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@AlKusanagi said:

I didn't even use Debilitate in my play through. Damn that's a broken spell. "

Given from what I just saw, I think both Mediarahan and God's Hand are game breakers, when used in conjunction.
Posted by unangbangkay

Congrats, guys! You've just finished the last, best PS2 game.

Posted by Jeffmoocow

God damn it, it's great that I'm going out of state tomorrow to visit relatives who have almost no internet and I'll have to wait until Sunday to finally see the ending I've been waiting almost 90 hours for to see.

Posted by ashbash

He's fucking dead!

Posted by Crushed

Duder, this game ain't over!

Posted by AlKusanagi

Why do you hate Chie? Poor girl's footwear has been neglected all the way through the end.
Anyway, excellent work. I didn't even use Debilitate in my play through. Damn that's a broken spell.

Posted by dietmango

Lol nice accidentally rushing the boss hehe but you guys stuck around. Great job :D 
1 more episode left!
Posted by Haze

The Witcher for the next Endurance Run! Its just the right length and the right kind of crazy.

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Did everyone else cringe when Vinny accidentally hit the triangle button and started a rush? but oh man, what a great cliffhanger to end on, if I had not beaten the game already I would be tearing my hair out waiting for tomorrow. Looks like the Endurance Run is really going to end tomorrow, damn.

Posted by ToxicFruit

Oh god nice remix at the boss :P

Posted by Ventilator

I looked up the first form song on Youtube and have been looping it for...way too many times now.

Posted by Chaossebba

Now i must see tomorrow.

Posted by HT101

I hate you guys and love you guys all at the same time.  Making us wait for tomorrow is so uncool but that's what I thought would happen.  What a way to end the week though.

Posted by AuthenticM
@Leadcat said:
" I think whatever the next endurance run is, it needs to not be a SMT game. I have nothing against them, it's just I think that it would get boring. >_> "
I agree; but it should still be an RPG. The game has to let Vinny and Jeff come up with some commentary, serious or funny. That's why they couldn't do an endurance run on a FPS or Sports game. It pretty  much needs to be an RPG. Morrowind, maybe?
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Jeff and Vinny's discussion about Summons to Yomi was hilarious.
I got insta-killed by it first time fighting the boss on my first playthru and also on my second.

Posted by Aishan

That boss didn't seem too bad for the final (super-secret-optional-uber) encounter.

Posted by Leadcat

I think whatever the next endurance run is, it needs to not be a SMT game. I have nothing against them, it's just I think that it would get boring. >_>

Posted by FlipperDesert

Damn, I was expecting a few more episodes worth of time to catch up with the ER, it's weird to see the penultimate episode.
This has been my favourite thing to come out of 2009, it's good to sit and watch while holding a hot drink.

Posted by Expletive

To anyone that has played the game. do you really not fully "beat" the final boss?

Posted by Daveyo520

What will I do when it's over?

Posted by Ventilator

You know what, I really like Persona 4's soundtrack O_O
Persona 3's final boss had a Velvet Room remix though. 
It was pretty awesome.

Posted by Aion

As an added bonus, if you guys do a P3 run, I'll even post advice again. Isn't that enough incentive?

...I miss getting 10-20 Americans angry and them not realizing that was my masterplan. :(

Posted by CptBedlam

Shenmue Endurance Run! DO IT!

Posted by moji22

WOW. Excellent work by Jeff & Vinny. Last episode tomorrow, huh... :(

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Yayyyyyyy ending tomorrow on a friday awesomness! 
Shenmue endurance run next!!!!!!

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Vinny, I may have called you an idiot, I may have suggested you're slightly retarded, and I may very well have facepalmed when you (and Jeff, to be fair) missed the chance to get 3/4 elemental ma spells on Satan, but, deep down, I love you. I've stayed with the run from early on and it's actually quite depressing to see it come to a close.

I know you guys won't do it - too much of a good thing and all that jazz - but it'd be awesome if you did a P3 endurance run. It's much harder, without allies surviving with 1 HP and only one character not being poor AI controlled. As good as P4 is, it's too easy, with all but the early bosses taking more time than effort.

P.S: French people are superior to the American Halo players. If a French player had been playing, he would've done far better.

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Tomorrow's the end guys!

Nice that they're ending it on a semi-rounded figure like 155 :P

Posted by DJJoeJoe

Yay for tomorrow and some commentary over the end movie/credits :) 
Gratz guys! 
*wants to summon you into the raid instance.

Posted by ominousbedroom

If I recall correctly, you guys said you haven't beat P3 yet. So... P3 ER?
Pleaaaase? :(

Posted by MasturbatingBear

  shit... Its over? 

Posted by Daawisss


Posted by iAmJohn

Not like this. :'(

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Posted by Chris

Nice job guys, can't believe you stuck it out all the way.
As great as the Endurance Run has been I REALLY hope you don't jump straight into a new one. There's all kinds of new features you guys could start with all the free time now that you're not "Enduring".
Bring on the new!

Posted by Leadcat

haha, accidentally rushing the final boss = awesome.

Posted by Kraznor

Argh, totally thought that was the last one so I watched it all. Oh well, good one.

Posted by AndrooD2

Great ending! You guys are such showmen.

Posted by CactusWolf

Great Job, guys.

Posted by Wiseblood

You rushed the final boss?!  Oh Vinny, don't ever change.

Posted by Agent_Lost

oh nice way to end this episode.

Posted by FatalError

accidentally rushing the boss was pretty damn funny.

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(Note: sarcasm abounds)

Posted by EpicBenjamin

So, last episode tomorrow.

Posted by FluxWaveZ
@Symphony said:
" @nail1080 said:

" Yes finally this crap game is over, I hope they play a proper game for their next ER. "

Someone once said, "If you're not going to add to the topic and say something productive don't post if you're going to be so rude". But I suppose that person's a hypocritical moron who only said that because it seemed appropriate at the time, eh Nail? ;) "
Haha, that's awesome.
Posted by WrenchNinja

Haha, glad Jeff and Vinny liked the remix.

Posted by AdventChild

One episode left!

Posted by Valentino


Posted by jelyk

Don't. Hit. Triangle.

Posted by MikkaQ

Alright, congrats guys! 
Now for New Game + 

Posted by MoTheHawk

bwahahaha, vinny hit the rush button on Izanami...