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Posted by rjayb89
我心 belongs 付き 大男 爆弾!
Posted by TOYBOXX

I've never owned a PSP, however, the PSP Go, along with Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker, has sold me. I want them bad!

Posted by THE_END

Hey Brad I copied you and named my character the same as yours! 

Did you finish the tank mission?  Why didn't you include the tank mission in the QL?  
Edited by Media_Master

Looks great for psp.

Posted by Zalzargahoughanstine

One of the few PSP games I'm looking forward too.  This and Persona 3

Posted by SJSchmidt93

Ugh. Not new.

Posted by Powers

Who in the Giant Bomb office speaks Japanese?

Posted by WickedCobra03
@Powers said:
" Who in the Giant Bomb office speaks Japanese? "
It was Jeff and he was goofin.  I don't think he speaks it, but I think he knows enough to get around.