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Posted by North6
@Bevinsky said:
" It really bugs me that Yukiko pronounces Amaterasu as amaTErasu instead of amateRAsu. "
I want to go on record stating this does *not* bug me.
Posted by fox01313

Woot Scotland :) 
Posted by North6
@Konanda: Oh, you mean Thor Odinson?
Posted by Landmine
@Konanda said:
" @Crushed said:
" @Metroid545 said:
" @LeBart said:

" HOW MANY ENDINGS DOES THIS GAME HAVE ??? Seriously did they realy need to come up with another boss ? "

remember the name of the game? Shin megami tensei? its definition is "goddess reincarnation" so basically izanami is the bowser of persona, she is the main villain behind it all usually or at least what the story is about so this was the end they had in mind from the beginning "
Not really. Izanami is the heroine of Megami Tensei (a pre-SMT game based off of the poorly written original book series), but not involved in later games.  The actual main Shin Megami Tensei games* are about the end of the world, usually caused by Yahweh, and a hero who has the choice to fight against God with the help of Lucifer, who takes various forms.  *Persona is part of the "Megami Ibunroku" spinoff series in Japan; Atlus USA added the "Shin Megami Tensei" prefix for more sales in America. "
Izanami is also one of the creator gods of Japan along with Izanagi in the Shinto religon. Since like as mentioned in the previous comment all of the Megami Tensei series and it's various spinoffs the whole game ends up with you taking mythological gods who for some reason want to destroy the world. For instance Persona 3 *Spoilers*   Has you take on Nyx the primordial greek  god of night, and in FES Erebus the deity of shadow and darkness and son of Nyx.   Also as said in previous posts YHVH does show up in some of the mainline Shin Megami Tensi and Megami Tensi series usually trying to destroy the world because he's bored or is pissed off someone is trying to rebel against his orders like in Shin Megami Tensi (1 I suppose) where he sends Jeff and Vinny's friend Thor in disguise to destroy Japan via ICBM's.  Now an astute person would realize that Thor is from Norse mythology and not Christian mythology but that's just how the story goes a bunch of gods try to destroy the world/humanity for some reason or another and the protagonist and their friends have to somehow find out what's happening and fix everything or watch the world be destroyed. That isn't definitive but it's usually some sort of varient of that with a pretty cool story made out of it.  Now that is why this multiple series of games dating back to the 90s or so are awesome. "
I did not know that. Now I know, and knowledge is power.
Posted by Slaneesh

Funny fucking episode. "Ryan is over there ordering lunch as was profficied earlier in the car"
Posted by Winternet

Late video today as well? The page for ep. 153 isn't up yet so...

Posted by Mistral
@Winternet said:
"Late video today as well? The page for ep. 153 isn't up yet so... "

It''ll be about 40 minutes until the video goes up, at the very least; It's 7:18 here, and the videos don't usually go up any earlier than 8AM.
Posted by Kowbrainz
@Mistral: Yeah, but the video page itself is normally up before the video is put live to the masses. You can usually use the search function to find the videos early; since the page isn't there you can kinda tell that today's episode hasn't been recorded yet.
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Posted by Winternet

6 am and no video so, see you guys in 12 hours

Posted by Tovan

Looks like we have a ways to go until the next episode.

Posted by Gamer_152

American breakfast for lunch sounds awesome.

Posted by King9999
@Crushed said:
"While we're waiting, here's something fun: 
http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/megaten/megaten.htm  It's a really great history of the SMT series for anyone interested. "

Thanks for the link.  That helps to explain Izanami's presence in P4, and isn't just some random final boss.
Posted by Tomeh

Well i like the dungeon music ;_;
Posted by redwing42
@Crushed said:
"Actually, Jesus sorta appears in Persona 3, right? They call him Messiah, but he's still Anime Emo Jesus. "

So the P3 Messiah is supposed to be more of a generic idea covering the messiah myths present in many religions, not just the Christian one, but I will now never be able to see it without thinking "Anime Emo Jesus."  Nicely done.
Posted by teekomeeko

Jeff mentioning the omelet that ruins the rest of your day reminds me of the Subway breakfast sandwiches. Those things made me wanna take a nap immediately after finishing it. Had to stop getting them cuz they were completely throwing off my schedule.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Sorry Jeff, Manteca Waterslides was closed years ago.  Like early 2000's.

Posted by Videogames

I guess president Barak Obama is a satanist

Posted by bkbroiler

Why is Ryan so goddamn funny? 

Posted by strangeling


Go, go! Go, go, go! Go!

Posted by namesonkel

These barely audible lyric-packed songs in Japanese video games get repetitive real fast.

Posted by Undeadpool

@namesonkel said:

These barely audible lyric-packed songs in Japanese video games get repetitive real fast.

Yeah, but are any as truly awful as Persona 3's memorable hook "Some dancers/Wanna put you in a TRANCE's!/ Let's PAWTY!" I swear, my roommate can recite every single some from that game from the 200+ hours I subjected him to.

Posted by Mister_Snig

@Undeadpool: Make sure you don't hurt nobody. I said HEY HEY HEY.

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