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Posted by Blair

Let's see how this goes...
It was a fun run while it lasted.

Edited by Wiseblood

Great, the website comes finally comes back up, but the video is busted.
This is all because they welcomed Satan into their hearts, isn't it?

Posted by Crono11

If nothing else this should at least be a good one.
Posted by gosukiller

A future without an endurance run... We must endure.

Posted by FLStyle

Wahey, GB is back up, Endurance Run time!

Posted by hamlaser


Posted by patrick


Posted by Droop

Future joke is getting old D:

Edited by MattQ

  "In the end"?
Nothing ever ends, Charlie, nothing ever ends.

Posted by mooniestar_69

Oh no!  This can't be the end!  At least make it an even 155.  Wait, that doesn't make sense... 155 isn't an even number.  Oh well, this was a great adventure to follow while it lasted.  Now they need to do Persona 3 FES!

Posted by DJJoeJoe

What am I going to do in a post-endrance run world?

Edited by Dethfish

I think this might be the last episode. If not, then the second to last episode.
I'm sad.

Posted by Bigbombomb

Second to the last episode, maybe?

Posted by netfluffyG

EEEKKKKKKK I don't want it to be over. *covers eyes*

Posted by CactusWolf

Looks like they're gonna try to finish it up.