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This game looks pretty great. I love quicklooks with Dave.

Posted by doe3879

need a list of all the DAVE quicklook

get some beer and do the tagging already

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

I really like this game, it's too bad I suck at it.

Posted by NicksCorner

This game is amazing! Since my friend introduced me to it I have played more than 200 hours!

Really hope they make a Majesty 3

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

It's RPG Tycoon.

Posted by SupberUber

This looks fun!

Posted by kuma17

well that seemed interesting and fun.  :D
but did anyone else notice the eagle fly through the hills at the end? 

Posted by BiplaneMan

Dave should have his own set of Quick Looks with Russian accents.

Posted by VaultDweller13

Probably would not have bought this if not for this Quick Look.  You're a great salesman Dave!

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Thanks for the "Quick Look" Dave and Jeff!  I went out and bought it and I am having fun while waiting for Dragon Age to come out.  Cheers!

Posted by golguin

I could have sworn I played a game like this about 7-10 years ago so I just checked out Majesty on youtube and it sure as hell is the same game.  All the "Your Majesty, we've blah blah blah" brings back lots of memories.

Posted by mattysen
@The8Man said:

" Jeff:  How we doin' on time, Drew?  
Drew:  I dunno.  
Drew just doesn't care anymore.  The magic is gone. "


Posted by Smallen

"We've got some pissed off skeletons!" :D
Posted by nakke

This seems really interesting. Love those icons on top of your heroes telling how they feel or whatever :D

Posted by peerLAN

Looks fun, I love the idea of helping your kingdom heros level up :P  

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I remember liking the first game a ton. However, I don't have the computer capable of running this one.

Posted by Undeadpool
So I see, but unlike what they postulated in the QL, it's $40, which is about $10 more than I'm gonna pay. Guess I'll have to wait for it to inevitably go on sale.
Posted by Akel

Wow, I can't believe I've never heard of this game. Looks cool.

Posted by blaze503

I will probably pick this up cause it will run on my PC and it doesn't require steam which doesn't work at my Uni, curse them......
Posted by Renegade
@Undeadpool said:
" Huh...this is an interesting take on the genre. Hope it comes to Steam so I can impulse buy it. "
It's on Steam =|
Posted by cyrax

I'll pick this game up sometime but I've got too many other games to play and Borderlands is a month away.

Posted by Reverseface

Posted by Ariketh

That sounds like the same voice as in the first game.
I really enjoyed the first game.

Posted by John1912

Why does Dave sound iike and Italian guy trying to do an impression of a Russian without changing his accent?
Posted by Capt_Ventris

That was a fun QE. I went and installed a copy of The Settlers 6 I had on the shelf. Have to love european city building games.
Posted by Capum15

This game looks fun. Made me reinstall Rise Of Nations just now, and the install music went oddly well with this game play.

Posted by The8Man

Jeff:  How we doin' on time, Drew? 
Drew:  I dunno. 
Drew just doesn't care anymore.  The magic is gone.

Posted by VirtuaXav

Dave totally should've done the whole quick look in that Russian accent.

Posted by Senile_Kyle
@NickM said:
" @crazyleaves said:
" @SpacePolice21:  the "Motherland" is Russia, the "Fatherland" is Germany... "
And furthermore, russians don't use words like "motherland" or "comrade" anymore. That stuff has been dead since the 60's or 70's. "
And America is the "Bestland"
Posted by AuthenticM

This game looks great.

Posted by McPaper

This video offended me.

Posted by Carlos1408

Quite an intriguing concept I must say! :D

Posted by AleM

This game seems to be very interesting. Mother Russia shows its power!!

Posted by Undeadpool

Huh...this is an interesting take on the genre. Hope it comes to Steam so I can impulse buy it.

Posted by DanielJW

This is actually pretty good looking.

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 @crazyleaves said:

" @SpacePolice21:  the "Motherland" is Russia, the "Fatherland" is Germany... "

So what's the Childland? Poland?
Also, Dave has a fucking GREAT Russian PR accent. Please do them for EVERY single Quick Look you do, Dave!
Posted by Dethfish

I was the one who suggested Lich King. You know, they actually got their name from D&D, not WoW.
The more you know.

Edited by Myomoto
@crazyleaves: Father- and Motherland is just a reference to your homelands, some countries call it father, some mother...
 @Kayrack: It does!
Posted by KuwabaraTheMan

This looks like a lot of fun. Like people have mentioned, it definitely has similarities to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, which is a very good thing.
I could definitely see myself picking this up off Steam once I have some cash to spend.

Posted by raddevon
@ahoodedfigure said:
" This is sort of what I've wanted out of an RTS/Sim.  Not fond of micromanaging unless that's all I'm doing.  Dawn of War II goes to the opposite extreme from what I understand, and THAT looks appealing too... "
That's exactly what I thought after hearing about this game, but, now that I have seen it, I'm not so sure the micro-management has gone away. It just seems that, rather than issuing commands, the player is issuing suggestions. I was sorta hoping for a city-building sim in which the city has an impact on some combat that is mostly secondary to the building. Thoughts?
Posted by BR4DL3I9H

$30 on steam! Sweet. Here in the UK, on steam, £30!!! Ridiculous.

Posted by JuanHino

Sounds like Final Fantasy CC: My life as a king. 
You build guys, send them on missions but don't have control over them.

Posted by Aeterna

I'm with dave, I don't like shortcuts etc on rts's and.. this looks very very hopeful for me.

Posted by StingerMK2

wow, this is exactly the type of game i wish an age of empires type game would be, i remember tryin an AOEs demo back in the day (probably 2 or 3, cant remember) and hating the unit management, i loved building the cities and stuff, just combat and micromanaging units was annoying for me, this would be the perfect cure, only thing was it didnt look too deep from the demo, hence wanting it to be more like AOE,  
and having said that, my point is easily made redundant by the fact my PC cannot run games anymore, lol

Posted by Kayrack

does it have multiplayer?

Posted by brooksee
@ryanwho said:
" I thought Dave was going to stay in character for 20 minutes for a second there. "
haha. Russian Dave for twenty minutes would have ruled.
Posted by WhatTheDang
@alsnuts2: It's pretty strange you would make a Yakov Smirnoff joke and then proceed to call something stupid.
Posted by NickM
@crazyleaves said:
" @SpacePolice21:  the "Motherland" is Russia, the "Fatherland" is Germany... "
And furthermore, russians don't use words like "motherland" or "comrade" anymore. That stuff has been dead since the 60's or 70's.
Posted by NickM
@crazyleaves said:
" @SpacePolice21:  the "Motherland" is Russia, the "Fatherland" is Germany... "
Actually, "Fatherland" is a more accurate translation for the russian word "otechestvo"
Posted by GameFreak315

That actually looks really fun!  Great Quick Look.  :)