

Hell of a game in its day.  Shenmue 2 was even better, but I don't think that ever came out on Dreamcast in the US.  
I don't think either of them sold particularly badly, they just cost an insane amount of money to produce.  Shenmue apparently cost $70m to make.
If you haven't played them, I wouldn't assume this quick look to be representative of the whole game/s.

Posted by JFiveJ5

Its sad how this QL does not represent this game correctly at all. It is a great game and if you really want to do a QL that gives it justice it should be about an hour long. I guess that wouldn't make it a QL though. lol

Posted by Kraznor

Wow, I guess this can have the dubious title of "impenetrable art film of video-games". Don't think I'll ever go back and play this now.

Posted by nickystixx

endurance run!

Posted by Weltal

God-fucking-awful game. Are you kidding me? An ER of Shenmue? Awesome. I'd be fucking stoked to watch them move crates from one place to another or spend fifteen minutes waiting for in-game time to pass so that the next event will become available. God damn.

Posted by nickystixx
@Daftasabat said:
" Brad, trust me on this one, you'll love playing Shenmue...you can't die! "
i found this comment to be funny. lol
Posted by Jackel2072

oh i have a copy but no working dreamcast =( i love this game so much, thanks GB now i have this insane need to play through this game again! Talk about a game that broke down the 4th wall almost instantly for me, and stays demolished until the vary end. Like many here have said however the game is not for every one. Shenmue is the definition of a cult classic!

Posted by buzz_killington

Voice acting....

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I cast my vote for this game as the next Endurance Run, played by Drew and Dave (or D&D as they're known on the streets).

Posted by MikeFightNight

It's something you have to experience at the time, i'm in the same boat as Ryan.  I played through the entire thing at the time and I enjoyed it, but for all you gamers who have never seen it till now, I ain't mad at cha',