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Posted by buzz_clik
Posted by Undeadpool

This game has a great concept but MAN...I haven't seen an execution this botched since...I can't think of any botched executions. This game sucks.

Posted by skippyscissors

This ties for my favorite QL along with Harry Potter.

Posted by Kyle
@buzz_clik: You mean OF ALL TIIIME?
Posted by buzz_clik
@Kyle: Heh, probably. I couldn't be arsed looking up the exact quote!
Posted by MordeaniisChaos

The menus look like PC menus, like I think Ryan was trying to point out. So I dunno why your makin a deal out of "bad menus". They aren't super stylish, but most PC games have those simple menus. Take pretty much every Valve game ever made for example. 
Game is fuckin hilarious. Need to rent it and play with my friend just for the fuck of it.
Posted by WulfBane

Oh god.  I almost peed myself at the "giant" when he was killed.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

This truly is the age of the darkest of days.

Edited by KEITH1437

Greatness, tried the demo on Steam, better graphics obviously but still horrible story and gameplay.
Best Quick Look ever.

Posted by iSylence

I can't believe people are actually sticking up for this game lol! It's terrible. Not all games are created equal, this is an example of a crap game.

Posted by supalink

lol funny vid

Posted by raynate2022

playing the demo right now..all I have to say is wow..lol

Posted by AllThatBacon

Jeff's 'laugh' at 15:53 was pretty awesome. SURPRISE!

Posted by Novyx

I loved the demo on Steam. and by that, I mean it was just functional enough to allow for marveling at all the awful stuff in it. So terrible, yet so good. Thank god for Gamefly.

Posted by idiotic_genius1
Yes both this and the Harry Potter QL are some of the best ones, but I think the Harry Potter one was slightly better.  

Also this game looks awful!
Posted by Milpool

Hilarity.  Definitely need me some DoD ER

Posted by strangeling
@idiotic_genius1 said:
" @skippyscissors: Yes both this and the Harry Potter QL are some of the best ones, but I think the Harry Potter one was slightly better.  Also this game looks awful! "
This one was good, but the one I laughed my ass off at was Dragonball: Evolution.
Posted by trimon

Ok call me crazy but I think this game looks pretty good. I like the look and sound of shooting and how they fall down in one or two shots. I also like atmosphere of being lost in the forest.

Posted by Kyle
@buzz_clik: I just say that cause my favorite part of that whole thing was the emphasis Kanye kept putting on the words "all time". One of the greatest videos of ALL TIME!!
Posted by Beomoose
@buzz_clik said:
Posted by Beomoose

So, Half-Life 1 engine?

Posted by ch3burashka

The way the gun hand is animated during running makes me think that the protagonist is lifting his legs knee high, bent slightly backwards,  and with a surprised expression on his face.

Posted by trimon

LOL Jeff's reaction to the horses combined with the running animation was just hysterical

Posted by CashBailey

I love how the peanut galley of Giant Bomb is giggling away in the background.

Posted by piropeople13

I think you guys wrote this game off before you started the quick look.  It didn't seam like you were really trying to play it. 
It is $40 instead of the usual $50 on the PC which I think is fair.  Is console still the full $60?  This shouldn't be a full priced game, but don't write it off just because it isn't "AAA"

Posted by Nettacki
@piropeople13 said:
" I think you guys wrote this game off before you started the quick look.  It didn't seam like you were really trying to play it.  It is $40 instead of the usual $50 on the PC which I think is fair.  Is console still the full $60?  This shouldn't be a full priced game, but don't write it off just because it isn't "AAA" "
Even non-"AAA" titles have less bugs on average than what's on display here. Just look at the next-gen Turok from 2007.
Posted by econoline56

Thank you for that QL.  best 30 min spent ever!  ...... now an endurance run perhaps?

Posted by CraigAA1028

....Theres an achievement in this game worth 100 points for punching a horse in the face....

Posted by TheFrostedGamer
Posted by Johnny5

Oh god, that was so hilarious. Its been a long time since ive laughed that much during a QL

Posted by Vigil

An Endurance Run HAS to be done for this game, i do believe i peed myself.

Posted by TreeHouse

So because the game allows you to play sloppy you then make an effort to create the worst experience for yourself? I cannot judge the game without playing it but you never really gave it a chance.

Posted by Tordah
@Kenshin said:
" Jeff's 'laugh' at 15:53 was pretty awesome. SURPRISE! "
Yeah, that part really cracked me up. Hilarious quick look overall. It's a bummer Jeff didn't get to punch that horse in the face.
Posted by Vampire_Chibi

This game is insulting russia.. lul

Posted by AntiPunkE

What would you rather have? A Punch Gun or a Gun Punch?

Posted by Kibblez

I know this game isnt very good, but theres something about you guys staring at a character's face in a game or the 'upgrade cable' and going 'ugh' that irritates me somewhat. Every game has those awkward little moments where an NPC is blankly staring at you, or whatever. 
I understand you're just doing it for comic effect and there's nothing really wrong with it, I'm just being too picky I guess. It also annoyed me watching the Batman quick look when Ryan kept mentioning the Arkham logo. I constantly kept thinking 'WHO THE FUCK CARES TALK ABOUT SOMETHING INTERESTING'. But again I guess that intro was slow paced and he needed to bring up something for enetertainment's sake, so I'm not jumping on you guys or nuthink..

Posted by MacGyver

i know what im going to do tonight!!!!!! get drunk

Posted by lolwot

damn. that screen near the beginning has a crazy aspect ratio.

Posted by teh_destroyer

"Some areas of this game just don't look awful." 
" I disagree." 
"Everybody just look cool." 
"Dude, your leg is on fire." 
lmao, this is my favorite quick look right behind Harry Potter.

Posted by Sharpshooter

How can you make a game look and play that bad and still walk around with your head held high? Who ever said "Ok I'm happy with how this looks and plays, lets get this into shops" was an utter fucking gobshite or a blind quadriplegic .

Posted by Reverseface

I guess the civil war really sucks.
Posted by Djeffers03

seriously can you do a live feed of this or an endurance run

Posted by LenaMarie

Whats wrong with the paper? Hasnt anyone seen Battlestar Galactica? They have ;Digital Paper"; its alot like this one.  Its sci-fish

Posted by AddyMac

Darkest of Days Endurance Run?

Posted by kuddles

I think you people trying to defend this game are trying too hard to find an excuse.  Maybe you bought it or rented it and want to convince yourself it's better.  It's not like if this quick look didn't make jokes and just showed you the game, the terrible A.I., the broken level design and the ugly look (there's plenty of great looking games that had a low budget or were on the Wii so you can't excuse some of that design away) wouldn't still be there.  I took a chance on it on Steam and was playing it normally and ran into the same kind of problems.  It took me about an hour before I finally admitted to myself I wasn't not having a lot of fun.
Games like Zeno Clash and Persona 4 show that a developer can know it has a limited budget and work with those restraints to still put out a quality product.  If a developer instead chooses to be overly ambitious and puts out a crappy game full of glitches and bugs, saying "they didn't have much money" or "the game isn't full price" isn't an excuse.  Big Rigs was only $20, after all.

Posted by Joey2683

I'm with you guys. I would like to see an endurance run. If not, I'm going to rent this.
Posted by CitizenKane

Giant Bomb needs to do more QLs of really bad games like this one.  They are just too funny.

Posted by Canteu

This is quite possibly one of the funniest things i've ever seen. Haven't laughed like that for years, thanks guys!

Posted by Hoshnasi


Posted by Hoshnasi

Jeff has talked shit on games with crappy guns and now here he is playing with a freaking Muzzle loader!  Its AWESOME.  I wanted to see him fully invest in reloading on that Springfield to get that reload down to ten seconds hahaha