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Posted by JukeboxJoe

I can't decide if TANG was enhanced or degraded by Ryan's handlebar mustache thing
Posted by PenguinDust

"He's like the J.R.R. Tolkein of being shitty."  Ha-ha! That's classic.  If is definitely one of my favorite TANGs.  And the movie is gawd-awful.  Really the worst of the bunch I think. 

Posted by artyparty

lol Can't believe that's what he said in the end! 

Posted by bartok

Uwe Boll should only be watched with Director's Commentary, friends, and a crap load of booze. 

Posted by mrbasehart

I wonder if we'll see a TANG based on the Street Figher II animated movie.

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@mrbasehart said:

" I wonder if we'll see a TANG based on the Street Figher II animated movie. "

I wanna see more animated movies on this list. You know... movies that I as a self respecting gamer might have actually seen. Then again if you've seen it, there's really no reason to TANG it. TANG is like the Cliff notes of shitty game movies.
Posted by InsanePotato

God i love tang. Just an excellent way to end my week.

Posted by obateus

You people think Boll's movies are bad? Try watching Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus.

Posted by lasersanchez

I was hoping the last line would be "no bitch is safe from Chicago Ted".

Posted by Twazzock

XD at Ryan's big cheesey grin at the end.

Posted by JJOR64

Another shitastic movie.  Another fantastic TANG.

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Posted by Krr

Wow, <3 tang.

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I can't stand the short clips of Uwe Bolls movies, so i can't even imagine the pain Ryan and Vinny go through when they review/edit these movies!
Posted by InFamous91

The last line of the movie was terrible. He compared life to a penis.....WTF!!!!!!!

Posted by Irishjohn

Billy the Kid was a vampire?  Whoah...

Posted by HellBrendy

Are you going to do This Ain't no Movie? 
Same thing only other way around - take a good look at those videogames based on movies that never really are any good.
Posted by TheHT

vampires in the wild west does sound pretty cool. wasn't there a game like that some time ago? i seem to recall a pretty badass trailer.

Posted by Luck3ySe7en
@Oncomouse said:
" For the record, the proper past tense for hanging somebody with a noose is hanged, not hung.  She almost gets hanged.  It's not a huge deal.  If you get paid to write for a living, however, check your copy. "
Wow, go away. Go hungded yourself or something.
Posted by beanZfury

Whoah! Mustache on the horizon...

Posted by MaddProdigy

tang is the shit

Posted by day2daze

Wow, that's a really really insightful saltine cracker-to-tongue-close up. Uweeeee makes Sergio Leone look like a chump.

Posted by RHCPfan24

What a great ending, lol.

Posted by kennybaese

"Life is like a penis..." Worst line ever...
Christ, Uwe Boll...

Posted by Reverseface

I actually saw this movie on Tv the other week and thought i wonder if ryan was gonna TANG it! I couldn't watch it all tho it was too boring. >.< 
Posted by babz


Posted by RedRocketWestie

Diggin' the mustache; it's a good look for you.

Posted by shimbibby

"he's like the JRR Tolkien of being totally shitty"

Posted by strangeling
@TheHT said:
" vampires in the wild west does sound pretty cool. wasn't there a game like that some time ago? i seem to recall a pretty badass trailer. "
There's Darkwatch.
Posted by munnyman5

Man these dudes are like discount video caption warehouse! I mean, the little tagline thing for this is hilarious, as are like 90% of the other ones on the videos on this site... something's up. They have a super-funny-robot-video-caption-generator-thing somewhere in that office.

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ROTFLOL! Un-shaven Ryan Davis and life draining Uwe Bowl films. This is wonderful TANG! OMG YES!

Posted by sam33r

even the production values seem pretty bad in this one..

Posted by Capum15

 The whole "visual trademark" thing + JRR comment made me laugh hard. Love TANG.

Posted by Hilts

  "Movie Crime is a disease. Meet the cure - TANG"

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I am not sure you used "hung" correctly, but I could be wrong. 
People get hanged, pictures get hung. But awesome review regardless!

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Uwe most likely ripped the idea for this movie off of John Carpenter's Vampires, which is loosely based on John Steakley's novel Vampire$.

Posted by Majkiboy


Posted by Monkeyman04
@Majkiboy: Really? How the hell? What the fuck?...There are no words that can describe how pissed off  I am that he is making another one.
Posted by Majkiboy
@Monkeyman04: Well, I think that Uwe's existence is making another season of TANG a possibilty. And that's a big YES :D
Posted by Scuzzy86

Natassia Malthe is only half Norwegian, being a Norwegian myself, i felt it had to be pointed out....please?

Posted by Sinkwater


Posted by DarkbeatDK

"He's the JRR Tolkien of being totally shitty"
Hilarious! 10/10

Posted by RobJ

The close-up of the guy eating the cracker haunts me...

Posted by radioactivez0r

I'm glad to see that "Non-sequitorial" isn't being driven into the ground too much. 

Posted by iragequit

Time to take another hit from the Boll bowl.

Posted by Moonshadow101

"He's like the J.R.R. Tolkien of being totally shitty."

G'nite, Ryan.

Posted by Thiago123