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Posted by JoeOE18

Without a doubt the most hilarious Quick Look ever committed to the internets.

Posted by Box3ru13
I would so watch it. this game is so bad its good. 
Posted by Death_Burnout

When i played the PC demo...i didn't find it that terrible actually, visually at least. 
I still like the concept...but holy crap...

Posted by PenguinDust

That did not look like an enjoyable experience.

Posted by Winternet
@ITSSEXYTIME: They did say, more than once, that the PC version would likely be a better looking version.
Posted by squidracerX

You guys outta the shitter yet?
I usually agree with you guys, but you were unjustly hard on this game at the beginning... I think its AWESOME they just start the damn game, how many times do you have countless unskippable load screens before you can play a game.... Guitar Hero 5 starts even more into the game than this does and you didn't make fun of that.... (starts with GAMEPLAY!) And the MAP they use that you made fun of, that map IS the future, you made fun of it but you will own one someday soon, bthinjk amazon's "Kindle" ut even better, it was clearly a computer screen that can be folded and used like paper, THAT IS THE FUTURE! Major tech companies really are looking into that, that will make the newspaper go extinct, you will just download your morning paper, so that was a neat thing they put in there and you laughed at it. And Dexter was clearly "out of time" like you, and just wanted some old fashion' fried chicken and beer (i guess they dont have that in the future?), which is 100% what Jeff and Ryan would want and talk about on the podcast all the time; but again you made fun of him for saying that. this is a Science Fiction game based on a Science Fiction book, if you cant get down with it fine- but you shouldn't be unfairly hard on it either. Period piece guns and you complain about reloading them and their accuracy, that is just not fair.
okay graphics.... good sound... the game at least seems like its trying.... now gameplay and AI are a different story, but you picked on it from the start.... By the time you saw the giant guy and your little gun i agree that was bad and this game might be worth $15, but you were running around jumping in puddles long before that.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Awesome! One of the best QLs yet!

Posted by punkxblaze

So basically this is Time Trotters: The Game. Awwwright.

Posted by chronix

You have found it!  The next endurance run!  How much of this game can you truely endure...

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Having not watched this and not listened to the bombcast and reading the comments, it makes me really exited for the bombcast now

Posted by Dogma

  They may be clowning on it a bit to much but I don't understand why some people get upset. 
1. They are entitled to have their opinion. 
2. Jeff played the game before so he already knew what faults to look for. It's not like this was true spontanous reactions. They went in to this quicklook to have some fun of it's expense based on what Jeff learnt from his first session with it.    

Posted by TomeOne

That was seriously painful to watch.
Especially since this game is so simplistic and you mess everything up all the time AAAAAARRRRRGH.

Posted by nxau

I haven't laughed this much in years! =D

Posted by Voidoid

"Happiness is a warm gun" made me crack up pretty bad.

Posted by Evilsbane

For everyone complaining about them shitting on this game guess what. . .it deserves it. Because regardless of it not being the worst game ever and it looks SOME kind of "effort" was put into doesn't make it fun. Games don't have to be Gears of War and Killzone 2 level graphics to be fun but this game.. just damn.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

Amazing. This must be the next endurance run. Maybe not, though, since endurance runs should probably be left to good games...
It's a shame, though. I really liked the idea of this game.

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking

Happiness is a warm gun.

Edited by uhrag

To the manor! /makes zoidberg noises *whoop whoop whoop whoop*

Posted by Metal_Mills

"Just everyone be fuckin' cool" Hahahaha. This QL is amazing.

Posted by nail1080

Holy shit guys stop shitting on this game so much. I've never 
played it but at least from the look of things it's not as  linear as some crap like the COD campaign which is basically one narrow boring path

Posted by Tikicobra
@HooliganTuesday said:
" I love the way the time agency or whoever don't like you having modern guns, but they're totally cool with giving you crazy arse flying time balls. Those wouldn't be noticed at all. "
I was thinking that exact same thing.
Posted by squidracerX

Im not saying they shouldn't be hard on it, I'm saying for a guy who reviewed and LIKED "Call of Jurez" (which sucked) Jeff is being hard on things he should not. (Like the guns and the map). If he wants to laugh at dumb death animation, blood disappearing, giant people and little guns, barriers that stop you from jumping to your death (which are not a bad thing really, if you fell to your death you'd make fun of that too!). But Ryan hadn't seen this yet and Jeff just ran around and jumped in puddles, the PC version looks better and might only be worth $10-15 new, but I just think they made it sound like the worst game ever and it wasn't from the demo.
Basically if something is for PC and 360 only, and not paid for by Microsoft you know its garbage because they don;t want to bother with the cost of porting it to the PS3. Like Velvet Assasin, Raven Squad, or  Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. if those were quality games they would have at least attempted ps3 ports.... (just because they do a port doesnt mean its good; see Vampire Rain and Damnation, but at least they THOUGHT it was good enough to port hahaha!)

Posted by Jayzilla

I would be down with playing as a dude from the future with weapons from the future fighting of wave after wave of medieval knight or civil war soldier. that would be fun because you could kill them as they tried to reload their single shot rifles or swing their sword in 150 lb. armor.

Posted by Vinchenzo
@nail1080 said:
" Holy shit guys stop shitting on this game so much. I've never  played it but at least from the look of things it's not as  linear as some crap like the COD campaign which is basically one narrow boring path "
Yea.... shut the fuck up.
Posted by Rasgueado

Now there's a game title, "A Time Before Pizza: A Prequel to Burgertime"

Posted by Sanj

Excellent QL lol.
Posted by PsychedelicET

It has probably already been said, but those are indeed some dark, dark days...  I was actually kind-of interested in the premise of the game before seeing how poorly it is made.  Although it does make for a hilariously-great Quick Look!

Posted by nail1080
@Vinchenzo said:
" @nail1080 said:
" Holy shit guys stop shitting on this game so much. I've never  played it but at least from the look of things it's not as  linear as some crap like the COD campaign which is basically one narrow boring path "
Yea.... shut the fuck up. "
Wow what a productive response, you must have a very high IQ
Anyway yeah at least this game gives you plenty of room to roam around in and lets you approach the fire fights from different angles, which is a breath of fresh air from the usual just follow the 1 way path crap you see in the popular FPSs like COD you see these days
Posted by myketuna

They played this game on the wrong platform. lol. This version looks pretty bad, not that the PC version is great, but it seems better in certain parts.

Posted by brooksee

Just played the demo yesterday. This game looks last gen, but the premise is actually kind of awesome.

Posted by Death_Burnout

the QL made me laugh a lot, but as i said earlier...after playing the PC demo a few days ago it wasn't this agressivley bad, like the shooting was fun! but that has to be the mouse and keyboard talking there.

Posted by DeadFish

Too bad you didn't get to a section with futuristic guns VS history-men. There was some of that in the demo and it's probably the most fun part. 
The tech related silliness of this game is too overwhelming to sit a Jeff and Ryan in front of it and not make fun of the while thing, though, that's for sure. ;)

Posted by zaglis

Could...could this QL be better than CrapCrap? Lets see.

Posted by Johanz

Sure, it might be a bad game, but man, you can make every game look horrible and bad by playing it like that. :P

Posted by deerhaunter

ahahaha @ start-up

Posted by FrEeZe

As bad as this game is, they should have showed off the ability to use future guns in the past gimmick.

Posted by Chris

I love how fast the character books it across the level even when he's staring at the map... genius.

Posted by Rourkey

I laughed so hard at this my throat hurts

Posted by Ignor
Posted by Ransome

i still like this game so whats wrong with me

Posted by tumes

About a third of the way through. I love how exasperatedly baffled Ryan sounds through this.

Posted by spiceninja

This game looks completely unfinished.

Posted by eclipsesis

All FPS's have had problems with scale even COD MW 

Posted by benitobb

oh man what a great QL, Jeff's laugh 16 minutes in was hilarious.
Posted by Eivind



I can't watch the quick look here at work, but I want to tell anyone considering buying this game that it is actually  pretty good. Jeff definitely hammered the game more than it deserves. Some of the graphics are astoundingly good, such as the time portals that you step into and some of the backdrops. The voice work is top notch, particularly   for a smaller budget game. The storyline is engaging and cool. The script is often funny and superb. And it's awesome  fun to mow down a bunch of guys with non-period weapons. I've gotten at least 15 or 20 bucks of enjoyment out of this game so far, so if you see it for that or less definitely pick it up. It's nowhere near as broken as Jeff let on. I've encountered  no show stopping bugs whatsoever (nor any visible bugs), and the only disappointment is that some of the AI  does activate only once you get close enough (but after you can see the oldiers). Besides that, it's actually a pretty  wicked title, and I hope this company makes more games.

Posted by Volzha

Played DoD Demo on steam, awful graphics, crappy frame rates for such bad graphics, controls were bad. Can't say anything bad or good about story from demo.

Posted by digeratiX90

my new favorite QL

Posted by FiestaUnicorn

Best QL yet.
Posted by Jimbo_N

A quick look for the ages !