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Posted by Smarter_Martyr

Greatest website ever!

Posted by Slayer
@sidescroller said:
" After listening to the bombcast, this is sure to be great. "
just say the video OMG best QL yet I laughed OUT LOUD like REALLY HARD :D:D:D
Posted by Earthborn

Ladies and gentlebombs, this is the best fucking Quick Look ever.

Posted by JoelTGM

that's not a good game

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The forums over at DarkestofDays.com would like you to take into account that only like 3 people made this game and production was difficult. 
I say that I can definitely tell only like 3 people made this.
Posted by fillmoejoe

Truly the darkest of days.

Posted by DeadDorf

I think we've found the next Endurance Run game!

Posted by Mezmero

The descriptor for the video couldnt be more accurate.  This is one of the funniest quick looks I've seen in a while.  I have so many questions to ask anyone with common sense whose seen this game in action, but quite frankly the game speaks for itself.  By no means does this look like a quality product, if anything it's a novelty product.  You guys at giantbomb really made my day with this, and for that I thank you.
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@Plasma said:

" They didn't really give the game a chance, they just pissed around and made it look worse than it is.  Kinda harsh on people who spent time trying to make it. "

I played the demo. This game is garbage. What they showed and said is the same as my opinion after playing the demo. I stood in the cornfield punching dudes in the face as they stood there motionless staring at me. One after another.
I understand people spent time making this game, but it isn't good. Hopefully, they take these lessons and put something better out next time.
Posted by PLWolf

Awesome QL

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This looks bad enough to garner a cult following.
I'm definitely buying it in like a month when it's $10 used.

Posted by Earthborn
@DeadDorf said:
" I think we've found the next Endurance Run game! "
Posted by kwyee

A shooting game where the shooting isn't good?  Amazing. 
Concept is still cool though the implementation failed.

Posted by ThomasP

"Some of that zig zag smoke."
That was hilarious. Am I the only one who go that?

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Oh god, you guys actually did a quick look of this lol.
Posted by Breadfan

'Mother fucker your traveling through time!' 
One of the best Quick Looks by far

Posted by Mourer

I can't stop laughing.

Posted by KnifeySpoony

One of the best in recent memory.

Posted by rargy

Nice, i've been waiting for this since i saw the destructoid review.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Some people need to realise. For all of the "Oh Jeff didn't give it a chance lol" stuff...this game is shite.

Posted by bigall94

Fantastic Quick Look. The soldier flipping over and everyone's reaction actually has me in tears.

Posted by patrick

Tsk, Jeff pulled a Brad. The world is coming to an end.

Posted by SinGulaR

Awful Games = Hilarious Quick Looks 
I laughed tears.
Posted by Xshinobi

I enjoyed the PC demo a lot.

Posted by Slaneesh

HEll yeah bitches. Adachy Baby is gonna buy this game because of the most epic character animation EVER!!
Posted by dopeman
@PuppyKisses: the game still sucks
Posted by 88Fingers

I feel  nauseous...
funny, but horrendous.
If I had to play this... I would quit gaming.
 Man, I think some companies are actually trying to win
the worst game of the year award...
this is by far the worst one yet.

Posted by Chibi_Kaji

Bad games make the best quick looks... and this is probably one of my favorite ones so far.

Posted by gakon

Ryan's screech (?) when the guy rolls over is priceless.

Posted by Kajaah117
@gakon5 said:
" Ryan's screech (?) when the guy rolls over is priceless. "
That was definitely Jeff, and that is probably my new favorite QL moment next to: PAC-MAN! PAC-MAN!!!
Posted by FlipperDesert

Oh God, that was wonderful.

Posted by Rrang

hahha oh my lord I love the YELL right after the guy flops over when Jeff shoots him... I was laughing for about 5 minutes

Posted by bigdaddyjack21

I 2nd the endurance run of this game 

Posted by BenderUnit22

Bad games = good times

Posted by UnreliableNarrator

Oh man, where was this last week when buying this game seemed like a good idea?

Posted by lamegame621

I bought this game.
Feel free to laugh

Posted by buzz_killington

This quick look was amazing. You guys should do more garbage-game quick looks.

Posted by troncoparati

Seven floppys for one save point! I think I'll cancel modern warfare 2  to get this. What do you think?

Posted by MeatSim

A time before pizza!? fuck that! is right
Well if your gonna make a bad game at least make it hilariously bad.

Posted by sloppyjoe


Posted by Kinggi

Had me some good laughs with this video.

Posted by TheClap

I love Dave laughing in the background,

Posted by LordKorax

I almost want to play this game just to experience the awfulness. And maybe for achievements.

Posted by MrRojan

I think the run animation is so bad.  I love it

Posted by Revenant86

Fried Chicken Bitches!!!

Posted by supermike6

It looks like fallout 3 without vats or the open world.  The shooting does not look good.

Posted by Claude

Funny, just funny. Games should be about having fun.

Posted by darthincredible25

I'm sorry, I gave this game a chance, but I just couldn't like it. Everything about this game is just below average.

Posted by MEBs

Hilarious video....but I feel your pain, guys.

Posted by Rudie

I come to GB because i respect the guys opinions,but I too feel like this game might not have got a fair look. I play shooters all the time and all of them suffer from similar flaws. If the shooting is really that bad then I don't want to play, but it didn't look that bad.