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Posted by Andrew

is it over!!!! I cant wait!

Posted by Happy

Accidental rush on final boss made the perfect goodbye to the Persona 4 ER!

Posted by Turambar

"Don't hit triangle!"

Posted by chandoo

Last episode ?
OH SHIII !!!!, must download this and keep it for ever !

Posted by skrutop

This is the end...my only friend, the end.

Posted by dbz1995

They just rushed a motherfucking boss. I'll miss the ER.

Posted by ezekielzero

Will his conciousness return, will jeff and vinny have to fight any more bosses, find out next time on... PERSONA ENDURANCE RUN!

Posted by Dudacles
Where were you, went we went through this portal?
I was behind my PC, watching this vid. >_>
Posted by Symphony
@nail1080 said:

" Yes finally this crap game is over, I hope they play a proper game for their next ER. "

Someone once said, "If you're not going to add to the topic and say something productive don't post if you're going to be so rude". But I suppose that person's a hypocritical moron who only said that because it seemed appropriate at the time, eh Nail? ;)
Posted by Ghostiet

DUDERS IT'S NOT THE END! One moar episode!

Posted by Pkshields

I'm a day behind, but it's actually over. Damn, what an amazing game.

Posted by Hemlock

I don't know what I'm going to do without the endurance run.

Posted by Aufaber

154 episodes and I had my first Persona 4 dream last night.

Posted by cstrang

Oh!  1, maybe 2 more epidsodes!

Posted by CitizenJP
@ReefTrigger: thats sure alot to catch up on friend. =O
Posted by ReefTrigger

wow... now I got time to catch up before the next one (hopefully) starts...

Posted by punkxblaze
@WrenchNinja said:
" @punkxblaze: Look through his posting history. "
Wow. Hella troll up in thurr indeed.
Posted by Earthborn

Aha! Is this the end?

Posted by mrcraggle

I skipped to the end and no it's not over yet but probably will be tomorrow.

Posted by WrenchNinja
@punkxblaze: Look through his posting history.
Posted by df

let it be, let it counts

Posted by punkxblaze
@nail1080 said:
" Yes finally this crap game is over, I hope they play a proper game for their next ER. "
Unnecessary, much?
Posted by CitizenJP

Meh...new game time! Ooo I wonder what it could be?! :o

Posted by nail1080

Yes finally this crap game is over, I hope they play a proper game for their next ER.

Posted by AuthenticM


Posted by babblinmule

The endurance run has finally been completely endured? Say it isnt so!

Edited by Kajaah117

Anybody else concerned about how saddened you are that this is the end of the Persona 4 ER? I'm sure there will be more, but I'm really sad that this is over.

Posted by MementoMori


Posted by jim_dandy

*weeping noise*

Posted by Tom1191


Posted by Donkeysraliens

Its the end of the run as we know it....and i feel fine!

Posted by Peter

I've watched the Endo run every day since like episode 20, wtf am I going to do before school now....FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Posted by FatalError

Oh man  is this the last episode!?
Well here's hoping you  kick Izanami's ass!

Posted by Kowbrainz

Garr... 11pm, can't watch it now. Curse you, down time! :(

Posted by Trnck

OMG it's finally here...

Posted by NoXious

82 minutes, my god! If this is the end, it was one hell of a trip guys.

Posted by DJJoeJoe
@Wiseblood said:
" It's working!  82 minutes long! "
oh jesus face
Posted by ezekielzero

could this be the end of our journey though an awesome game?

Posted by iAmJohn

WTF is this, I was told that nothing could stop the Endurance Run. 

Posted by Ghostiet


Posted by CitizenKane

This is truly the end?  I feel so sad inside.
At least it's an 82 minute episode!  ^__^

Posted by Sake_Sunrise

Duder its really over......
Posted by Turambar
@WrenchNinja: Give us another 80 minutes, and will do.
Posted by WrenchNinja

Tell me they waited for the scene after the credits. Someone tell me!

Posted by Turambar

82 minute episode.  Lets do this.

Posted by Wiseblood

It's working!  82 minutes long!

Posted by Ziaxool

Oh God; it's over isn't it? I... I wasn't ready, not like this... Not like this...

Posted by DJJoeJoe
@Wiseblood said:
" Great, the website comes finally comes back up, but the video is busted. "
Yea I was kinda was I kinda hoping was hoping for a site revamp of sorts. of sorts.
Posted by Zindrase


Posted by Keystone_Yinzer

And so it...ends?!